SprintSprint CEO Dan Hesse today announced 4G LTE coverage in 21 new markets. The new locations to see increased speeds are:

  • Albemarle, N.C.
  • Bloomington, Ind.
  • Charlotte, N.C.
  • Contra Costa County, Calif.
  • Denison, Texas
  • Greeneville, Tenn.
  • Joplin, Mo.
  • Kerrville, Texas
  • Lafayette, Ind.
  • Lincolnton, N.C.
  • Los Angeles
  • Mankato/North Mankato, Minn.
  • Memphis, Tenn.
  • Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Newport News, Va.
  • Palm Bay, Fla.
  • Port St. Lucie, Fla.
  • Rochelle, Ill.
  • Salisbury, N.C.
  • Shelby, N.C.
  • Tullahoma, Tenn.
  • West Palm Beach, Fla.

Plus, Sprint has announced even more markets that will receive 4G LTE in the coming months.

Soon to get LTE data on Sprint will be:

  • Fargo, N.D.
  • Orlando, Fla.
  • Portland, Ore.
  • Spokane, Wash.
  • Tallahassee, Fla.
  • Albertville, Ala.
  • Centralia, Wash.
  • Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
  • Durant, Okla.
  • El Paso, Texas
  • Enid, Okla.
  • Enterprise/Ozark, Ala.
  • Eugene/Springfield, Ore.
  • Faribault/Northfield, Minn.
  • Greenville, Miss.
  • Hattiesburg, Miss.
  • Jacksonville, Texas
  • Kennewick/Pasco/Richland, Wash.
  • LaGrange, Ga.
  • Longview, Texas
  • Longview, Wash.
  • Milledgeville, Ga.
  • Moses Lake, Wash.
  • Paducah, Ky.
  • Picayune, Miss.
  • Poplar Bluff, Mo.
  • Russellville, Ark.
  • Seaford, Del.
  • Sterling, Ill.
  • Talladega/Sylacauga, Ala.
  • Tulsa, Okla.
  • Valdosta, Ga.
  • Wenatchee/East Wenatchee, Wash.
  • Yakima, Wash.

You can see Sprint's full list of current 4G LTE locations here

Source: Sprint


Reader comments

Sprint fires up 21 new LTE markets, announces upcoming additions


Because it doesn't seem to be a separate fee anymore. Now the prices of the data plans have just gone up $10.

Naw it still shows on the bill as an additional charge. Cheap-O phones it doesn't apply to. I broke my G-Nex and had to put my back up Palm Pre on there for a couple of days.. and they kept the 10 dollar fee; for a phone that couldn't eat up a data if it was force fed.

I live in Orlando and let me tell you--- that LTE needs to fire up NOW. Sprint is just the worse experience with a solid 4G Smartphone. 3G speeds are just hands down.. a joke. I see my friends with Verizon and AT&T zipping in out and programs, locating directions, 10 times faster. It irritates the hell out of me. The extra money to have the experience Verizon gives to it's smartphone users is worth it. I'm close to jumping ships.

I will say-- call quality is excellent though... but who the hell uses their smartphone as a phone. lol

Ah, so the plans are still listed at the original prices of $69, $99, etc.? My bill still shows this (and separate $10 fee), but that's probably because I've had the plan for a few years already.

South Orlando/Kissimmee here and I can tell you results are the same.

There is an LTE tower over by St Cloud in the middle of nowhere that's up and running if you want lte though. ;) lol

I was just in orlando on monday and about 80% of the time I had 4g. Even on disney property I had full bars on 4g. It was great. As far as the pre now requiring the $10 premium charge, i just noticed that too. The pre is my backup phone and before the fee would go away, not anymore. That is just plain greedy but then again when are companies not greedy.

Sprint should do a smart move as the other carriers, which is, change the entire bill, make it $79.99. And not mentioning the $10.0 as EXTRA,everyone will be happy and shut the hell up.
Other carriers, charging almost $100.0 @ month and everyone happy.

I do, and so do plenty of other people. While data is at least as important, call quality shouldn't be ignored. After all, how do you know how good their call quality is if you don't use your phone as a phone?

I know the network sucks in lots of places, but it certainly doesn't in Network Vision areas. I'm lucky enough to live in one, and the difference is quite significant. The data is perfectly usable here in Waco, TX.

Probably from realizing there are other companies that can provide their high speed needs better than Sprint.

We all know that Sprint had a 69.99 (450 min) requied fee for smart phones going back before the Palm Pre. Wimax came along and all Wimax phones had the extra 10.00. People complained about the fee since the had no 4g and then Sprint changed their terminology. The data plan for the smart phone is 69.99 (450 min). I don't really care if some of you lick their boots, but be honest about it.

Not me. Even though they JUST NOW announced Hampton Roads, I have been using the 4G for months. It is great! Pretty decent coverage too, considering it is just started.

It's in a few specific locations right now. Some parts of downtown St. Paul. Around 169 in St. Louis Park and a bit west on 394. Also, near the Mall of America/airport. I was getting 15mpbs about 2 blocks south of the Mall. It's been in patches since December, with more and more spots showing up over the past 3 weeks.

However, I got tired of waiting and switched to T-Mobile this weekend. Even though they won't have LTE for a while, their HDSPA+ is faster than anything I've ever had on Sprint (I've only been with Sprint for the past 7 months or so) and even when Sprint gets LTE deployed officially here, it'll fall back to their "3G" service which is the worse data service I've ever experienced in my life. I really wanted to like Sprint (had switched from AT&T) but I'm super happy to be back on a GMS carrier with Unlimited data again. I can actual get signal in my building (office building east of the Mall of America) and I can stream audio/video which I never had success with on Sprint.

I saw that on my phone the other day by the MOA and freaked out a bit. I had great signal under several levels or car ramps. I lost it past the airport.
I have a T-Mo phone for work and the 4G sucks. I like to bring it with me to compare and I can't even get a signal in the gym with full bars displayed but have no problem with my Sprint service.
It still annoys me that these little farm towns are getting LTE around us while big cities elsewhere are getting it. I'm so close to moving to ATT. But I'm trying to be patient.

Its only the most densely populated state. Thats prob why it will be last, more work for only a couple more markets they can claim they cover.

I live in South Jersey and just started getting 4G 2 days ago on my S3. So, it is in NJ. Even if it's not official yet.

I live in Mankato and it is still pretty spotty at best here, and the 3G has been non-existent for months.

For the last week or so I have had 4G in the northern Milan, MI / Southern Ann Arbor, MI area. It has been about 10MB down.

Damn that's a big list! Keep in mind they are looking to give LTE on the entire 3G footprint (I think by end of year?). This is good news for Sprint, hopefully they can pick up new subscribers in these areas.

I'm in Lexington, SC. Been a Sprint customer since 2005. I'm heading to Verizon. Tired of paying almost 200 a month for broken 3G signals.

$200 a month for sprint? Then your looking at about $275 or more with verizon not to mention only 2gb of data. Have fun. I know what you mean though as I was also frustrated. But the way I saw it is, lte is the beginning of 4g for sprint. wimax was a joke and with this in mind I just thought of sprint as last in 4g. That said, I am sticking with them as most markets I visit now have 4g lte even though not officially announced. I understand leaving sprint at end of year but now its too early.

yankeesusa you're entirely wrong. I switched to VZ back in December and I'm only paying about 10 more a month for 2 lines. My plan with sprint started at $110 for everything data, then $19 for additional line, then $10 for "premium data" at dial up speeds... that added up to $140 + taxes and surcharges my bill came up to about $155 a month. Sprint service in phoenix is getting really crappy , too many dropped calls, 3g sucks as hell. some days with my evo lte I would only get about 15kbps down, which means I couldn't even download a page, not to mention a 5-10 mb file. Now on Verizon the slowest download speed I get in the areas with weak signal is 3Mb down and as fast as 43Mb down on the best areas. That's thousands of times faster and no dropped calls, calls are supper clear.
Since I'm most of the time on wifi at work and at home, I decided to start with 4GB of LTE data which is $70 + 40 + 40. both phones have unlimited voice and text. so 70+40+40 = $150 = taxes and surcharges about $165 a month. so the difference is really only $10 but the quality of service is light years better when compared to sprint. and I was a sprint customer for 10 years and always had the best phones that sprint had to offer and still it felt way short. so far I haven't even used more than 3GB of data with both phones sharing 4GB.

Just so you know, since Asterling19 said he is paying Sprint 200 its extremely likely that he has more than 2 lines. 3+ lines sharing 4 GB is risky with LTE so you would have to opt for at least the 6GB plan.

I've been getting 4G LTE in the Grand Rapids, MI area for just over a month now. I was surprised to see it wasn't on one of these lists. I can tell it's still a work in progress but I get it in many areas and the speeds are decent.

I was really close to canceling sprint by end of month but I just recently started getting better 3g speeds in my town. Only problem i still have is indoor signal coverage which I hope improves. As for orlando, i just got back from there this past monday and almost everywhere I went I had 4g, it was Great! My note 2 was actually useful especially google now and google voice search which was flawless.

Hampton Roads, VA has lit up all "around" my house outside a 2 mile radius. Why must Sprint hate me so much?

There are a few areas here in St. Louis that have been showing LTE. Primarily near Lambert airport.

I really hope for USCellular customers here especially, that the rollout is complete by the end of July so that whomever Sprint gets to come over to them from the sale can have a better than dial-up experience.

Still sort of surprised to not see STL on the "soon to get" list.

How about DC? The capitol of the country and they have no LTE. I about to move my business account because of this. What a joke.

What part of DC? I'm in N.W. and I get excellent 4G speeds here, where I work in Adams Morgan unfortunately and oddly does not.

Ummm LTE has been around in DC for about 2 months. It's not "official" though. I work in Arlington and the LTE is pretty good. Going thru Alexandria I had LTE also.

I work in Reston (outside of DC but in the market for those not familiar) and live a bit further west and get no LTE at all....ever.

Heh, yep. The sprawling metropolis of Paducah. If only Louisville were on the "coming soon" list.

I've been with Sprint since 1997, and I can hardly wait for my latest contract to end -- I'm done. I can't take the data speeds I get these days. The "3G" speeds are so much worse than dial-up, it's ridiculous.

ohio will get LTE locations when ohio state football stops scheduling such laughable schedules. im sure even most community colleges would go undefeated too when the hardest teams they face are purdue and michigan

Well I'm goin to Hershey park next week. So I guess I will finally see what up because south jersey/Philly area doesn't seem to be nowhere in sight.

Idk man....I went to a phils game last wek an had 4g there in south philly, theres 4g in west philly and I have a 4g signal out where I am in parts of Havertown. Its here but just not announced.

I'm looking at the Sensorly map right now and San Diego is showing LTE in quite a few areas and has been for some time. Ontario only recently started seeing LTE and that area is a long way from being officially launched.

I don't know what that map is about... I've been with Sprint for 10 years.. no 4G of any sort here. I was paying 4G fees for the WIMAX back in the day when we didn't even have it here and they told me it was on the way. Then they covered their butts and no longer called it 4G fee instead premium.

But yea... SD has no 4G LTE despite being the 8th largest city in the Country.

Phoenix, Scottsdale...anything in Arizona would be awesome. Please Sprint....bring it the valley already!!

It's sad how long AZ has been neglected. Phoenix is a bowl, So easy to get signal anywhere. First stiffed on Wimax and now LTE. Pitiful.

I've been with sprint for 10 years, and I'm getting my HTC One tomorrow. All I want is to not be embarrassed showing off my top of the line smartphone because I have horrible 3G...... WE NEED 4G IN PHOENIX SPRINT!!!!!!!

Because do you realize how large of an infrastructure NYC alone has? It's easier for them to roll out to a smaller city/town than it is a metropolis.

That said, they did the same to New Orleans with WiMax. Roll out to very small towns 50mi+ away and forego adding it to the city. Not even sure if NOLA has LTE yet or not.

I understand the infrastructure issues. I also understand population density and that more customers would be served on the same amount of equipment in an area more densely populated. Not sure what was offensive.

But it appears you don't understand that more customers pure tower means far more towers in order to secure the bandwidth. It also amazes me that you don't even realize that you insulted so many by calling their homes flyover or backwater because they don't live in NYC or LA. You do realize that the majority of this country does live in that "what you think is forgetable space" between the left and right coast, right? I hope you realize that the majority of the food you eat, beer you drink, and american made tools and appliances you use come from somewhere other than NYC and LA.

I live in NYC and I've been seeing LTE in all the various boroughs since December.
The Bronx has a good amount of coverage. Queens and Brooklyn do as well.

I guess it is a matter of growing a long list of cities to look like your moving quickly. Instead of announcing say Denver, you light up the same number of towers overs 6 cities and your list looks better. It is a matter of perception.

Denver has allot more towers that need to have permits, approvals and hurdles taken care of then some of the smaller ones. Some cities may give approvals quicker then others. Take a look at the site s4gru.com which is tracking all this information for the users. In most cases, its the cities themselves dragging their feet giving the necessary approvals and permits.

My area, Frederick, MD a suburb of DC/Baltimore has been saying coming months for 6 plus months. All the areas outside of Frederick have it already, even Gettysburg, PA and Hagerstown, MD has LTE, but not the 2nd largest city in MD, WTF?

Looks like progress... Keep it coming!!! But please, Stop dragging your feet in S. Illinois!!! I see you are working on service in Paduka, KY, and Saint Louis, MO. Southern Illinois should be your next Stop!

Still no mention of Pittsburgh? For the past couple of days, I've been getting about 15-20mbps LTE about ten minutes north of there. Testing I'm guessing?

Yea probably, New Haven Ct lit up last month and it's creeping south, but hasn't been officially announced yet either, when official you'll see 30 meg, that's what i'm seeing from speedtest screenshots

Wow, there haven't been any of these announcements
in a while, congratulations to you Sprint customers
for sticking with Sprint and waiting, personallly
I wouldn't be able to put up with 3G for sooo long.

More small towns and villages getting LTE I see,
well since so few will be using the towers those
in these villages should have good speeds!

I wouldn't get too excited. I'm in Houston, one of the first cities to get LTE, and it still sucks for me. When I DO get a reliable 4G connection, the speeds never go much above 3-4 Mbps.

Good luck I live in San Antonio and we have had LTE for almost one year and the speeds are horrible we get an average of 100-300kbs down and 50-200kbs up very seldom do we see speeds over 1mbs.

Sprint is ridiculous, at least where I live (Silicon Valley, central of the tech world). They can turn on whatever they want, for a 15 mile drive passing through 3 cities, I get a functional "so called 4G" in 1 city and unusable (for streaming anything) 3G in 2 other cities. In other words I switched to a usable 3G on Tmobile (8mb/3mb). Empty promises of 4G launch since the original HTC EVO 4G launch, except there is no 4G lol.

Although unofficial, why aren't the bloggers mentioning the many areas that aren't listed where Sprint customers do pick up an LTE signal? Contra Costa County, Calif is in the San Francisco Bay Area, I've been getting a Sprint LTE signal in parts of San Francisco, Oakland, etc. The LTE Tower where the signal is coming from is not in Contra Costa County.

Fort Myers, FL should be lit up soon. Get about 29Mbps in some area's. Was tired of the slow speeds that I almost went to Verizon. Unlimited data is worth the wait to me.

Phil posts these stories on purpose to get all the people on Sprint riled up. Then he sits back and laughs as he trolls the comments. :D

Word dropped about 2 days ago that Canyon Lake California had LTE now and sure enough we do. I think the coverage is still a little spotty or it could just be my Gnex but I'm getting 6 - 9 down and 3 - 4 up it seems consistently with low ping. I get a little faster down on my T-Mobile Nexus 4 but the ping is much higher. It's too bad I probably won't be with Sprint much longer though because T-Mobile works pretty good in my area and costs me less.

I've been mapping the area so hopefully it shows on the sensorly map soon.

Geez, been waiting forever for Honolulu, Hawaii to get LTE....dudes at the Sprint store said the towers are already up....IMHO they moving like turtles....sighs.....

North jersey in Edgewater has 4g. I've experiencedit on river road between the Pathmark shopping complex all the way down to Lincoln harbor.

Wow that's great but the rest of NJ is SOL. Sprint truly is dropping the ball on this one. Loved having my GV number as my main number on Sprint with full integration. I left them last may after the Mangled E4GLTE launch. Saving a boatload on Tmo but if Sprint got their act together I still would consider them.

NO SPRINT 4G LTE in North Jersey. It truly is ridiculous that the Larger Markets like NYC / Northern NJ still have not received a Full Roll out of LTE, but Tymbucktoo,SomeWhere has LTE!!! So frustrating to wait for Sprint's 4G LTE, been waiting for Sprint to get their 4G Network together since WiMAX and we all know what happened to that... So tired of all the NETWORK VISION excuses!!

"Buying a 4G LTE Smartphone(ie: Galaxy S3) on Sprint's Network is like buying a Ferrari then driving on a pot hole riddled highway" - Guapo104

In Cincinnati now... not announced but I had it in Hyde Park and North College Hill. Spotty but I assume its rolling out. 10 megs download 5 megs upload. I think it just started like 2 days ago. Long time coming.....

Agreed. I was just in Hyde Park and ran the speed test. Got 12 megs download and 9.4 megs upload. Pretty exciting!!!

NO SPRINT 4G LTE in North Jersey. It truly is ridiculous that the Larger Markets like NYC / Northern NJ still have not received a Full Roll out of LTE, but Tymbucktoo,SomeWhere has LTE!!! So frustrating to wait for Sprint's 4G LTE, been waiting for Sprint to get their 4G Network together since WiMAX and we all know what happened to that... So tired of all the NETWORK VISION excuses!!

"Buying a 4G LTE Smartphone(ie: Galaxy S3) on Sprint's Network is like buying a Ferrari then driving on a pot hole riddled highway" - Guapo104

Yeah feel your pain Guapo104 I just left a job taking calls for Sprint and there was so many calls about Network Vision it was ridiculous. Sprint is such a crappy company I would never go with them ever!

I'm in Tulsa, OK which is one of the cities listed, sitting here in my office on the 3rd floor and noticed for the first time that I was picking up a 4G signal. The signal lasted for about a minute or so and then went back to 3G. So apparently someone somewhere is doing something with the tower in this area.

I was one of the people who complained about my city (Washington, DC) not being on the list. But then I woke up and realized that since Sprint isn't providing LTE I'm not paying them. Purchased the EVO LTE June 2, 2012 (launch date) and still no LTE. I haven't paid a bill since January and my service has never been disrupted.

Yeah Troll time!! I'll join in, I live in Bham, AL and my service is horrible I mean NoG!! I hold onto sprint hoping it will improve, thought we'd get wimax here and got my OG Evo, now with my GSIII, I hope to get LTE. They are lighting up north, south, and East of Bham so I will continue to hold onto hope that LTE will be here soon, instead of podunk areas in AL! Really Albertville and Ozark, Sprint the population is like 5 between the two!!!

I'm anxiously awaiting LTE in the St Paul/Minneapolis area. It is very spotty right now. unfortunately Sprint is already like 3-4 months behind on their schedule pretty much everywhere.

If the hospital I worked in didn't have a Sprint booster or whatever in the basement I would switch carriers in a heartbeat. Unfortunately Sprint is the only carrier that I get any sort of signal in the basement while I am at work...

The only hope for Phoenix and our greater metro area was that Sprint would start the network upgrade before the summer.
I am sure we won't see anything before later October or November now, it we see anything in 2013 at all.

And yes it's annoying to spend any amount of money on a major carrier and get many times less than 1k per second data speeds.

It renders my Note II unusable at times.

It's about time Sprint officially announced LTE in Charlotte. When I went to downtown (or uptown, as the Charlotteans would say) Charlotte about 6 months ago, and LTE existed in various places. Sometime in the past two months Sprint really improved LTE a lot in the suburban areas around Charlotte. Coverage in Monroe, NC (southeast of Charlotte) is pretty good, but I have noticed that Sprint LTE has trouble penetrating buildings in some places.

Sweet no Las Vegas or Reno still. Reno I understand but I do live in Vegas now and I'm looking forward to the LTE from T-mobile going to be deployed here, first to the Note 2

Really am curious about the process of choosing which cities to light up. Interesting how some states get lots of love while some get none at all. I imagine that the red tape and bureaucratic hurdles must be a nightmare. And every city and state is different when it comes to their rules I guess. Hopefully they can hurry up though. I could not imagine shelling out all this money and not getting good service.

Wow man STILL no official word on Miami. I am not complaining because im picking up LTE in most areas here around Kendall and even Hialeah, actually I am going to take this as a good thing and assume that they are covering Miami SO MUCH that they cant even announce it yet cuz they have more areas to cover :)))

the highest ive ever recorded on a speed test was near Miami Lakes, 28mb UP and 24 DOWN :0

Well at least FARGO ND is getting it.

Lets see.. 2011 population numbers...

FARGO 107,349
ND 684,740

Omaha 415,068
NE 1,842,334

But this fits with Sprint deployment logic. After all, St. Joesph MO was one of the first towns outside of KC to get LTE too.
St Joesph 77,185

I live in Salisbury NC and we've had LTE for about 5 months now. Guess they must have still been in testing since they're just now announcing it. Speed on the 3G side has gotten remarkably better too.