Why launch your LTE network in five cities when you can launch it in 15? We've always known that Sprint intends to have a fairly aggressive rollout for its second 4G network, and true to its word, more cities have come online just a day after the official launch

So, if you're counting at home, that means Sprint LTE is available in:

  • Atlanta
  • Athens, Ga.
  • Calhoun, Ga.
  • Carrollton, Ga.
  • Newnan, Ga.
  • Rome, Ga.
  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Granbury-Hood County, Texas
  • Houston
  • Huntsville, Texas
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Waco, Texas
  • Kansas City, Mo.-Kan.
  • St. Joseph, Mo.

Don't forget that 3G speeds should be improved as well, as part of Sprint's Network Vision plan. Now we just have to see how well Sprint can keep up that rollout pace.

Source: Sprint


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Sprint triples its LTE cities in 24 hours


Awesome! Keep it going Sprint... 3g network speeds have already seemed to improve over the weekend in my neck of the woods (suburbs of Chicago..). Went from dialup speeds to getting over 1.0 mb on average :)

To think I was just on the phone Saturday complaining to Sprint about my speeds and poor service due to the ongoing Network Vision upgrades going on in Chicago... Got a $75.00 credit out of it and mysteriously my speeds improve over night too !

if i may ask which suburb? Cause I live in Naperville and I've noticed a big increase too! I get 2.2mb/s at work...that was unimaginable a few weeks ago.

LTE is pretty spotty in KC on the MO side - they said KC is still rolling out. But am able to get 15-20Mbps and very low latency where it works - some have reported over 30Mbps. 3G speeds are great most everywhere in KC, about as fast as EVDO can go. I thought about going back to my WiMAX phone until better LTE coverage but since 3G speeds are very good across the metro, I'll stick with the SG3.

Sprint will be in good shape when they complete the Network Vision rollout but expect it to be spotty during the transition. When every site is upgraded, you'll get LTE wherever there is a voice signal - that isn't the case with WiMAX.

"3G speeds are great most everywhere in KC"

I'm sorry but you must be on crack. I live in KC(plaza) and work in downtown KC. I have been with sprint for about a year. My 3G speeds are absolutely horrendous (just did a speedtest, got 0.09mbps down and 0.01mbps up, ping was 1693ms...). Sprint 3G is completely and utterly UNUSABLE here. For anything that needs data I have to turn on Wimax (avg. a respectable 3mbps down with speeds topping out at 6mbps). The problem is that Wimax (and LTE)is not widely available, so if I go anywhere outside of KC or another major city, I have virtually no data connection. Bottom line, Sprint right now is a second rate network. I'm glad they are making improvements and bringing LTE but they have A LOT of work ahead of them. I was with tmobile prior to sprint, my monthly bill was the same amount and even with a 3g only phone(N1) I got just as fast of speeds as I do on Wimax now but without the battery drain and the hassle of constantly toggling 4g on/off. Going with sprint was a terrible decision for me. Looking forward to ditching sprint and getting an unlocked Gnex with a prepaid plan from straight talk sim. Sorry for the rant. If you are happy with Sprint, I'm happy for you but for me it has been a horrible experience.

I have had Sprint for 6 years now. I never really had a problem until last year. The 3g and 4g speeds have been so disappointing. I have had great 4g speeds at times as high as 10.1 mbs on the downloand and almost like 1.5 upload. My problem is the inconsistensy. I just think that our 3g should be no less than 1.5 or even 2mbs download speeds. I just hope this update works. Im giving it till the end of the year if not I will switch as well.

How did you test your speed? I use "Speed Test" app. It would list your reported speed in Kbps. How did you get t to show such low speed in Mbps?

In the KC metro, other than Olathe and Independence/Blue Springs, coverage is very spotty. Can't believe that they've got LTE up in St. Joseph, but much of downtown KC and KC North still doesn't have it. A major downtown entertainment area like the Power and Light district should be covered, I'd think (especially since the Sprint Center is there), but couldn't get any LTE there.

LTE going live doesn't mean that Sprint is done -- it just means that the first towers in a city are now able to accept connections. For example, only 12% of KC's towers are live -- the rest should come on between now and December. None of the launch cities are more than 20% complete.

In most markets, Sprint has been focusing on suburbs first to work out the bugs before moving in to downtown and heavily populated areas. The Power and Light district should get LTE by the end of the year.

3g has been insane all day today (north west Chicago), my 4g(wimax) has been on and off but not complaining since 3g feels like it's been sped up.... Very nice sprint

The thing about Sprint though is they are going to upgrade each tower, so it is coming. Unlike Verizon or AT&T, you at least have a guarantee that you will get enhanced 3G and 4G LTE... even if you are in rural areas.

Of course you'll get enhanced 3G coverage... It can't get any worse... Let me show you my sub-100 kbps speedtest scores. That's pretty common for my area. It's uncommon to get anything above 200 kbps here on Sprint.

My real question is, does this invalidate my contract with Sprint so I can move to a different carrier (I have 4 lines, so breaking contract is kind of a big deal). Nope?? Ok, back to digging I go.

You did not read and comprehend my statement correctly. I did not say Verizon or AT&T stated they would not cover rural areas with 3G/4G enhancements. I stated that they have not guaranteed they WOULD cover rural areas.

You need to understand Network Vision and what it entails. Sprint is upgrading every single tower so by the end of 2013 if you have Sprint service now you will be receiving enhanced 3G and 4G LTE.

I think you are optimistic saying the end of 2013. They have only announced or hinted at a schedule for 41 of their 97 markets with schedules out to September 2013. I would guess those markets not announced yet (West Iowa/Nebraska for example) probably won't see LTE until well into 2014. :(


Sprint Market map: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/articles/nationwide-sprint...

Schedule that is known: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/212-network-visionlte-deployment-runni...

I understand it just succks for us right now. We just want the same speeds that all other carriers are getting since we are being charged an extra $10.00. I honestly would be happy with getting 2mbs or even 1.5 mbs on 3g and at least 5mbs on 4g

Looks like GA and TX are on LTE fire right now. Wonder when the real metro areas are on deck...

"real metro areas" ?

You do realize Texas has 3 of the top 10 largest cities in the country, right? And 6 of the top 20? We're not all living on horse ranches out here.

I'd +1 this, but you can't on this site. So many people are ignorant to what Texas is really like. It's more advanced than just about the rest of the country in just about every way.

Spoke like a true Texan! I love that stat. Currently in downtown Fort Worth TX, and haven't seen LTE pop up as an option. Wish it was a user error. I'm willing to be patient. If you live in a metro area, Sprint is the way to go. If you're out in the boonies, then not so much.

Same here. The coverage map claims I have LTE at work and at home. Do I actually have coverage? NO! Lame Sprint. I'm getting ready to switch to AT&T. 3G speeds are still 100-400 Kbps.

Well they need to do something with the Vacation Destinations. I was just in DisneyWorld and my Phone was Useless for anything data. Well all 3 ( EvoLTE, Epic, Iphone4s) when I was runing SPeedtest through out the week When I could get the test to start it was god awful Speeds. I do a good bit of live streaming and know it was not that bad last year down there during the same time on my Old Evo and the Kids IPhone.

6kbps to high of 256kbps down and 20kbps ro 280kbps up

I tried all 3 phones in several locations had good Voice coverage most everywhere but Data just stunk. Was with someone on T-Mobile and they were hitting steady High numbers.

I have this same issue in OC MD but here in B-more 2 quick test hit 1500 average down and 900 up with no issues .

Haven't picked up any 4G in Athens yet, but I'm giddy about the possibility of seeing it soon :) Of course they'd launch it just weeks before I move...but what what can you do. If it really does go live, then this'll make up for all those years we were ignored by wiimax while Atlanta right next door got the star treatment.

Where's New Yawk City? We're an impatient bunch over here (the 1% that doesn't use an AT&T iPhone anyway).

NYC sure as hell is an iphone town. Maybe that's why the LTE push here has been a joke. HSPA+ FTW right now.

It's no joke when my Galaxy Nexus constantly pulls 15-20 Mbps down on VZW LTE. Sprint is out matched here for 4G.i think they are trying to hit VZW and At&T's LTE weak points.

Nothing in Coppell, TX which is less than 10 miles from Dallas where I work. Nothing in Far North Dallas in Plano, Frisco, McKinney yet. Mind you, I did get the signal off and on for about an hour Saturday afternoon in Frisco where I was inside of a mall.

WTF Sprint?!?!? Why is SoCal still suffering with these atrocious ass speeds?!? We never got WiMax (San Diego) and no LTE in sight, plus 3G is still horrible! After 15 years it might be time to break it off with them. Paying for premium data and getting 0.12-0.62 Mbps on avg is unacceptable when the other 3 major carriers in my area have 3G that averages 1.2-2.8 Mbps AND 4G! It might be a little outdated tech wise, but an unlocked GNex on Straight Talk might be my only option at this point (can't afford VZW). It'll still be an upgrade over our OG EVO, OG Epic and Photon.

I'm in San Diego too and feel your pain. 3g has been horrendous the last 6 months. I think they turned down the speed so when we finally get upgraded, we will think its absolutely blazing fast!

I'm in San Diego too and feel your pain. 3g has been horrendous the last 6 months. I think they turned down the speed so when we finally get upgraded, we will think its absolutely blazing fast!

Waaah... I don't have LTE and I'm right in the middle of so and so or outside of whatchamacallit houstalantakansasmissouritexas And btw Sprint is da sux0r. Where's your fuzzy mustache at Sprint? Oh that's right you don't have one cause your LTE is like a newborn baby it can't do anything yet!



And now, I'm taking all the whiners and complainers to Disney World to shut them up for a bit. So they can complain about how Mickey Mouse didn't hug them or the picture didn't come out right or they didn't get the Mickey Mouse club big ears hat so they stop crying about Sprint for a good hour or so.

Lol. Unless your name is Dan Hesse, you should probably just go outside for a little while or something.

Sales rep at the Sprint store where l picked up my new EVO says LTE in Seattle will be lit 3rd quarter 2012. So any day now, right?

*doesn't hold breath*

Has not made a hill of beans difference in Dallas 7/16/12 (Ping 602ms, Download = 187kps, Upload = 220kps)

I get better signal on a 56K modem.

The comments on S4Guru aren't positive. People are getting very little connectivity even in saturated markets that have many towers marked as "completed". This coming from E4GLTE and S3 devices. When they are getting connected the numbers aren't pretty either. Its an early roll out though, I wouldn't take this as gospel but rather a PR move to get 4G running just so Sprint can say its up. I'm sure some phone software updates are needed as well as further tower development.

Sprint has their interactive coverage map up now, and it's not even close to being accurate. There are a large number of places that show as being well covered where I get no LTE, even outside.

Yeah, false positives are created by BS marketing teams and will soil the reputation of this rollout in my mind. Its not like there aren't enough people on the interwebs to voice their reaction to the real info here. Stupid move I think.

I'm sorry, but LTE on sprint so far is a huge disappointment. Downtown here in Houston, I can barely get more than 2mbps. Outskirts, there's no coverage, despite what their coverage maps say. 3g hasn't improved one bit either.

My Family Member has the EVO LTE. I have been trying to connect to 4G LTE all weekend (yes I know 7/15 was the launch). Still have not been able to see a 4G signal. And yes I checked the settings, updated PRL, did latest SW update and recycle the phone several times.

I'm in NW Houston and coverage map shows best coverage.

Don't get it how is the heart of technology that's silicon Valley have no 4G yet? We should of been one of the first markets up and running wtf

Will this update increase the 3g of all Sprint phones or will it only increase the speed of the LTE phones. I currently have the Galaxy S 2 and I know that Wimax will eventually be rolled out in 20 15 and I am ok with that. I get 4g where I live anyways. I just want my 3g speeds to improve. Can someone please answer this. Thanks.

Yes, 3G is improving everywhere just as LTE is being rolled out. if you want to see the towers by your house being updated go visit [network.sprint.com]

Sorry to ask but will Wimax get increased at all or this is about it for Wimax? If so then Ill just have to upgrade to and EVO lte or GS3

WiMax is not being rolled out any longer, they will continue to support it, but all upgrades should be for LTE roll-out and improving 3G.

I guess they only need one tower to say a city has LTE. I haven't been able to get any lte in Houston. The coverage map is a lie. I wouldn't be as upset if they were at least being honest about the lte coverage.

I guess they only need one tower to say a city has LTE. I haven't been able to get any lte in Houston. The coverage map is a lie. I wouldn't be as upset if they were at least being honest about the lte coverage.

I am in Washington DC area.

There was an update pushed by sprint on ~8/1/12. Today I was browsing through my phone's settings and noticed that for network mode in mobile network settings, the LTE/CDMA was selected for preferred network mode. Prior to this update, it was CDMA only option that was selected. I don't know if it means anything but could be a sign that Sprint is getting ready to turn on LTE in DC area.