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Though it seemed to most of us that Google I/O 2014 would be too early in the year to reveal the next version of Android, according to an interview with Android and Chrome head Sundar Pichai this week will be the time we hear about Android's "L" release. The interview, done with Bloomberg Businessweek, reveals Pichai's intentions to talk intensively about the next version of Android at Google's yearly developer conference.

This year, Pichai will preview the next release (Lollipop? Lemonhead?) for the first time at I/O rather than waiting until the fall. It's a significant shift toward greater transparency. "I want the world to understand what we are doing sooner," he says.

The interview also explains that Pichai only really started planning his I/O 2014 schedule earlier this month, noting that he often goes down to the last minute when deciding what products will or won't be announced at events. Well, now we know we're set to hear at least something official on the L release — we can't wait.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek


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Sundar Pichai to reveal next version of Android at Google I/O this week


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You nailed it. I am in the military and I do have a lot of free time at work. And, though I don't have any Android devices at the moment, I still love the OS and the community. The internet will be the internet, though. Lol.

I appreciate your concern, lol. You're not fooling me, I know what this is really about: you're mad because I was the first comment haha.

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Does this mean the next version is completed or is he just announcing it and its not yet finished. When can we expect this on nexus devices ???

I'm pretty sure, it's completed. I don't think Google has ever released a version of Android that wasn't ready to be pushed to Nexus devices the day of or after.

No it might be announced for release sometime in Q3/Q4 2014 just like Apple does with iOS releases. It could coincide with the (possible) announcement of Android Silver or whatever it will eventually be.

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i'm more interested in knowing the name. i could care less about when i get a bugged-up update on my Nexus.

It's a possibility. But, with them announcing it so early in the year, they may just be trying to get the name out there, similar to how kitkat was released.

Doubtful. It will probably come with a new device and I doubt any new devices are ready to be released yet. Even the rumored Nexus tablet supposedly has a 4th quarter release.

I think they are going the Apple route where they announce the next version but doesn't release it till later.

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Yeah, you're probably right. Still, knowing the name and some of what's in store, is better than nothing!

Based on past results, an announcement at I/O was followed by a software release at the end of July. I would expect a similar release this time around too.

Have you seen a new desert erected outside of Google headquarters? No.... In that case its not finished. They usually erect something a couple of weeks before releasing a product. I suspect this is an early look & a release will coincide with the next Nexus device around November.

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After seeing the leaked screenshot from yesterday, I think that there's a good chance that it is near completion, if it isnt already

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It's most likely complete just not consumer ready. I think they decided to do an early reveal this time because they're doing the switch to ART runtime and they're giving developers time to add support, that way the transition will hopefully be more smooth

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Essentially, they do. But, the betas would only really be available to Nexus owners. There's too many variations of Android (Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc) in the wild, for Google to have a bona fide beta program that's available to everyone, regardless of what device they have. Each OEM would have to have their own separate beta program.

You guys say that like it's a bad thing. Many Nexus owners LOVE beta testing. That said, if you think non-Nexus devices don't ship with dated versions of Android with bugs you're way off of the mark (or any other OS). BTW the way I read Sundar's comment say he's changing things up and going to annouce what they're working on for the L OS (going with Lollipop personally) rather than actually releasing it at I/O.

Oh no, it's not a bad thing at all! Nexus devices are my absolute favorite. And, trust me, after updating my former Note 3 to 4.4 and the data going to crap, I know that no device is immune from bugs (hell, even my iPad Mini crashes when using certain apps).

As for Sundar's comment, I had no idea about it. But, it makes sense to get the word out then release later. We'll see if you're right about the name!

And why I don't complain when I'm not first in line for the update lol. Excited about what they might announce though!

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That and all the home brewed ROMs that show up on XDA as soon as the new version is released to AOSP.

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Not right away man....LG needs to modify it first, then carriers, then you get it.

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Has it been 18 months since launch. When KitKat was released, Google said a Galaxy Nexus wasn't getting the update because it was past the 18 month update window

Yeah, since TI left the ARM business a while ago and abandoned the chipset. Luckily, the fan base reverse engineered the kernel and updated it for 4.4 themselves.

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I actually won a couple of $5 Google Play gift cards off of the Kitkat game promotion. My Daughter was happy eating the Kitkat bars.

From the Death Star using my LG G2

I was bummed that I could never find those android package KitKats. None of the stores near me had them, which was weird because it's not like I live in the middle of nowhere or something.

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We're kinda overdue for a huge change, if you ask me. It's been over 3 years (ICS), since Android has had a major change.

Although it is debatable, I think 4.1 was a fairly large release but not much of a design change.

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Yeah, I think that's what he meant. In terms of UI/UX, not too much has changed since 4.0. And that's fine; you don't want sweeping UI changes with each iteration or anything, but after three years, a nice shake-up would be refreshing.

Do we really need one? I know that design is always evolving, but I think what we have now is a good mix of design and functionality. If Google introduces a brand new deisng language tomorrow, how long will it be before every third party app is updated?

And for those like you, me, and everyone else that actually enjoys constant change, there's always icon packs and themes.

True, very true. What I'd really like to see is more PC-like functionality in "stock" Android than actual major design changes. But, I'm still open to seeing how much more efficient Android can become from a different design language.

Homescreen wise I think it is pretty good, but the first party Android lockscreen is still a bit weak when compared to Apple. You can make things look better with stuff like Dashclock but there is only so much third party app can do.

Hopefully Android won't need the massive changes that 4.0 brought again. That was done out of necessity. Pushing GMS out and moving core apps to Play has reduced the need even more.

Now I'm wondering about that post that Jerry did yesterday about the mystery screenshot that had the L visible in the upper left hand corner I wonder if that device is running this next version of Android?

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With the next new major version change, there better be more than just white icons at the top! And my 2 N4s better get the update!

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Although LemonHeads would be my second choice. I think branded names, a la KitKat, is going to be the trend.

Part of me is nervous that Google will overhaul the OS for worse. I'm not claiming Android is perfect right now, but it's pretty darn good enough that there's a lot that Google could screw up.

its going to be lollipop or something with lemon in it.

actually i just thought of something as i wrote that, it may not be anything with lemon bc theres a chance google doesnt want people having a "sour/bad" taste in their mouths in the event if something goes downward with a user. so theyll prolly keep it with something sweet like they have been so far.

but then again, i could be over-analyzing

I guess we'll also get an idea of what devices will be no longer supported by the new OS