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At long last, you finally can officially use Skype on Android. If you have Verizon. And if you have the Motorola Droid or Devour, or the HTC Droid Eris. Otherwise, you're going to have to slum it like the rest of us.

Follow this thread in our forums to see how Skype's faring today. Oh, and it you want to buy any of those phones, there are handy links on Skype Android page. Just sayin'. [Skype]


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Start using Skype on Verizon today on Android


It looks like the leak of 2.1 is messing things up for Eris leak users.

Bummer.....hopefully someone can pull the apk .

Well im glad to see im not the only one having this problem. Thought it was because im using a rom. They really need to launch this on the market.

Can somebody explain to me in retard terms what exactly is skype? I don't make international calls, so why would I use it. I already got the app, then deleted it.

Skype is a distributed workforce dream-app. Screen-sharing, file-sharing, free and immediate voice communication with any number of people (can even join phone calls to a skype chat), and an excellent text chat app. Every employee in my company uses it and it is a vital communication tool for us - at Zero Cost!

I downloaded it to my Moto Droid and immediately deleted it. Everytime you launch it, it shuts off your wifi connections. It only runs over the VZW airwaves. iSkoot works just fine.

FYI: It ran fine. I did not have any of the problems mentioned above.

For anyone having problems downloading it on your droid or other device:
First, it is available in the market.

But if you really want to go the route,
1) clear your cache &
2) Reboot (important!).

This fixed the problem for me and I was presented with a download link.

So, it turns off your WIFI? If it used WIFI, it could theoretically download the video image of the person you are talking to with good video quality. But, of course, Verizon coudln't take minutes from your plan if it was WIFI. How sad. I guess that is what you get when big corporations like Verizon gets their hands into the application mix.

skype to skype is free, no minutes used, which can be great for people that call internationally. It also works as a chat client, so if people you know use it, you could contact them at their computer instead of their phones, at no SMS cost, or you could call them there. Those are two advantages, there are likely more but I am not a big skype user.

Moto Droid here, works great for me. I'm rooted and overclocked, so not exactly the stock Droid that some of you say you're having problems with.

Oh, and for those of you trying to install from anyplace other than the market- make sure your settings allow unknown sources to install on your device.

Couldnt download it over the web....just go into your android market search Skype and download it from there alot better then getting really really pissed off

I noticed that if I have WiFi enabled, my Skype disconnects. Does this mean that while I'm surfing on WiFi at home, I will not get any Skype IM's or incoming calls?!

If this is really the case then it would end my use of Skype Mobile rather quickly. What the hell were they thinking?! I use WiFi all the time (downloading podcasts and what not) because it's a great deal faster than 3G.

It does say that Skype Mobile does not CURRENTLY support using Wifi. Maybe this will be available in the future?

For them to add wifi support, they would have to figure out some way to make money on it, or benefit in some way. Right now they can charge you minutes when you call land lines or other mobile numbers not on skype because you use their network, they allow you to switch to wifi you are using it for data, it for calls, there is no profit for them...

@ clandersonvt

You just save me tons of time trying to download the freaking software. It took 3 days and my contacts on phone....Verizon guy erased my cell list by a mistake. Classic.

I'm sorry, I don't get it. Please explain simply to this newbie! Very few of my friends use Skype or have phones that let them (a few have iPhones and can call out with Skype). I don't have any friends overseas. So, why is it good for me to use Skype if it uses my minutes?

I have wireless at work and at home. Is there a wireless app I can use to receive and make phone calls with reasonable voice quality?

I'm disgusted with AT&T (as much as I love my iPhone), and this would get me to switch to the Droid as I could get the cheapest plan and still call for free when I have wi-fi. Otherwise, for regular/newbie folks like me, WHY is Skype so great? Thank you, experienced people!

Just recently downloaded Skype on my Droid and I already love it! I don't use it for business but rather for personal use. While running errands today, I was able to have a long conversation with a friend in Australia that I was previously only able to communicate with through the IM messengers. It was so good to finally connect with them clearly rather than being tied to my computer and arranging times that we are both available.