Samsung Galaxy S4

Sprint is planning to release the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the second quarter of the year, and is confirming that it will continue to offer unlimited LTE with the device. Following in line with most other carriers, Sprint isn't getting to much more specific about pricing our availability details:

Sprint is excited to bring the benefit of Truly Unlimited 4G LTE data to the U.S. variant of Galaxy S4 in the second quarter of this year. Our customers will appreciate the ability to use Galaxy S4 to surf the Web, share pictures and videos, and use this smartphone as much as they want without worrying about throttling or overage charges on their monthly bill due to data caps. NPD Group data indicated in 4Q 2012 that Sprint was the top U.S. seller of Samsung Galaxy S III, so we believe our customers will also enjoy its successor’s features and unlimited data.

It's a good time for Sprint to remind potential buyers that it will still offer unlimited LTE on the handset, in a time where many people may be looking to switch carriers with a new device purchase.

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Sprint to sell Galaxy S4 in Q2, unlimited LTE still intact


I would not call it bashing. Simple truth is that for months my "4G" smart phone was getting data speeds below 100k. I live in an area that Sprint says has 3G coverage so no not in the sticks or on roaming.
Sprint has updated a few towers in the area. Where I can get LTE it is really great. Even the updated 3g gives me great data speeds. Yes I tested both. Once Sprint gets the network updated they will not be terrible anymore. That does not excuse them from letting their network get that bad and stay that bad for so long.
Sprint double time on the roll out! I really want to tell people how good you are instead of telling them to go to TMobile.
Oh and please make nice with Google and get them to role out updates at the same time as the GSM Nexus...

I have the Galaxy S2 (epic 4g touch) and have the same issues with 4G. Will 4G LTE be different? or are people with GS3 phones (4G LTE right?) having the same issues?

I wish Sprint had kept the "get a new phone every year" perk for people that had continuous service for a long time.

I'm just hoping that it is the first tri-band LTE phone. 800/1900/2500 LTE would be awesome, stats seem to say the phone supports up to six bands.

Perfect timing for me. I'm leaving Verizon mid April and getting an S4 with unlimited data. Thank you Sprint for not sucking.

That is actually not true at all. There are lots of Sprint non-LTE areas that don't suck. Unfortunately, there are a lot that do suck. But your sweeping generalization is false.

I also agree with the commenter before me. I live in Detroit and the metro Detroit area is actually getting its dose of the LTE roll out and 3G improvements right now but prior to this roll out I never had any issue in the city or traveling far out from the city. I've been with Sprint directly for 6 months and prior to that I was a Boost Mobile customer for 2 years who uses Sprint network and once again no complaints. So don't make such a blanket statement.

I'm kinda curious as to why sprint is telling everyone that lte will still be unlimited. Tells me that data will not be unlimited much longer.

That's a given on every carrier, including T-Mobile. Unlimited data wasn't sustainable in the past, isn't presently sustainable, and won't be sustainable in the future. That's coming from someone that had Unlimited LTE on Verizon for awhile and beat it to all hell. It makes more sense to charge people for what they use, than to provide Unlimited and have people using it just because it's there. That's my opinion, anyway.

I know the answer to this is probably no, but my entire family is on a great family plan deal and our upgrades are on July 1. Is there any way to get an early upgrade, through sweet-talking/showing commitment, paying extra, etc.?

*Some* accounts have a targeted promotion on them called "upgrade now", I honestly don't know what the qualifications are, some accounts have it available and some don't. Call and ask if yours does.

Call Sprint. I think you can buy out the rest of your contract. Don't quote me on that though, I've never attempted to do so.

Another good option, if you are (or are willing to become) a member of a credit union, is signing up for the credit union discount program. All the lines on your account will become upgrade eligible. All lines will also start a new 2 year service agreement, but that will happen anyways when you upgrade. And as an added bonus, you'll get 10% off the primary line on that family plan. AND you'll avoid the usual upgrade fees.

Oh perfect. Unlimited amounts of something I've yet to see (LTE). They may as well be offering unlimited amounts of trips to the moon.

Yes I am also tired of paying for "premium" data and the data is anything but premium. I am in Columbus Ohio and was really hoping for lte by now. Thank god I have ascess to wifi at home and work or this note 2 woukd be just about as good as an lg dare I used to have lol.

1> You're paying that $10 so that they can afford to expand.
2> You're in Columbus Ohio. You should be glad you have electricity. :)

My signal in Dallas has been pretty damn good over the last few months. I'm getting 4G in a lot more places, and even the 3G has been acceptable.

I didn't see any CDMA specs on the phone. Does that mean the s4 will be LTE ONLY? Or does Sprint have GSM/HSPA?

And by 2nd quarter they mean June 30th.
Wouldn't surprise me If Sprint thinking of a way to trick us all into thinking June has 31 days, they would then pick the 31st.


Here's hoping they have the 64 GB version. I have a 32 GB S3, and while I haven't 100% decided if I want to upgrade or not (could use another line on the plan to still get contract price), being able to have 64 GB would be a definite push in that direction!

(and for anyone who, for reasons unbeknownst to me, thinks it's a bad thing for others to want more storage "cuz t3h clowd", try keeping several large apps/games installed at once! -- Bard's Tale is like 3.5 gigs for HD version)

I have paid for 4g with sprint and I can tell you.I have used it less than 10x in two years because there is no coverage... And I live right outside of chicago! I'm livid!!!

hmm thats odd
I live in the middle of no where (yalaha Florida)and have beeen using 3g for years
but in the last couple of months my note 2 started pigink up 4G!!!!!!
thank you sprint!!

I live in the Atlanta metro area and I'm thinking of switching to Sprint when the S4 or One are released. I know they've rolled out LTE here but I'm not sure how good the coverage is yet.

"unlimited" 4g LTE? How about ONE MINUTE? Somewhere in Washington State? Like Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Everett? SPRJNT is a joke, I am due for an upgrade but I should give up what measly 4g wimax coverage I have with my old HTC evo4g for a fancy 4g phone with 4g upcharged service on a 3g network with the promises of any day now I have heard for almost a year here? Sprint has conspired with their dealers and retailers to provide NO information other than the approved propaganda script, "any day now" or "soon" or "'in the coming months" it's inexcusable and unacceptable to not give a definitive date certain, if you come in early you are heroes, but the status quote of rolling out places like Puerto Rico, or minor markets in obscure places before launching major metro markets like San Francisco, or the cradle of industry for Boeing, and Microsoft, Seattle; is inexplicable. I am giving Sprint till the end of month to launch 4g LTE in my market, or provide a definitive and reasonable date certain for service launch, or I will cancel my business and 5 current device account I have had over 5+ years with Sprint.

Sincerely yours Dan Hesse, "4g-Less in Seattle".

Sprint sucks!..I've had it for over 10 years and it's quality of service has been getting worse by the day:/...the only reason we don't change is because of the price and we have 15 lines under contract!..but seriously this has to improve, we don't even have 4g service here yet but we have have to pay the damn premium anyway!?, even cricket is way better than our stupid internet service!

You're "damn premium" is you paying to get the service installed in your area -.-; I've been with sprint literally my whole cell phone life, so about 7+ years, and the only negative thing I've had to deal with so far has been signal strength. Used to get full 3G service at my house, then randomly one day I'm getting 1 or 2 bars if lucky. But even then, it was enough to tether to my desktop or laptop and be able to watch youtube for a few hours with minor stuttering in service.

As it stands, the issue is just with their towers. You want your 4G service? Well guess how they give you that service.. They gotta take down 3G transmitters/receivers and replace them with 4G equipment. No carrier can really afford to build whole brand new towers anymore. Those require zoning permits and months if not years of fighting with cities/land owners to be able to even put them up. So their best solution is to use what they currently have.

So if you want your 4G service so badly, keep paying that premium. That money is being used to purchase the hardware needed to put 4G into non-4G areas. And while they do that, your 3G coverage is going to suffer because 4G equipment is moving in to replace it. Even Verizon has done this.. I've got friends that quickly started complaining about their 3G services the moment 4G was "rumored for the area". Only reason there isn't any type of uproar is because Verizon already had the funds needed to purchase and roll out the 4G equipment, thus the transition was smoother.

People need to learn to be patient.. Do you think they had 3G service nearly everywhere back when they first debuted it? Nope. It takes time and money. Sprint tried to be like ATT and have their own separate "better" service compared to the other companies, and it backfired. So give them some space to catch themselves.