Having just announced the all-new Kyocera Echo to the world, Sprint has also uploaded the above video to YouTube to give us a better overall look at the device itself. Thus far views have been rather mixed on the device with the majority of folks comparing it to looking more like a Nintendo DS then anything else. Stay tuned though; we'll get some more time with the device. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts about it. [YouTube]

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Cretz says:

What an abomination.

benthe1 says:

Wow! People are so freaking critical. Sprint said an industry first and they delivered. Its not what most of us wanted to hear or see but it is what it is. The concept has a lot of potential but this isn't the phone to do that with. The software is custom so I'm sure updates will not come or come very late. Anyway, we know this phone will not sell well. Nice try Sprint...

crump84 says:


Chris88#AC says:


reeper55 says:

It isn't THAT bad. Folks are WAY too critical of everything that the manufacturers/carriers do! That being said, this will not be my next device.

Gameboy70 says:

If the phone had just shown up in Sprint stores with no publicity, no one would be complaining. The problem is that Sprint decided to tease everyone for a whole month prior to this. Sprint inexplicably chose to highlight this phone with it's own event. It's not a horrible device, just a horrible announcement.

Ejthedj says:

Absolutely pathetic. Outdated specs and it's not even released yet. Nice battery too...should last me at least till I get to work in the morning.

This could REALLY hurt Sprint, but it'll probably kill whatever is left of Kyocera's phone division!


Put a Front Facing Cam, give it some Wimax Love, and slim it down a bit and I just might. It looks too thick. I will NOT be using my upgrade for this. They should have kept this thing for the Pre-paid side. Its clearly not ready for mainstream yet

weirdia says:

What's with the 100% harsh feedback? This is a great idea. If you need all the other specs, keep or get the EVO.

kinster02 says:

Palm Pre all over again but the only difference is this will probably fail before it makes it out of the gate.

taharka says:

How is that different from the Pre? LOL

kinster02 says:

The Pre didn't have all the negative comments and people actually wanted to buy it. It was after they purchased one is when they realized it was a junk and a flop.

I'm not impressed. If it was 4G, maybe I would be interested. I could stream video on one screen while working on the other. The fact it is going to come with a second battery instead of a hardcore "get you through a day working outside the office" type battery isn't good. I'll be waiting for an EVO or Epic upgrade instead of looking at buying an Echo.

Video needs more autotune. Then we'll all love it!

joshua.worth says:

Touche Jerry lmao

rht_rv says:

terrible, usually i am not critical of devices, but this is just plain 'ol ugly and the two screens will prob be a HUGE battery hog

taharka says:

So, for some reason, this thing reminds me of my old orange Nintendo Donkey Kong handheld game from the 80's.

buggyman says:

complete joke imo. they have to give two batteries because it probably only last a few hours each. What a complete let down by Sprint. Evo is still the best phone they have after 8 months. Great selection Sprint with little to look forward to. Glad my contract is up. I am out.

benthe1 says:

Peace fool. Have fun paying $400 more on the other carriers.

buggyman says:

$400 more a year with a family plan TOPS comes out to less then $40 more a month for 3 lines (already checked plans). FOR BETTER service area, and WAY BETTER phone selection. NO PROBLEM PAYING THAT. FOOL. As you can tell I am very upset about this announcement. I was holding out, having an available upgrade, to see what this would be. Have had Evo since launch and Sprint has NOTHING to look forward too at this point, after 8 months. Why stay?

Chief85 says:

The fact that you (and others, I suppose) are so worked up and upset about something so inconsequential is really, really pathetic.

Switch carriers if you want, but it's not like someone just killed your puppy or anything... Take a chill pill.

moises1204 says:

what the fxxk sprint? all this fuss about this, sprint just go to hell.

juicem2 says:

just pathetic

Ike313 says:

This is wack. I hate kyocera they are terrible phone makers. Sprint has done their self in the as* wit no lube.

icebike says:

I donno, it doesn't seem to be that bad of a concept, even if the specs are not top notch.

I notice that half the people here just go ballistic when someone mentions a 4.3 screen as crossing some magical size line and being too big. Maybe Kyocera was trying to bring a bigger screen with the same pocketability of the Dinc.

Its a first approximation. Give it a chance. It looks like it could be an email powerhouse.

thelinerguy says:

Seriously? Where's the REAL announcement? I was hoping for something I would want to upgrade from my EVO...this is not even close

buzzardjrt says:

HP is having their big announcement on the 9th. that will what to upgrade from you EVO to.

kra2y says:

Nice idea on the two screens, but looks cheap made and thick. Now if htc or motorola or sammy made it then it would be thinner and sexy and not have to worry about it falling apart in a month.
One screen hogs enough battery power as it is. Make it a slider with 2 screens and it might last longer. I wouldn't buy a keyocera phone no matter how nice they made it. And 200 $ for old specs. 100 to 150 would have been a better range for this phone to possibly do ok. Who knows

Axe says:

Weak sauce.

matgeo says:

I already have a Nintendo DS. Why do I want another?

cavneb says:

Seems that this will throw a huge wrench at developers who are striving to maintain usability on different phones. How do apps normally work on this device? Does one screen stay black while the other displays the app?

It will be interesting to see how this thing turns out. I do appreciate the change of pace with this product, however. Remember how many of us boo-hoo'd the iPad before it came out thinking that there wasn't a market for it.

WeGlobal says:

I am NOT impressed!!!! This is why people ditch Sprint for the other companies, even if Sprint does have the best plans. The phones suck. Where are the next wave of Android phones at?? Verizon has the Iphone, Thunderbolt, and Droid Bionic. AT&T has the Atrix, Infuse, and Inspire. Sprint has........this crap, and nothing else even remotely close to being announced!!!!

This is NOT big news

buckunit101 says:

Today Is a sad day for Sprint. They better rebound with something good after this. Im just bewildered by this.

TVsIan says:

It looks like the first generation of something that MIGHT be cool after 2 or 3 revisions. Something similar to this with dual-core and either a low power consumption screen technology or a heavy duty battery would have potential. Or go the other way, make it a slider with an e-ink bottom screen that's used for extra input without blocking the main view.

thelinerguy says:

C'MON MAN!! Kyocera? No one goin to buy it just cuz of name, plus look at it C'MON MAN!!

ZDriver says:

Sprint must have hired fords executives from the 70's that thing is a flippin J.O.K.E. I wouldn't use it if they paid me. Ill be keeping my EVO. Dan Hesse is like the owner of the Bengals (dip shit)

Axe says:


treyrey86 says:

My vision of Sprint right now... Is that of a guy who goes out to party one night, has too much to drink, picks up a transvestite whore (Kyocera)...when Sprint wakes up tomorrow all hung over and see Kyocera in bed next to them and realize what they had done, they will slit their wrist with a bag over their head...in shame....I hope you double bagged it Sprint

moises1204 says:

hahahaha, thats very funny man.

treyrey86 says:

thanks man.....but I wish it wasnt under these circumstances...Oh Sprint....Please have something decent at MWC....I cant put up with all this...

kinster02 says:

Someone will buy it just like every other phone... although it won't be me. Sprint you can redeem yourself by introducing the Evo 2 at MWC.

benthe1 says:

That's what I'm praying for. This phone is just too... beta.

pDoG says:

its like an idea that someone doodled on a napkin while drinking coffee in starbucks and decided to roll with it..roll with a bad idea that is.

david6785 says:

one phone freaking phone!!!! by a company nobody ever heard of WTF WTF WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

crxssi says:

I am very disappointed. All this hype for.... a Nintendo DS phone???

david6785 says:

OHHH kyercero whatever its called company!!! fail fail fire your team and start over

Jjpp23 says:

2 screens.. Same size battery = the proverbial FAIL! ! !

david6785 says:

OHHH kyercero whatever its called company!!! fail fail fire your team and start over

Jjpp23 says:

what the hell was david blaine there for again! ?

dayers says:

smoke and mirrors

buzzardjrt says:

Im not sure how i feel about this phone just yet. i will play with it a bit first but i do not know if i could get used to the touch screen keyboard. though i do like the though of having it on a different screen then you are typing.

199 does seem steep for a phone that does not have a lot of the nicer specs like the EVO and Epic but i am sure someone will purchase it.

buzzardjrt says:

Im not sure how i feel about this phone just yet. i will play with it a bit first but i do not know if i could get used to the touch screen keyboard. though i do like the though of having it on a different screen then you are typing.

199 does seem steep for a phone that does not have a lot of the nicer specs like the EVO and Epic but i am sure someone will purchase it.

efn77mx says:

Wow...that's just gay!

inuchan says:


tylerrobb says:

I registered on this website just to express my sheer hatred for Sprint at this point. This release of a terrible phone will only hurt Sprint's image in the long run. This makes things worse than it already is. You created a mystery press conference featuring David Blaine for this? This phone is miserable. I could buy a 3DS, duct tape a brick to it, and it would be just the same.

I'm embarassed.

Urukiora says:

With FroYo... You can watch two porn videos at once!

buzzardjrt says:

great point! i can see the possibilities now.

JakeHilltop says:

Too thick, no 4G, no front cam, tiny battery, outdated specs.

Baconator says:

Didn't they barely announce that the phone just got discontinued lol.

Aayjai says:

Dan Heese needs to get fired. Hyped this event for a freaking Kyocera phone. So sad to be a Sprint customer on top of the 10$ extra charge for smartphone users plus 10$ for 4g even if you have 3g. Then they had the balls to change the Sprint Premier plans so most of the people have to wait another freaking year for a upgrade after April 1. What the fuck Sprint way to screw your customers. I can see a mass exodus soon.

joshua.worth says:

Kyocera? Sprint I think the wp7 commercials said it best... "Really?"

Oh yeah people are going to LOVE watching movies with a giant fucking black bar right in the middle of the screen

PhilR8 says:

I'm pretty disappointed, mainly because I'm month-to-month with Sprint and am just waiting for a good deal to sign another contract. I was hoping this event would unveil a device that would excite me, but the Echo clearly is not that device. I find the concept interesting, I appreciate Sprint's desire to see through the trends and find an unoccupied niche... but the Echo really disappoints. The videos show that the software is laggy, the phone is ugly, and the utility of the two screens is severely hampered by the "core functions" that don't even simultask, since they just trade turns hibernating. Kyocera is a fourth-tier manufacturer, and this device proves it. Bad move.

wes008 says:

Lies! Samsung W899 was the first dual-touchscreen smartphone!

808dee says:

My son just asked for the phone so he could have 2 NDS. He is 10 and had his Sprint phone for less then a year and he likes it thinks its cool. So now I know who sprint is after with this. buwhahahaah

crabjoe says:

They should just call this phone the FLOP, Sprint FLOP!!

kubernetes says:

I think it's a really interesting design, but Kyocera needs to do a better job showing why the second screen is beneficial. Come up with some unique apps that really show of the potential. Right now they've got an innovative design with no obvious purpose.

cmorty72#AC says:

Interesting........ but no.
The dividing line is going to be the killer as far as big screen viewing goes.

This is without a doubt the biggest hyped fail in recent memory.. its a fricking DSI phone that no one will develop for... Shaking my head..

nivlac978 says:

That looks so bad that I want it. Maybe not that one but the one after it. This one looks pretty thick.

Gator352 says:

You guys ditching sprint because of one...repeat...ONE phone are perverbial morons. You guys are whinin' like little babies. I bet you guys would ditch Ford just because chevy has a new truck with 22" rims...." ZOMG!! Ford better come out with a new truck with 22" rims or I'm switching to Chevy !" News flash: Sprint will get more, and better, phones!

Be flippin' patient. I understand you want "it" now but sometimes you don't get what you want when you want it all the time!

trenen says:

At least compare brands that matter. Ford? Chevy? WTF.

Gator352 says:

Would you rather it be Toyota? Nissan? Then substitute the ford and chevy for toyota and nissan in a mental movie and your good to go!

Doesn't matter what brand I used. The principle is still the same.

trenen says:

Oh come on...Sprint is hemorrhaging their profit. They still have the risk of going under. When they are tossing everything and the kitchen sink to it's customers for practically nothing - do you really expect them to be able to afford to contract with a well-known triple A manufacturer on a cutting-edge product? Yeah right! This Echo follows their mantra...cheap and shitty.

FreaKaDroidZ says:

Love it!