Sprint has released its financial report for Q1 2014, which boasts a record operating income of $420 million, the company's best in over seven years. That's where the good news comes to an end as the company's report also highlights a loss of $151 million in the quarter alone, but compared to Q1 2013 this is at least a substantial improvement. The carrier is still experiencing issues with 4G LTE upgrades, more affordable plans launched and customers switching providers.

The report also states the carrier had a net loss of 231,000 postpaid customers during the quarter, which was down to network outages associated with the company's network upgrades. The prepaid sector of the business posted a net loss of 364,000 customers, which was primarily caused by alterations made to the Lifeline program recertification process, impacting customers subscribed to Assurance Wireless. This was offset by the addition of 121,000 wholesale and affiliate customers in Q1.

The report closed with the announcement that almost 3 million customers are subscribed to the Sprint Framily plan. Things aren't looking too bright for the carrier, but we'll have to see how reports shape up once network upgrades have been completed.

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Sprint shares Q1 report, still making a loss with network upgrades


I just did that due to my Mom's LG Optimus G not being able to stay connected to the network for more than 30 seconds. Dropped calls happened every 30 seconds or so, data was impossible and she couldn't send or receive texts. The phone was unusable, and Sprint refused to issue a different device or to even give us a bill credit for her not being able to use her phone.

I'm getting 4g most everywhere I go with T-Mobile, and LTE in a a few places as well. Even their HSPA+ (4g) is faster than most of the Sprint LTE that I experienced anyway and the bill is about the same every month for us all to have new devices. You can even keep your unlimited data if you want and get 5GB of tethering thrown in as well.

Did the exact same thing and am never looking back. Unless for some other-worldly reason they end up buying T-Mobile, then I guess I'm back.

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The same thing happened to me last year. I tested tmobile by canceling my wifes sero account. After 3 months of testing I switched my line too. At work I get around 28mbps with LTE on regular. With sprint I didn't get LTE in the building although couple days ago I tested my friends lte phone and it finally reaches in the building and is getting around 12mbps which is not bad. But the switch to tmobile was definitely worth it.

Speed is not even an issue for me. People calling and going straight to voicemail is.

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LOL @ "Once network upgrades have been completed" They'll be bought by someone else by the time they upgrade this crap network.

They've been completing the upgrades for 4 years now. First Wimax now LTE. I am sure the next version of data will roll out soon and a whole new upgrade will need to take place leaving most of its users on slow as shit data and dropping every other call.

For the main reason of poor data speeds and connectivity, I am already in the process of leaving Sprint. What good is unlimited data, and Spark if you have spotty connections and it may take 3 years for your city to be in the Spark program?

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My comment below aside, Spark LTE in Chicago is outstanding. Tested it on the GS5 that is on my other account and that phone was pulling 30 megs down... It'll probably slow down, but it was cool to see those speeds from Sprint.

They are the No 2 carrier here for coverage in St.Louis behind verizon. They get signals throughout MO where ATT and T-mo drop off.

It's a black hole in certain parts of Chicago. In Chinatown, at most times, can't even get 3g or lte....

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The last week has been unbearable for me. Everywhere I have gone I was not getting LTE/3g. Phone kept saying roaming areas that i never roamed before. Called Sprint kept saying it was a tower thing and that it should be up by Today. Well I will be going home later today and we shall see...

OK, this is disturbing. While I'm used to seeing negative financial reports from Sprint, they loss customers (EVEN IN THE PREPAID GAME, WHERE THEY USUALLY GAIN CUSTOMERS). But the disturbing thing is they lost customers DUE TO PROBLEMS UPGRADING THEIR NETWORKS!!! Not going to lie: There were problems in my area too when the upgrades took place. But I don't remember hearing of any other wireless company losing customers because of upgrade problems. The engineers and project managers responsible for the planning of these upgrades need to be terminated.

I suppose that a case can be made that Sprint just didn't simply upgrade everyone to LTE. They actually upgraded their 3G networks too, hence the unique problems... OK, but how about a little transparency on that issue with people besides the non tech crowd? A letter should have been directly mailed or even a few text messages to the affected devices in each area (Hell, you send text messages and notifications for other stupid crap) warning them in advance of temporary outages DUE TO UPGRADES!!! That would have helped curb that 231,000 customer loss, which translates to over $100 million! Come on... I know you have hard times but get it together already....

Sprint updated their 3g network because they neglected it for over a decade. Sprint did subscribers wrong for years and now are saying bare with us. Now they roll out a halfway LTE that is slow but tell the customers if you want to be on our faster network buy another phone in hopefully in 2 years or so your area will be upgraded to Spark!!.

All other carriers updated their network and you get good to great LTE speeds with the same LTE phones.

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I would probably be on T-Mobile if their LTE network was just as expansive in my travel area as Sprint. I often travel between Chicago and the Southern Illinois area, where T-Mobile's network is essentially on EDGE in these necks of the woods. Sprint's LTE is in both places. So, I'm sticking with Sprint for now... Good thing their network is *FINALLY* improving.

Yeah. Sprint's regular LTE speeds are mediocre, but not slow... I'll take unlimited mediocre LTE speeds any day over tiered data that super fast. The thought of having to go through my day to day managing and worrying about my data limit frightens me. It's one of the very few things that's kept me on Sprint.
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Normally I like to play devil's advocate and would be defending Sprint on this post. But you everything you said was spot on and I couldn't agree more. Plus you're a starfleet captain which is awesome. Not as cool as an Admiral like I am on Star Trek Online. But great post.

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T-Mobile you're my only hope.........

I need to get away from Verizon but Sprint was the only other option in my area. AT&T cost way to much.

When I was with Sprint their network in Cleveland sucked unless you were right next to the tower so we went into the store and inquired about what was going on and the saleman told us we need to just hang tight as they were upgrading the network and that even HE couldn't activate phones in the store, as he had to step outside to get a signal...

We went down the street to AT&T and switched that day. lol.

Two years later and the Sprint Network in Cleveland is still awful. Good grief.

I ran over to T-mobile after being a 17yr loyal customer at Sprint.
At T-mobile,4 lines on a family plan-$100. A little over $120, with taxes.
At Sprint, 3 lines on family plan-$220+. Taxes alone was over $40....smfh.
Called them, they refused to do anythimg for me, so I traded in 3 Blackberries at Tmo, got $600 credit, put that towards my installments on the LG Flex, and 2 IPhone 5S i picked up. Plus i just received my prepaid debit card in the mail 2 days ago for my early termination fee reimbursement for $500 for the 3 lines. I made out like a bandit. F U C K Sprint! If they dont adapt to change and go with change as AT&T and Verizon has been forced to do because of T-mobile, they'll be folding sooner rather that later!

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Did I mention that what sucks to high heaven, is that you can't do $hit with theur phones once you leave them cause its CDMA.
Sorry for tant, bit I need closure.

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When you want to lie think how to do it. Sprint phones can be activated on AT&T. Go and ask them. Seems you want to make something big for your self. Sprint plan for 4 lines as family cost $160+TX @ month, including unlimited texting, talk and 3rd data for each line. T-Mobile given you 500Mb.

Poor Sprint playing catch up. how long can they go on with losses in this many consecutive quarters?

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The sheer amount of hate for Sprint here is quite sad. I subscribed to Sprint when I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 in June 2012, well aware I was getting poor coverage and poor speeds, knowing that, with any carrier with a brain, they'd upgrade their services and improve everything with time.

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 this year, and I can tell you, I've only noticed coverage go from largely roaming, to entirely Sprint 3G, and, if you are that disappointed with Sprint, you can CALL THEM and ask when 4G will be rolled out to your area by estimate. I did, they said my area will recieve 4G/Spark by the end of July this year, if not sooner. I wasn't an idiot, I stuck through the poor service for about a year and immediately in 2013, 3G coverage shot up, and I would rarely get 4G Spark occasionally.

My bill is $77 a month for unlimited everything, including roaming, LTE, calling and texting. I don't regret a single thing here.

The reasons to dislike Sprint are woven within your comment. Perhaps you have Stockholm Syndrome.

You've had to endure slow speeds for a long time. Others on other carriers haven't. Who cares what they might do in the future? What's important is are you getting acceptable and competitive service right now. According to the consensus the answer is no for Sprint.

+1 on this. I don't think some people on Sprint know how bad they have it until they try other carriers. I know I didn't realize how bad Sprint was until I left them.

Gore-dawn. Who finds that new Framily ad funny or helpful to Sprint's bottom line? I don't.

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Yeah, comical in many unintended ways. That ad "framily" is too off putting to even listen to.

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Fuck Sprint.... Lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies... Forgiveness comes after an apology and then them showing they are worthy of my money. They have done neither. Getting an unlocked G3 and bringing my ass to AT&T.

+1! They've been nothing but talk for years and years. Their Spark service is in way too limited areas. They need to beef up their LTE, I heard it's only operating on 5mhz? WTF! Sprint has more spectrum than that!

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Sprint is so freaking slow and way behind in customer service!! They are so worried about Spark that I feel they forgot about LTE. And now the Framily plan...what a God Damn Joke!!! All they are trying to do is take away your unlimited data. Each line only gets 1GB of data. Go ahead and run over your 1GB and you bet your ass you will pay a pretty penny. Sprints slogan should be..."Truly Unlimited Data for Now". Switch to T-Mo for Unlimeted Talk, Text and 1GB of data for $50. Upgrade to 3GB of data for $10 more. $60 for Unlimited Talk, Text and 3GB of data!!

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Why when I get unlimited for 45$? Your post is so much bullshit I need a shower
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I have been with Sprint since 99. Loyal customer but im at my end. I have the note 2 powerful phone. I have a corvette but limited to school zone speeds. Feb my contract is complete im jumping to Verizon. My friends who were with Sprint did a coupe and switched. Throwing there fast speeds in my face lol. Sorry Sprint but im tired of your LTE will be ready in June jive for the 4th year in a row.

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Very dark days for sprint. The bright spot is softbank carrying the losses like Google did for Motorola. I am sure once T-Mobile is bought by Sprint, it will change the game around a lot.
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