Megan Fox Motorola Devour Super Bowl

Look twice. There's a phone in that picture, and it's the Motorola Devour. And there's Megan Fox. And there's video of the Super Bowl commercial after the break.


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Megan Fox ... in a bathtub ... with the Motorola Devour


Motorola really hyped this, and it was totally lame. You see more of her on the transformers. FAIL. DROID 2.1 now thanks.

Seriously? Dude, you sound like an asexual guy who's speaks like you don't have any other head resting on your groin. That's a FAIL indeed.

I can't think of any other hotter ads for the Devour than Megan on the tub while texting some wet messages... zOMG. Devour details:

See the fine print at the end?

"Certain features, services and applications are network dependent and may not be available in all areas"

Why why why...

Those two men in the kitchen slapping the shit out of each other was the highlight of that otherwise extremely lame advertisement.

Me and all the other gays at our Superbowl party laughed our asses off at that :) We just have it on replay right now.

If woman and guy slapping each other, that would be more lame! That ad two guys slapping each other is funny than woman and men. Get it? Don't take offense, I am straight.

ooo , devour , i am so jelous of you getting a chanc to enter a bath tub with megan fox , she is so damn hot !

This commerical although entertaining is completely irresponsible! Does any one realize the sexting epidemic going on in our country among school age children? This commerical just glorified it!

Megan Fox is SO nasty, I don't see what other people do in her I guess. And her so called acting? Lets just say her supposed looks got her where she is thats for sure...