Additional funding required to finance increased valuation and T-Mo's debt

It's no secret that Sprint is pursuing a takeover of its fourth-place rival T-Mobile, and it seems as though financing talks are moving along at least in some capacity. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Sprint has been approached by at least two banks with terms on securing enough money to fund the buyout. T-Mobile is currently valued at about $26 billion with its current stock price, which has climbed since rumors of a Sprint buyout arose, and Sprint would likely have to pay a premium over that to pick up the whole company.

Another $20 billion would need to be raised by Sprint for a complete takeover, however, to cover T-Mobile's current debt situation. The combined sale price, according to those familiar, could reach $50 billion. To put that in perspective, AT&T's failed attempt to swipe up T-Mobile was set to come in at $39 billion.

As we must remind folks when talking about such a large takeover, the chances that the regulatory agencies approve such a deal are not likely to favor Sprint. Even if it were to secure the huge funding to buy T-Mobile, we have to think such consolidation in the wireless industry would be viewed as detrimental to consumer choice by the FCC and SEC alike. Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son isn't known for being bashful though, and we still wouldn't be surprised if they gave it a run anyway.

Source: WSJ


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Sprint securing $50 billion in funding from banks for T-Mobile purchase


What? You do realize the networks would combine. L0l Besides
Sprint > Tmobile
pls Sprints network isn't shit anymore :) Clearly you haven't been reading anything.

Most of the network will be LTE. There are only a few towers that won't. The LTE coverage will match the 3g coverage.

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Ohhh yeah! Their just bleeding customers for the past 5-7yrs for no reason, huh?

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Tmo has had 2 quarters out of 4 years (I do not feel like checking your math) so lets not throw stones at the house

Lol you can't blame Sprint for Clearwires faulter.
Besides this year Sprint LTE-A aka Spark will start to cover more cities than any other carrier that has LTE-A launched
TD-LTE ftw

Spark is NOT LTE advanced. it's the same lte that the other carriers have had for years...

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"for years" Because the other carriers are sooooo innovative lol Sprint has been in the game the longest, educate yourself. A big expensive carrier with flashy misleading commercials does a great job at producing subscribers in denial. Keep paying for that capped data and cool commercials.

Doesn't matter how long they've been in the game, Sprint has always been the slowest (even with LTE), and with T-Mobile now expanding, they also have the least LTE coverage.

the longest? oh you mean that failed attempt to 4g with wimax? face it. Sprint is playing catch up to everyone. Most of their coverage is still 3G...The LTE only depends on where you live (not to mention it's slower and building penetration sucks). what good is unlimited everything on a slow unreliable network....

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Sprint in a nutshell, sucks. Crap network. Crap company. Crap service. I'll give up cellphone service permanently if this goes through. I wish Sprint would give up the ghost already. They have no place in the current world. They are the BlackBerry of service providers.

True. I dropped them 3 yrs ago. Customer service was HORRIBLE ! To make it worse I brought them a couple of friends who had it even worse.

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Can I quote this and hold you to it? Giving up cell phone service permanently if this goes through? It seems a bit much.

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they'd exactly right, deke.
I did tech support work for Sprint and found out that they are very deceptive. always duping customers. in fact, if Sprint put half as much work into improving their towers as they did manipulating, they would be a major player.

Sprint always called the shots at Clearwire. Initially, Sprint had its own 4G and they then merged it with another company's 4G, but ensured that they become the controller of the new company, Clearwire. Clearwire was majority owned and controlled by Sprint.

I'll believe this when I see it. I just left Sprint because they've been promising LTE coverage in my area for a full year. It's always just a few weeks away. They turned a few towers on, and that's it.

Now they're raising money to buy T-Mobile (which is an incompatible network) instead of fixing their own problems. I don't trust Sprint to build their network like T-Mobile is currently doing.

The experiences of every person who's converted from Sprint to T-Mobile on this site indicate otherwise :P

My sprint service is excellent. Can't and won't complain. T mobile in my area Sucks donkey balls.

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You told the guy above you to shut up, when he said the same about Sprint.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

No. I said it sucks in my area. Never said t mobile as a whole Sucks and that the company was horrible.

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You're right. I apologize, brother.

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Sorry, Sprint is third for a reason. They suck. Their network has barely improved-and the only thing they offer to sucker people in, is unlimited data. Which is fine if subpar 3G speeds are your thing. I say this as a former Sprint victim, who'd been with them for 10 years until last month.

Been with them 13 years. No complaints here. To me all the other carries suck. How's that?

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I was also with Sprint for 10 years. Switched last year and couldn't be happier. Sprint is simply a poorly run company, which they continue to prove with this new "Framily" program.

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Sorry, Sprint is third for a reason. They suck. Their network has barely improved-and the only thing they offer to sucker people in, is unlimited data. Which is fine if subpar 3G speeds are your thing. I say this as a former Sprint victim, who'd been with them for 10 years until last month.

yeah, and they're probably going to pass Sprint shortly. Last year Sprint lost subscribers while T-Mobile gained 4.2 million.

Sprint is still shit. Their new digital towers are great, their LTE is fast, but it took forever to start showing up, and it's still almost no where useful (at least in Florida). There is no competition between Sprint's service and T-Mobile's, T-Mobile offers amazing speeds and low prices. Sprint offers speeds that make 56k dial up seem like broadband, and charges almost twice the amount for it.

Not sure what you have been reading but for most, sprints network is crap. I have been with sprint for 10 years now and will be jumping ship in June. The network has been consistently getting worse. Most the places I go, I get horrible data speeds. If it wasn't for wifi where I spend most my time, I would gladly pay the cancelation fee. Oh and I live in southern California so not exactly the middle of nowhere.

i was a sprint customer for years. They had OK service. it probably better now but tmo is kicking ass and taking names. Just seems so dumb to lose that momentum and join forces with Sprint. I guess if more of TMO came through and almost none of sprint i would stay but i would seriously consider other options if this happens.


I'f I was SPRINT I'd be scared of Tmobile too...

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Wow. You can't even spell "if" correctly. I do believe you've hit an all time low. And that's saying something when you say "kool" and "assinine", or constantly use the wrong forms of your/you're or their/they're/there.
Also, who said anything about anyone being "scared"? Just another mindless troll saying crap that you can't possibly know and/or are just completely making up.

So not that I really care which way this argument /discussion or whatever you want to call it goes, attacking peoples grammar doesn't prove anything and is pointless. The whole point is to convey an idea(s), thought, etc so if you get what they are saying then let it go. You know what they mean. And no its not an accurate reflection of their intelligence. Maybe there laziness if anything. Not to mention they are probably writing the message on their phone and fat fingering. So it would be fair to say address the discussion/topic/thread and leave the bitching about grammar and spelling to English teachers.


Also, shouldn't it be "people's" instead of "peoples"?

Story, just couldn't help myself. Lol

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We have autocorrect on our phones. Take a minute to let that sink in. Spelling something like "I'f" or "kool" should not even be possible if you have autocorrect on your keyboard of choice (which most do). And in case you stopped reading after the first part of my comment, I clearly addressed his actual comment in the second half of my comment.
Finally, if you (in the general sense, not you specifically) don't bother to spell correctly and use proper grammar, a lot of people automatically think you're an idiot. It takes no more than a middle school education (if that) to string a coherent, well thought, well educated response together. Yes, it should "convey an idea(s), thought, etc", but it should do so *clearly*. I shouldn't have to spend a few minutes trying to decipher your horribly executed comment because it was seemingly written by a 4th grader. If you can't do that when you're 50+ years old (like Richard is), then you clearly didn't get that education and need remedial classes, or at the very least need to proofread your comment before you post. As they say, "if you got it, use it".

And yet, all the grammar training in the world hasn't kept you from being insufferably obtuse.

(Go find a dictionary)

Thank you for your comment. I find it intolerable when people do not write or speak proper English if English is their first language

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This is one of the most prolific, often goofy, pro-T-Mobile and pro-Samsung guys on this site. He's playing and simple against everything that is not Samsung or T-Mobile,

You must be new.

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I agree with you but whatever. Sprint will be forced to give T-Mobile money and spectrum after this deal falls through like AT&T had to.

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I hope not. I left sprint for att. And l just left att for T-Mobile. Sprint sucks in my area.

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And dipshits like yourself don't understand that Sprint buying T-Mobile won't improve anything. Fewer carriers means less consumer choice. You like Sprint? Who gives a damn. Sprint buying T-Mobile is bad for ALL mobile customers.

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Did I say any thing about the merger? Nope. I didn't. I could give 2 shits. I simply stated that t mobile In my area Sucks and t mobile customers don't understand that. So who's the dipshits now? You for not reading.

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As far as federal approval goes, It will get through with some spectrum sell off in areas where they overlap. There is no competition in the industry right now.

I get that, but as I was saying down thread,it goes away either way, and the combination of the two is better. They can still be the UNcarrier

No, I was cutting all the lame arguments off on how it would not work off ahead of time.

Timestamps? How do they work?

Well, since they were willing to strike down net neutrality then I see no reason to not approve this deal. The government doesn't give a damn about us.

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Neither the FCC nor the SEC struck down net neutrality. Please try and keep your corrupt government agencies straight, we don't want to confuse the children.

My whole family just decided to leave sprint for t-mobile for a myriad of reasons. I really hope this buyout/takeover does not happen.

Same with my family. We did it last week. Sprint's network got so bad that we had an Airave device in our house and my sons Samsung S3 was roaming three feet from that device still. :(

Yes, the towers are going offline like crazy for the LTE upgrading.

We saw how horrific Sprint was with the Nextel takeover. Even with new management, I can't trust them to takeover another company who doesn't even use the same signal.

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I was planning in going to a T-Mobile store on Monday and start getting information on switching from Verizon since my Bill fur the phones would be cut in half. Now I don't know if I should. I hate Sprint.

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Since T-Mobile has no-contract plans, you could always try them out, then if the Sprint takeover does happen (which it most likely won't IMO), you can leave :)

Sprint is securing 50 billion? Yea don't give them any credit. They would be out of business if it weren't for Softbank

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^^^That is 2012 news^^^ This is 2014>>> Tmo is doing spectacular! Is it necessary to remind you they +gained+ 4.4 million customers in just one year?

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and yet, lost money.

and yet, are still behind in customers for a 5 year period

and yet, still are getting bought

I am pretty sure your off on that 4.4M, link please? I am too lazy

They would have had to add about 2.5 million (I added up Q1-3) and that is a tough pill to swallow...

We shall see what the quarterly says

It was posted right here on Android Central during CES,...remember?

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the numbers do not add up though unless I was looking at the wrong year. but no matter.

Add that with last year, take away MetroPCS and you have a huge loss still.

Hey I will not argue the point though, they certainly have been gaining. I am happy for them, competition is good.

Hey I took such a beating in the last few threads related to this so yeah, I am gonna be here :-)

Now get my link on Fark greenlit...lol

I just wonder if he actually gets paid. I would have to say no because it used to be Sprint and HTC...

If I was him and I was getting paid, I wouldn't even admit it. Everything he says is total opposite of what happens...

Nexus 5...enough said

I'm not sure why everyone is dogging on Sprint.. Because tmo is on the verge of bankruptcy and failure. Just like USC, Besides Sprint will have more LTE-A coverage than any other carrier and right now. That stands.

Because they have had a shit network for awhile. THen do not get why it was crappy or can fathom how it is improving and what that improvement means.

I am lucky that I live in one of the many great Sprint areas so I know how good they can be, at the same price of T-Mobile

Well If the BS with clearwire wouldn't have happened and they would have went the way then went after that happened. It would be different, But all I'm waiting for IS LTE on 800 and LTE-A. Network vision is nearly done, just small tweaks. My town has a bunch of areas where the ground is higher or lower.

My town is great and I do not have plans on changing phones so I am good for the time being. YOU never know I do tend to switch phones a lot

Agreed. Upgrades were recently completed on 90% of the towers in my area (Raleigh) and I have 1900mhz LTE everywhere I previously had (50kbps) 3G averaging around 15mbps, and im seeing more and more 2600mhz LTE (old wimax spectrum) when I am driving and outdoors pulling down 65mbps on my Nexus 5. Even on the rare occasion when I drop to 3G the new upgrades get me at least 1.5-2mbps with barely any signal deep inside buildings, which is at least as good as Verizon 3G.

With 800mhz LTE popping up already in many parts of the country (but not in Raleigh, yet) Sprint is going to be amazing for those with new tri-band devices because their towers are spaced out for 1900mhz, so 800mhz is going to give crazy signal strength. The rural LTE coverage will rival Verizon, beat ATT, and TMobile........lol at Tmobile rural coverage, they just roam on ATT for voice only or 2G. This would REALLY help TMobile.

I am not counting the discount, and yes, positive. Sprint is 5$ more expensive and has much better coverage where I go. Tmo is pretty much garbage around here.

No offense, but you can pretty much substitute Sprint for that last sentence of your reply, when referring to various other areas.

T-Mo is great for urban and sprawled outlying metro areas. You get in to the rural outlining areas, even in suburban areas, T-mo has a problem. Sure, you get good call service but data is non-existant.

Yeah, trust me, I know this limitation all too well. I had to travel to California, this week, and I ran into dead spots and out of coverage areas all over the place.

Ok, this comment brought the barrel to overflowing. What gives you the right/insight to say what another person hopes?
Would you kindly finally stfu?

It is simple. Tmobile is going to be bought out because the parent company wants them gone.

You have 2 companies that will make bids, Sprint and Dish.

Sprint is the best partner in that scenario, hence my statement.

Dish would be terrible for all involved EXCEPT Sprint.

So that is why you want regulators to allow this. It is simple logic. Dish would gut tmo, and that is not good for anyone.

The only wild card is a 3rd bidder, but it would have to be someone like Comcast and there is no rumblings at all that there is.

Considering the Govt uses Sprint more than any other carrier, I'd say it's going to happen. They pretty much let them do whatever.

I'm only okay with this if the resulting company is as "uncarrier" as the current T-Mobile.

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I think they will be, it is the only way that they can seperate themselves from the ATT/VZW mess

I agree. The subscriber and spectrum numbers combined with Softbank's cash and goals and T-Mo's current game plan would create a great carrier.

Now if we can only get Carly to wear a yellow leather suit...

I just want it to be a acquisition that doesn't effect tmobile. I don't want tmo to get the boot.

Sent from inside a cave.

The problem is that DISH would change everything, then sell off the pieces so then Sprint is still your best anti-verizon option

I just hope the $30 plan isn't given the boot.

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Too bad for T-Mobile. Just when they were gaining some momentum, this shit company is swooping in to ruin everything.

Posted via a device much better than yours.


They were dressing a pig to make it attractive for someone to buy. They are getting bought buy the best possible option

No, it is how business works.

If you need/want to attract a buyer, you do all kinds of things to make yourself more attractive to be bought. You cut your losses, increase your customer base. But it is all short term, unsustainable bandaids.

It is legally cooking the books. I was just giving the condensed version. I wasnt really calling Tmo a pig. I kinda like them and what they have done

It was obvious, that the whole shtick was to increase the value before selling. John Legere said "we don't know , but if , we'll certainly keep..." TMo is too small - poor to invest in infrastructure and they couldn't withstand any significant growth and with limited coverage they would loose a few customers eventually too, so they were desperate for someone to step in.

As bad as Sprint was this buyout would help competition bc we would have 3 Real national carriers offering equally good services. Until then it's all about VZW and ATT.
Att was denied to purchase for a reason and this is a whole different story. Both companies are struggling to catch up and this can be the only way to survive. On the same basis Sirius-XM merger was approved.

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For the show. He is all about that anyway. Posting pics of empty Verizon store in some shopping mall on his whatever page and stuff.

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If this goes through it may turn to junk but then it may not. I think Sprint can do a lot with T-Mobile LTE. The only problem would be switching all 3g towers to LTE or HSPA+. It just sucks that this is happening when I just switched to T-Mobile and am loving it. I guess we'll see. The good news is that if an offer goes out it will take a while before it's even approved let alone start merging.

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Neither will have to switch, with LTE-A it will be seamless. Like you said it will be a bit of time before all the stuff really gets settled

Tmo 209 million with LTE in 8 months.
Sprints intends on covering HALF that with Spark in the 12mo's of 2014, the words "time" & "Sprint" in the same sentence, don't look good.

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I agree with you under old Sprint, but they had the same issue that Tmo has now. No money to do anything. Sprint now has the cash.

I am dubious as well with spark, but I really do not care either. I would love the extra spectrum band, but my LTE is awesome so I am good.

I just got nearly 24mbps on 4 bars of Tmo LTE, so I'm good to. And that's inside my room where I live.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

I am lucky to get AOL dialup speeds and I live in a state capital with Tmo...varies by region/towns

And that is another reason why this is great for both. they can compliment each other

doesnt matter but next time I get a tmo phone in my possession I will take a screenshot. Dial up may be an exaggeration, but it does not hit 1.

I understand and guess I got sucked into that kind of discussion twice now that you have caught.

When they merge, it will be a moot point from both sides... lol

It's all good, brother.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I don't know what you guys see in T-Mobile's service, I switched 5 months ago from verizon and now all I get is dropped calls and absolutely no data coverage outside the main roads, not even inside the city (Austin, TX).
the coverage goes from 4G-LTE to Edge in half a block, not even 3G, try using google maps while in Edge....try to reply to an email or download email while in Edge....try to stream music while in edge... this service is worse than in the 80s.
I don't know how bad Sprint's service is, but it can't be as bad as T-mobile's.
I can't see this crappy coverage getting any worse, it might be cheap, but if you use your phone for business, T-Mobile is garbage... just my .02

Agreed... i tried tmo for a while even though i'm in rural ohio. I knew better, but thought I would give them a shot. As a company I like them. But their coverage just can't cut it outside the city right now.

Sprint covers highways and country better. I'm w a guy (co-driver) on the road for 2nd week now and his T-Mobile is mostly useless out of bigger towns while I barely lose 4g on vzw.
On LA - Dallas 1470 mi stretch (which is mostly desert) I only have around 200 mi without 4g and out of which is mostly 3g w patches of 1x about 30 40 mi total. Literally 2 short spots for a dropped call less than a mile.
Sprint switches to vzw when drops so you should be better off w them - not so much w data but voice. The prob is that they would try to switch back as soon as tiniest Sprint signal gets within range and hold onto it until it vanishes again- making calls to drop. Also while roaming w vzw data gets throttled. For these 2 reasons I dropped Sprint.

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And this is what most people don't seem to get. If a carrier works for you, then it is the best choice for you. I have been told by co-workers that I should leave Sprint because they suck, well the last time they used Sprint was 10 years ago, things have changed. Sprint works for me, T-Mobile works for some, AT&T works for some, Verizon works for some. People need to make the choice and go with what is best for them. Do I like T-Mobile, not really, will I say that they are horrible, no, because for some, they are great.

And people talk about speeds for stuff, I get 25 down on Sprint, that is fast enough for what I do on my phone. Would faster be nice, sure, but what is the real benefit? I use 10-12gb a month and have no issues, so guess what, Sprint is fine for me.

So my main point is, if you don't like a carrier, don't use them. All 4 carriers are good, all 4 carriers suck, it depends on the person themselves.

I dislike Deutsche Telekom for continuing to sell out. He should rely more on John Leger and the rest of the team. iPhone, Uncarrier, and purchased Spectrum from Verizon should bring T-Mobile up soon.

Until the day comes when ATT & Vzn don't control the huge number 67% of the entire U.S. market, competition can never be good enough!!! Things really do need to even out in this country. I realize that isn't going to happen in the next 2yrs or so. But 2 companies controlling 67% of the whole country isn't good for consumers. And as much as us tech geeks love getting 20-30+mbps, we really don't need more than 4-8mbps or so individually, so bring on the customers, and bring on the change.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Been with T-Mobile for almost 10 years and never thought about leaving. My 4g in Portland Oregon have been incredibly reliable and fast all the time. I have Sprint roommates and my 3g is faster than their 4g. I get 9mbps all day easy. Sprint at 4mbps. I rather of had atnt than Sprint but if it helps better both companies I say let's do it to it!

To be honest, it seems only Sprint users are excited. Maybe, because they're the only users that have something to gain.

It seems, Sprint users are jumping up and down cheering the possible "death" of a competitor, lol.

I'm a Sprint user and I'm not happy. I was planning to move to T-Mobile soon. But if this merger is a benefit for both, then cool.

Verizon and Att users do not care

Tmobile customers do not want it to happen because they think the world will end. They would not be happy with anyone buying them

Sprint customers are happy because it gives several things. A huge boost in spectrum in the cities. A new infusion of ideas. The ability to compete with ATT and Vzw honestly. I am sure I could name more, but the coffee hasn't hit a vein yet.

It isn't the death of a competitor, it is the birth of a contender in my book.

T-Mobile customers looking for real coverage should be praying for this to happen as well as Sprint customers looking for real data speeds. In the end I see it going through and while there's good and bad to this deal going through and making a big three (looking at you Canada) if they keep John Legere in charge they'll continue their upward success.

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So how exactly will this affect users if it goes through? long term and short term.
Please explain how combining cdma and gsm will work.

Amir that's easy..
You'll have a "GCSDMMA Network" that will cover all your needs. For a mere $40.00 dollars a month Amir, you will have unlimited everything.. The summer of 2016 is going to be something to see.

Don't worry.. it'll NEVER happen.. :-)

Short term, nothing

Long term, everything will be LTE-A and the networks will be seamless. You are going to be looking at a ton of LTE-A/Spark phones this year. That is how GSM/CDMA will work.

Flash back!!

When Sprint purchased Nextel they said that in the short term nothing would change and in the long term it would be a seamless integration.

We all know how that worked out :(

No enlighten me. What happened short term?

they kept that network alive for quite a long time, but the tech was outdated. It was always gonna be shuttered.

yes, but we shall see. Some concessions will have to be made to get it through, but that is nothing new

AT&T is much larger, so it makes sense. You don't want monopolization.

And besides, who says this merger has been approved?

MERCDROID encountered a wild idiot! Go Pikachu!! Use STFU!! It was super effective!! Wild idiot fainted!!

Fact: T-Mobile has the smallest national network foot print.
Fact: T-Mobile has the smallest national customer base of the 4 major carriers.
Fact: T-Mobile is not merging with Sprint. Softbank wants to buy the company because T-Mobile's parent Deutche Telecom wants to sell them. Because they are losing money.

Fan boys who are not getting paid by T-Mobile and jump on message boards to fight over it are laughable.

I wonder if they would keep it a separate company but get rid of the upper management and run both from one team of people?

Absolutely no way this is going to happen. Legere would not sell out after all those hilarious remarks about sprint. He's got balls of steel.

Posted via Android Central App

Too bad it's Deutche Telecom that owns the shares that will be sold. Legere has very little to say about that, balls notwithstanding.

Wow I had to look it up. DT owns 100% of TMUS, or at least did when the ATT merger was attempted.

No one has crap to say but Timotheus Hoettges

This type of deal is well above the CEO's level. He would get to offer his views on the matter but nothing more.

Legere has previously said (last year, maybe 8 or 9 months ago) that he was willing to entertain a buyout by sprint or dish explicitly.

Someone said it earlier. I will only like this merger if Tmobile and Sprint become one big "uncarrier". Keep Legere as the head of the company and get LTE-A rolling. Anything else would be terrible. I used to be a Sprint customer with subpar service, so I'm quite skeptical considering I hopped on board Tmobile last summer. But at the end of the day, I don't think it'll be approved.

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Maybe I'm naive, but I'm hoping that if this goes through (and yes, it's a big if), Softbank will do it right. They did not get where they are by making dumb business decisions. I'm hoping that it will be like Amazon's acquisition of Zappos. Amazon had crappy customer service. Zappos had great customer service. Amazon bought Zappos and told them to take over all customer service. Now Amazon customer service is great.

Sometimes good business decisions work out for the best. Damn, I do sound naive.

Was promised wimax in 2010, no word yet in Reno. Moved to T-Mobile in 2012 and never looked back

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Likely it wasn't in 2010, when she was expecting/waiting for WiMax,...

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

+1!!! Getting close to passing 150 comments,. . .interesting reading!

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

If this happened, it would be a travesty. I just switched to T-Mobile to get away from Sprint's awful data speeds and terrible customer service. I don't think the government would allow this but if it did, I would have to switch again. There's no chance in hell I'm going back to dialup like speeds. I actually enjoy getting an average connection of 15Mbps with T-Mobile everywhere in my city.

No Sprint, yes T-Mobile.
And yes, I've had Sprint, and it sucked.

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Well, we will definitely see where this merger goes. If it turns out for the better, that's great! But, if Sprint undoes everything that TMobile has done over the past year, I will definitely switch to Go Phone and not look back.

But, I definitely think we should withhold judgment, until after we see the outcome of this possible merger.

Some big company needs to come to canada and really give us good value at good prices. Big 3 here are sucking out blood.

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I love sprint in Philadelphia get blazing speeds everywhere I go...customer service always let me make a 14 day payment agreement after I get the warming text lol... And I use 20 gigs a month of data... Hope they merge and give free 500mb hotspot

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I just want the ability to use unlocked phones. I don't want to be forced to use what only Sprint offers. This is the reason I love GSM. If the merger meant that won't go away, I won't mind as much. But I'm afraid it might.

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Sprint ...

Boost Mobile
T Mobile
Metro PCS
and whatever little business we don't know about.

They could screw the common subscribers Royally.

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Ugh! I was thinking about switching to T-Mobile but I'd rather stay with AT&T. Enjoy the freedom to choose your GSM devices while you still have it, t-mobilers, before Sprint takes over and switches to CDMA and forces you to use only the phones they want you to have.

that is not gonna happen. Sprint has its hands full with redoing all their towers now, and it would REALLY suck having to undo all of tmo.

With LTE-A, hopefully you will see the same freedom with Att and Sprint Mobile as I like to call the merged companies.

GSM on tmo is not going away anytime soon.

Clearly you haven't been paying attention. The advantage of the new hardware that sprint has been installing in their network vision upgrade, is that it's very flexible in integrating a variety of spectrum frequencies and it can handle both cdma and gsm technologies, in addition to LTE.

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the fcc already made it clear that they want 4 big providers to give ppl options and thats why the at&t deal did not go thru...DT is just playing all these companies by letting them attempt to buy and then have to pay penalties of billions of dollars and a crap load of spectrum for the deal not going thru

Here's the thing.....

In most mergers, the acquiring company offers the "target" some amount of money to open negotiations and to look at the books. The amount paid is to help compensate shareholders for "if" the deal doesn't go through. ATT offered T Mobile a combo of cash/spectrum if the deal did not go through.

All carriers have some amount of spectrum that they are not using. The often swap spectrum even with competitors (didn't Verizon and T Mobile just do this?) I'm sure Verizon would not purposely harm itself and help T Mobile with such a transaction.

There used to be more providers (att, cingular, T Mobile, Sprint, Altell, US Cellular to name a few) but there are only 4 big players now. I think under the right circumstances, FCC approval for a buyout of T Mobile will happen. They approved the Softbank buyout/investment in Sprint, so anything is possible.

At the end of the day, DT and investors own T Miobile and for the right price, they would sell to Satan (or Sprint for the Sprint bashers).

I did my time with Sprint pre and post Wimax. I'm paying more on my current carrier, but my phone works and my data is more reliable now (Verizon). In the next 5 months, I will move the remaining lines. Got tired of waiting for improvements with Network Vision and paying the monthly Advanced Device Fee.

I say this from a point of actually knowing what I am talking about, not some wild speculation.

The attitude of the FCC is different today, then they were back when ATT tried. The turnover at the top of the FCC has been big, and things have changed (for the better) behind the scenes.

In the current climate, I can see this merger going through. There will be conditions, some spectrum sold off to smaller companies where tmo and sprint would have a stranglehold on and area, but certainly is doable.

I just switched to T-Mobile from Verizon the beginning of this week and I have to say that I am super impressed with their customer service, call quality/reception, plans offered, and the price I'm paying each month. I really hope they stay independent and continue to grow.

Yeah, I've been considering switching because they seem to be able to offer me a lot more value at significantly less cost compared to AT&T. I'm still carefully considering before I make such a move, though. The one thing I'd be fearful of is if I do switch, and this Sprint deal goes through, and then they take away the very things that motivated me to switch carriers in the first place leaving me worse off than I was. That would be very bad.

The good thing is that TMobile's plans are all no-contract. So, if anything were changed, you could always leave with no,penalty.

If they take my T-Mobile away from me, I'm going back to a landline and a pager.

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Sprint is the best !

T-Mobile should be flattered for any offer from such a gentleman, Accept it and live together happily ever after.

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I'd be pissed if this goes thru. i left sprint for a reason. the dang on coverage sucked!!! the two places i was at the most i got no signal. HOME and WORK. I got tired of having to go outside to take a call. at HOME and WORK!!! no that I'm with TMO i get service indoors at WORK and HOME. SCREW YOU sprint!!!

guess what? Your coverage will not change. What do you think sprint is gonna buy them then turn them off?

This is starting to border on the ridiculous. The notion that TMO is valued at $26B is ludicrous, they have almost no assets so you're saying that TMOs 40M'ish customers are worth $26B? Not. Add to that you have hugely bureaucratic staff that is bigger than Sprint's that will largely have to be let go along with the fact that the company is carrying $20B in debt, has almost no spectrum that is of any value to Sprint makes this deal a bad idea for Sprint...

At this point Sprint would save itself a lot of money and a lot of headaches if they just continue focusing on re-building their network and T-Mobile will be dead in five years anyway. They don't have the spectrum to continue to survive, they're throwing money away with their marketing deals, and while this all sounds good to bean counters and media types guess what it's not sustainable. As user demands for data continue to grow by leaps and bounds TMO will go back to hemorrhaging customers because they can't push data through their tiny chunks of spectrum...

Enjoy the TMO train while you can but just so you know the bridge is out up ahead...


oh come on.

The debt service on tmo is 20ish billion so that is part of the "buying" price. You have to buy the debt.

They have a TON of spectrum and that is worth billions

They have real estate that is worth a couple of Billion

And yeah, 40M customers is worth a CRAPLOAD.

39-45B is a steal.

I hope and pray that the regulatory agencies put a stop to this deal if it ever does come to fruition. I left T-Mobile a few years ago because their coverage and service was horrible. But I would never go for Sprint. I've been with Verizon post T-Mobile and now AT&T but never will I move to Sprint. They've always had the absolute worst service and just down right crappy follow through. They've between launching LTE since 2012 and still have the slowest speeds and least coverage in the LTE arena. T-Mobile launched LTE last in 2013 but their coverage and speeds have already far surpassed Sprint. Sprint can't even perfect their existing LTE network and now decides to throw a wrench in the bucket by launching Spark (tri-band LTE)? Sprint get your shit together and work on your existing network and get that to work at least before adding other bands and basically giving smartphones another reason to drain battery life.

All I see is moaning from both sides, and as many of these mergers as I've gone through in this business over the 19 years I've been in it, I've never once seen interruption of service or degradation 2 mins after it's complete.

If anything it'll be a year or so before the networks get combined, the spectrum and frequinces get settled on what for what, and then the handsets that take advantage of the new combined networks follow, for which about that time customers are upgrading or getting a free upgrade to the handsets that will work on whatever is put in place next and things go on from there.

It's the 2 smaller companies rising up to become one BIG company to compete against the other 2 Bigs, but this time, they are value oriented like minded companies, so they can and will challenge the status quo together as they've both done in the past.

Instead of both companies spiralling down they can only strengthen and go up from where they currently are.

Sprint has Spectrum and deep Japanese pockets but not a new marketing path, T-Mobile has a need for Spectrum but has the marketing leverage and a willingness to do larger changes that the industry needs to move forward with.

It's a good match, backed by Softbank who does some amazing stuff in their own market.

Look man sprint is terrible, I spent a few year with them and selling their phones is tough when you cant get service even in the store, let alone the NYC are or NJ area. T mobile has coverage problems as ell but then again the pricing is getting better and hopefully they expand, a merger will only limit our choices as consumers and that will never be a good thing for us just the corporations dont embrace a merger thats not the right way to go.

I Honestly wanna know when's the last time any of you that are hating on sprint actually had them... They are not terrific but I'm pretty sure the other carriers aren't either. It all takes progress and I believe this merger would be terrific. Just keep T-Mobile CEO and there is no telling how far it could go.

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I'm my Are sprint blows has them 2 years ago below 3g speeds moved to att was happy with the service but not the bill T-Mobile improved I'm my area so I jumped and saved 80 month

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So are you trying to prove his point? You haven't used sprint in two years so things could have changed since you used them.

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I've been eyeing T-Mobile service for a while now, and have been tempted to switch from AT&T, for a variety or reasons (overly high costs, constant data plan changes, poor customer service - at least when they have you on contract, if not the world's your oyster - and other sundry reasons). Thing is, I have unlimited data with AT&T still, but only available on one line (4 phone plan). Any changes would increase my costs with AT&T, but switching to T-Mobile would give me more, for about $100.00 less per month. Nothing to just shrug off. That said, I've been with Sprint before, and they suck. Service was "OK" in the area I was in, but their customer service was the worst I've ever seen, and I've seen pretty bad. That is a big deal to me. If a phone makes calls/receives data, it really doesn't make a difference who provides the airwaves. But if you need to make a change, or have an outage, or just plain need customer service, then it makes a big difference if the reps are assholes, or the company has asshole policies. Pardon the descriptor, but it's well-deserved in Sprint's case (probably Verizon's too, but their network is reliable and semi-fast so people are willing to put up with it more).

So, I will now have to watch this, and see if it goes through or not. If it goes through, I will stay with the Death Star. If not, then T-Mobile may just become my next carrier.

The day that Sprint acquires TMobile will be the day I return to a home phone. Had them before, both network and service suck as much as AT&T.

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At the end of the day, if they merge, the signal of people who like Sprint our Tmobile will be the same, not to mention that Sprint has more spectrum than any of the other carriers, they will have the means to do this, the purchase Softbank made of Sprint, the purchase Sprint made of Clearwire adds to the potential Sprint has to be an even better company. Not to mention Spark.

Because sprint and tmobile are the bottom two carriers. Combining them might make them actually competitive with Verizon and AT&T

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I would be in favor of this so long as T Mobile remains the face of the company. The combination of spectrums could be a good thing for coverage and overall network quality once they figure out how to actually combine the two companies. Things could be a little rough while they are integrating however.

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I'll refrain from using any inappropriate language, but this will definitely be a super MF'ing poop if sprint buys Tmobile. This cannot and should not happen. I have never used sprint myself, but friends and co-workers have provided enough proof that sprint sucks.

Let's not forget how successful Sprint was with their last multi billion dollar acquisition. Anyone remember the Nextel Disaster??!!

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Sprint would be to T-Mobile what the iceberg was to the Titanic. ( Was Dan Hesse Captain of that doomed ship as well?) We Former Sprint victims and current Tmo customers are in the same shoes as those ill fated victims!!

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" JUST HAD TO POST THIS " Had sprint for a short time Their Customer service has always and will always )) SUCK (( Their Network is even worse. They get bought by a jap bank and suddenly they grow Balls. They still are the worst as far as reception here on L.I. and have more complaints than any of the big 4 carriers. As far as my personal friends 12 had sprint and has now crossed over to T - Mobile. They will never sign another contract with sprint they have all upgraded their phones and as far as the so called stock Their selling for around 9.25 T - Mobile around 32.00 & Sprint is still bleeding customers badly especially B2B were they dropped 79.5 % since December 2013 ( HEY Sprint sit down bend your head between your legs and kiss your " Ethiopian Junk F**ken " ASS GOODBYE ) P.S. Been a loyal T - Mobile Customer for 7+ yrs That includes 2 B2B accounts ....

I was a Sprint customer many years ago and I will say I'm very satisfied with T-Mobile. I love the direction T-Mobile is going and PRAY that Sprint stays far, far away! I have no desire to be merged back with Sprint!!!! Please TMO, TELL SPRINT TO TAKE A HIKE!!!!!!!!!