Fans of SugarSync will be happy to know that today's update adds video compatability to the popular AutoSync feature. Formerly compatable with photos only, AutoSync works in the background to automatically gather photos and videos shot on your Android and syncs the files to your other devices, inlcuding phones, tablets, and computers. The update will automatically enable video syncing, though you'll need a Wi-Fi connection for the feature to work. Grab the update from the Android Market below, and hit the source link for SugarSync's full presser.

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SugarSync update enables AutoSync for videos



Blazing! @ 1,300 mhz on SugarSinked Droid Charge.. Awaiting CES 2012 and the REAL Super Phones.. The Quad-Cores...

won't upload videos. kept saying videos had errors. all of them. photos transferred properly. maybe there's a file size limit?