The Wonderful Wizard of Woz, or simply, Steve Wozniak -- is at it again. This time only, he's talking Android and iOS. The co-founder of Apple was recently interviewed by De Telegraaf, a newspaper in the Netherlands, on what he thoughts were on the Android platform and some deets on a unreleased Apple manufactured smartphone back in 2004.

The computer genius drew some comparisons between the early Windows platform and today's Android, claiming that quality and user satisfaction could be better, but ultimately it will become the dominant smartphone in the market, much like how Windows has taken over today. 

Wozniak also disclosed some info about a smartphone they were developing back in 2004 with a Japanese electronics company. The smartphone was never released publicly because Apple felt that the device was not quite all there, and they wanted a device that would be "breakthrough." Anyone remember the Apple Pippin? Anyone? [De Telegraaf via Engadget, TiPB]

Update: Well, it didn't take long for Steve to point out his was misquoted on a few things here. Woz has since clarified some of the misquotes that have been reported, by stating that he'd never say that Android was better than iOS, and that "Almost every app I have is better on the iPhone." It appears, something here was lost in translation. Best to listen to the audio so that you get the full effect of what Woz was stating. [Engadget]

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might want to read the Engadget update on this lol

EvanGMan says:

"Update: We've contacted Steve for clarification. He says he was misquoted by De Telegraaf."

Ooohhhh, someone got in troubleeee.

techh10 says:

i was so happy this morning when i saw it on engadget...but then i saw the update and im sad :(

shaundizzle says:

that guy looks like a fcuk but people probably think the same about me.

anyways, i hope google cares less about what this guy thinks. afterall, he cant dance!

ro1224 says:


Terrible, virtually useless, article and that's without much banter over the typos.

N-E-X-T !

Mike77 says:

Moory's wigs don't come off!

icebike says:

I doubt he was misquoted. ALL interviews are done with recording devices these days. I'm betting Alfred Monterie can refute this claim any time he wants, its not like they guy has never done an interview before.

What more than likely happened was Steve Jobs called him up and melted Woz's iphone, and forced him to start back peddling furiously if he wanted his next royalties check.

techh10 says:

yep that wouldnt suprise me...steve jobs likes to rage alot (earnings call)

Smokexz says:

Lol really? I have an iPod and everything I do on an Android device is 10x faster. From the web browser to the downloading, to just about anything else. Of course this is my opinion, it could meet his every day needs( for a businessman I think he would need an Android or Blackberry device xD). Steve Jobs owns a Nexus One. Troll :)

JohnJSal says:

How hard is it to simply *quote* the man? Why all this back-and-forth about what he said vs. he was misquoted. Geez, just tell us his exact words.