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Sprint has updated their coverage map tool with a nifty new feature that allows you to filter 4G coverage by device. This is needed, because Sprint now (or will soon) uses two different types of 4G tech, and not everyone out there understands or knows the difference. The concept is solid -- pick your device or log in to your Sprint profile, and 4G coverage will be filtered for either WiMax or LTE, depending on your phone. Damn good idea, and it's done nicely.

The problem is that this went live with no LTE network in service yet. It's another reminder that your 4G LTE phone won't be seeing any 4G LTE speed just yet, and you're left struggling with Sprint's 3G service. I can't help but think this should have been held back until a couple orange dots were there to populate the maps.

Sprint, we love you. You were pioneers of digital communication, and for a long time the de-facto standard for cellular service here in the US. That's probably why it stings to see the current shape of your network -- we remember when you were on top. We know you're working on things and spending money to bring yourselves back to your former glory, but please stop reminding us that you're not there just yet. If you're curious to see the new interface, and are OK with seeing where your new LTE phone won't be connecting to any LTE network, hit the link and have a look.

Sprint Nationwide Coverage ; via Sprint Community forums


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Sprint updates coverage map tool, reminds everyone that they don't have LTE yet


Wow. Gotta say I never thought sprint had that kind of coverage in central pa. Living in Lebanon, they seem to have the area I travel pretty well covered. When I had Nextel back in 05 they were horrible outside of major towns and cities. But I see a possible switch from Verizon in the future.

Well, the Nextel coverage is not the same as Sprint. They are still two totally different networks with totally different towers/etc.

My bill came from sprint so I just thought they were the same. But your right. Service was great with Nextel until sprint bought them. So it left a sour taste in my mouth. Don't miss the "beep. The Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is unavailable." While your in the middle of a conversation with them. Or the "Please wait while the Nextel subscriber you called is located" while they are standing right next to you. This only happened after the merger, before it Nextel was great at the time.
Edit: the best was " the Nextel subscriber you called is busy on a direct connect conversation". All while I was the one they were talking to!

In the last couple years the did great job upgrading their network and their customer service... I been with them for ten years and I can tell the different.

No it isn't. It means those of us in non-WiMax areas can have killer new phones with lots of new features *AND* be ready for what comes later.

Except that you will never see LTE in your are most likely in your 2 year contract with your new LTE phone. You just future proofed yourself for something that will not happen in the next two years, all the while paying full price for something that should have.

If you are going to tell someone what their future entails, at least use proper grammar.

If they have Sprint service now, they will have LTE at some point in their contract.

Not all of us live in the sticks...I, for instance, live in Atlanta....so its a pretty dance bet that Ill have LTe by the end of July (as it keeps turning on and off sporadically. Do if you're going to generalize...stop...think..then do t generalize.

so your saying that sprint(and every other carrier) should sell these phones without lte radios in non lte regions?! you make no sense! the price will be the same either way!

tell you what. ill get an sgs3 and pull the lte radio out then sell it to you. that way you dont have to worry about all that extra junk that you dont need.

PS. ill keep my lte radio..


This is why I left Sprint. They got me with the Evo 4G and Wimaxx, yet after 2 years I never had Wimaxx! Slow 3G, sometimes even 1G. I said f it, Im not gonna let them get me again with the Evo 3G LTE so I left.

Im now on AT&T and I have LTE, it's fast. I don't trust Sprint. Most of you guys who resigned a 2 year contract from Sprint wont even get LTE until 2013... maybe. You dont even have Wimaxx to fall back on either. Sprint got you guys by the balls, you bought an LTE phone with no LTE yet, or coming till late 2013, your contract will be up in 6 months and you finally got a taste of LTE, lol.

I can't agree more with this statement. The second this phone hits Verizon I'm gone. When it's all said and done, the monthly price is about the same. Sure it could be slightly more per month, however I'll gladly pay that for TRUE 4G.

During my two years w/ my EVO4G I used WiMax ONCE yet paid a 240.00 premium over the life of the contract. I live in a medium size city and my latest speed test...drum roll please... was a whopping 15kbps. Seriously?? 100.00/month for that crap.

In fairness, I do average "3G speeds" of 182-200kpbs. This is still unacceptable.

i've noticed improvements in speed around the Des Moines area in Iowa. so they are getting there. but lately i have been seriously thinking about getting an unlocked gsm Nexus device when my contract is up and going prepaid anyway. Especially since there has been talk about there being multiple Nexus devices.

If you plan on trying to get a good data connection during the week in downtown Des Moines, good luck. Sprint data service is awful And has been for quite some time.

I will be happy when they turn it on in 2025.

I'm not getting a LTE phone until it's available in my area. Hopefully I'll still be with Sprint by then. The 3G speeds have been horrible lately.

Sprint sucks balls!... And so does Best Buy Mobile Solutions! Dont ever buy a deal from them through this website. I got screwed and have to threaten to sue both companies before they credited my return!

What Sprint needs to do is tell me when I can get my white EVO LTE. I'm getting pretty damn impatient.

It should be illegal to sell contracts for LTE phones and LTE data plans when you don't even have LTE service...

I also highly doubt they are telling people when they buy the phones that they don't have LTE ANYWHERE. They just preach about how fast LTE is....

Wtf. They don't sell "lte" data plans. Their data plan encumpasses all of their data. And yes they tell customers there is no lte yet.

Sprint has never said/advertise they HAVE LTE, nor do they mislead people into thinking they have LTE. They do have a 4G network, the *first* 4G network. There is no such thing as an "LTE data plan"... data is data. They gladly show coverage maps and types.

Wow, you are so knowledgeable, I trust you more then the ITU. Those clowns at the ITU has this "IMT-2000 spec" that labels 1xRTT as 3G... but what do they know... you know so much more then they do!

Yes they telling their customer the truth about the 4gLTE, at least they`re not like VZW, telling their customer their unlimited calling mobile to mobile!!!! Which in only VZW to VZW unlimited! And the customer buying unlimited as the Sprint and AT&T, which both carriers has unlimited mobile to mobile to any carrier in the USA.... VZW REP. NOT telling the truth... Sprint telling their customer about their network. I do have service with AT&T and Sprint... I prefer Sprint over all the other carrier.

Everyone should know this by now: It's essential to read every word in the Termas of Service for your cell carrier. You will be surprised what you'll find in there.

Verizon's unlimited Mobile to Mobile has *always* been only on the Verizon network. Verizon has never offered unlimited Mobile to Mobile on any network, they way Sprint does. They're pretty clear about it too - it's not buried in the TOS, though I could see how someone coming over from Sprint could easily misinterpret the Verizon offer.

Sprint's offer of unlimited Mobile to Mobile on any carrier is one of their best deals. Since almost everyone's calls are to another mobile phone, Sprint effectively gives us unlimited talk minutes via the lowest talk plan (e.g. 450 min.) And unlimited messaging AND unlimited data. That's why Sprint's least expensive $80 smartphone plan ($40/450 talk min. w/ unlimited mobile 2 mobile +$30 unlimited data & msgs + $10 4G rip off) is such a great deal after all.

You are wrong mhmmdy123, Verizon new share plan is unlimited voice calling to any network mobile to mobile and landlines as well unlimited text message and picture message and video message for $40 a month. But the data starts $50 for 1-gig $60 2-gig and so on. Also sprint offers 450 minutes against landlines but is free after 7pm. I like the fact VERIZON with the share plans offer the Voice calling and texting Unlimited.

I have always jumped on the first new technology/devices to come out but not this time. I am going to hold off and ride with my OG EVO 4G. I am in Harrisburg, PA and have 4G predominantly where I go. I use about 15 to 20 gigs of bandwith per month. Very fast and loving it. To drop back to 3G just for a better technology that is not here, would feel like I am going backwards. Plus my contract is over so there are other options. I am paying the additional $10 premium data because I have a smartphone then I am going to be smart and use it until they bring the 4G/LTE. By then there will be new devices coming by the time that happens. Sit tight and ride it out. LOL

As far as I am concerned Sprint doesn't have WiMax either, because I have never seen it. Add to that the fact that 3G is worse than it's ever been. 256K down and 321K up in the middle of the night is a very sad state of affairs. I am paying the extra fee for having a Smartphone that cannot do half it's "Smart" features because of the sorry network. So my OG Evo will be my half-smartphone for the foreseeable future.

Just waiting for my multiline contract to end in about 9 months. We never got the promissed WiMax here, so... if no LTE or at least significantly improved 3G service in my area by then, off to a different network we go. We've been with Sprint for over 10-years now and this is the worst it's ever been!

I was with Sprint for years before switching to VZ about 5 years ago. As my business area expanded it became all to apparent that Sprint didn't have the coverage I needed. Also, as phones became more capable it became apparent that Sprint's horrible network was going to cripple an otherwise capable smart phone. VZ is the company we all love to hate, but they've got the coverage and they've got the data speed.

I can't understand why anyone would actually consider Sprint. Their Wimax (4G) is horrible and can't penetrate through a wet paper bag. Anyone who signs a 4G LTE contract today probably won't see LTE in their area through out the entire contract. So what's left? Their extremely congested 3G network.

Sprint is a horrible choice for smartphones, however, they are a good voice carrier.

Because people fall for the cheapest network motto. And while this is true, the simple fact is like anything: you get what you pay for. And frankly some people can only afford Sprint. Hell I wouldn't be moving to Verizon if I wasn't getting a 17% discount through work.

Listen, it really has nothing to do with price for most people, it has to do with Unlimited Data and Sprint is the only carrier who offers it without limits or caps. I know their 3G service is over-congested is some areas of the country (much like AT&T had when they released the iPhone) and it sucks, but they are addressing it. Sprint is upgrading their entire network from the ground up, 1xRTT / 3G Advanced, LTE and HD Voice. Many markets are being upgraded as we speak, so that also contributes to the slow speeds until they are finished. I'm not making excuses for them because I also experience the slow 3G at times but I also recognize that the issue is being addressed and very soon they will have one of the fastest 3G and 4G networks in the country. Their coverage is also very good, my Sprint phone works just about everywhere my VZW phone works.

As far as 4G LTE not being available for most during the life of their contract is another piece of mis-information, their 4G LTE network will be fully deployed by Q3 2013 with most major markets finished by the end of this year. So please, do not speak about something you have no knowledge about.

Also, I know many people focus on data speeds and while it is important when tethering, on a phone there is only so much you can take advantage of. For example, with 100-200kbps you can stream music from Spotify, Pandora, etc..with 300-400kbps you can stream a Youtube video without buffering. So while we all want the fastest speeds out there, the reality is that it doesn't take 20mbps (faster than most people's home wired connections) to enjoy the internet on a mobile phone.

Soon enough these congestion issues on Sprint 3G will be a thing of the past.

Don't speak about something we don't have knowledge about? That's a dumb statement! We all know, from experience, that Sprint's current data speeds are like a dialup modem. We also know that Wimax coverage is so bad, you have to stand next to a window to get service, assuming Wimax is available in that area. I can't even drive down the road and hold a Wimax signal.

As for LTE, everyone's speculating, even you.

We can deal with slow data speeds because all we need is 300-400kbps for youtube? Hahahahaha!! Sprint's speeds are so slow, most times, every youtube video needs to buffer. And current 3G speeds aren't because of coverage, it's because of backhaul. You would think Sprint would have turned on any additional backhaul, for 3G usage, where they've added backhaul for their new LTE coverage; as long as the sit is a NV site with both 3G and LTE. That would help with the current issue with 3G, but no Sprint hasn't done squat.

Sprint is in the habit of over selling their network with only promises of "upgrade coming soon."

Pro Tip: Just because they have coverage doesn't mean their network doesn't get bogged down by too many subscribers. I say this as a soon to be former Sprint customer. *counts the days before he can drop $100 to get off the Anyday Now Network. <--- Yes I hate it that much. Because when it gets bogged down it REALLY gets bogged down. I don't think there is anything more frustrating then jer......ky music t....hat keeps stopping as you try and str.......*buffering*......eam it as you are enjoying a nice ride.........*buffering*......home.

Sprint's network has gone to complete crap here on Long Island, it's absolutely terrible. If I didn't have wifi at home, work and places I often visit my smartphone would be completely useless. If T-mobile had TRUE unlimited data, I would have switched to them a long while ago. I likely wouldn't ever be throttled but I don't want to ever worry about it even thought Sprint's network currently is worse than being throttled.

If they don't have substantial network improvements come December, I'm ditching the one line I use for work and getting a phone on a different carrier more than likely.

i've had them all and Sprint offers the best value bar none. nobody can touch them. phones, coverage, service, plans, pricing is great. and i bank the extra savings every month.

There were rumors swirling about T-Mobile and Metro PCS merging or partnering not long ago.

I think Sprint should seriously look at partnering with Metro.

In the Tampa area Metro has a bigger 4G footprint then Sprint does.

Metro is already LTE, too bad they only have last years phones.

If Metro had cutting edge phones they would surpass Sprint and T-Mobile with their price structure.


I was on Sprint for years. When I got my Evo 3d, i was told i would have an update to Froyo and 4G in the near future. A year later they were no closer to having 4G in my area. I did call them on that, and the rep admitted that 4G wimax was slow to come and could not give me a time frame as to when to expect it. It would be even longer before they would have LTE. I made a decision, at that point, to switch to Verizon, got the double your data plan, and I can tell you that I have never looked back. Verizon's 4G LTE is much better than the wimax Sprint had available. What I found out about Sprint, is they don't lie to their customers, they just don't give you the whole truth. What good is an unlimited plan if you still have connection problems? If you are happy with your carrier, then good for you..but I'm here to tell you, from what i have experienced, "data is not data" ... I know... been there, done that.

network.sprint.com is an OLD site, and only covers simple changes like new towers or adding an extra T1 line (1.544 Mbit/s). The Network Vision upgrades, which include fiber, microwave, or aav backhaul, 4G LTE, etc, are not listed there. A better site for Network Vision upgrades is http://s4gru.com/

I am very skeptical about this network vision upgrade and time frame. But in my area of Ocala, FL towers have been going down a lot lately usually come back on in a day but the one by my house has been out for two weeks. After several calls to Sprint an executive called me back and said subcontractors working on the Vision upgrade and LTE network have run into a problem with that site and parts are on order. That was interesting. I've heard supervisors and techs claim they thought it was a network upgrade but this person seemed to know more a bit more. Also included the direct line to get them on the phone again if I need them. I now think Sprint wants to have a ton of this upgrade in place before they hit any switches. Maybe so as not to be bashed as bad by competition ads or maybe something else. But I think very soon officially it's going to get moving along fast.

Its expected that July or August will be when the network vision and LTE upgrades are expected to officially start for most of Florida, if they haven't already, according to s4gru.com. Living in Winter Park, FL. I've noticed one tower a block from my neighborhood go off the network coverage map for the past few weeks, and I've seen a lot of activity going on up top of it, so I'm pretty sure they've already started the upgrades. Just have to be patient.

I'm thinking about going to a Sprint store and pretending to be a potential customer just to see how the reps pitch a GSIII or an EVO4GLTE over phones that get MUCH faster data speeds currently. What are the tricks they use to fool people into grabbing one of those over the GSII or even an EVO3D? (P.S. I have a rooted 3D, love it, love my Wimax)

Also a somewhat bitter reminder to those of us told wimax 4g coming in a few months (that was well over a year ago) only to have it never materialize and now know that it never will. If LTE takes as long to roll out to my area any LTE phone I would buy today will be old technology by the time I have coverage. So until Sprint "shows me the money" so to speak I will hold onto my original EVO 4g as long as I can (although I am getting sick of almost constant low memory warnings and deleting practically all my apps) and adopt a I'll believe it when I see it attitude.

I live very close to OSU campus and have sprint WiMAX and I get full 4g bars three streets away from my house but at my house, I cannot get one single bar. I just got back from staying at my daughters and I got full bars there too and she lives in the boonies. I was getting speeds up to 15mbps. It almost makes me want to swing on someone now that I can't even get 1mbps. I'm switching carriers very soon. I bought a 4G phone to use 4g all the time. Not when I'm away from my house only. I really want to choke whoever runs sprint. I'm JK about choking someone. I'm just venting. Sprints service is stressing me out.