Sprint LG G2

Sprint this morning announced that its version of the LG G2 will go up for preorder on Oct. 11, for $199 on contract. An actual street date was not disclosed.

In addition to the phone, those who pre-order will receive a free Quick Window case (worth $49).

We've got a pre-production version of the G2 in hand and have been taking a look at a few of the more interesting features, including:

For more, be sure to check out our LG G2 forums!

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Sprint's LG G2 goes up for pre-order on Oct. 11 for $199 on contract


Rondo, they do, it's called Upgrade Now. Call Sprint and ask for account services. It is not advertised and not all accounts are eligible.

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That's an interesting article but I would have to run the math to see how it compares. I think it is a clunker, but not positive.

Thanks for the info though

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There's an easy solution to the early upgrade option. Just buy a full price phone and sell your old one. Done. The price comes out almost exactly the same as most of these early upgrade programs.

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A pre-order date is a great step in the right direction.
My upgrade is Dec 1st so I will not pre-order, but will pick up one one that day.

And att n VZW will have there g2 this week. Where's the whining about there delay?

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You get the quick window case for being late to the party. When Verizon beats you to a phone launch then you deserve a free case.

No. I see it as Verizon getting it out early do they didn't HAVE to give away the case! But we'll see...

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Too Bad Sprint won't get LTE turned on in my area. I jumped ship for T-Mobile and am very happy for it!

That's what I did until I went about 30 miles west of the city and was stranded in 2g land or no service at all. I'm considering going back to sprint.

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I'm having the same experience. So I came to realize (and this is only between these 2 networks). If you want coverage go with Sprint, and if you want speed go with T-Mobile. And ofcourse this depends on where you live.

Sprint is getting there... At least in my area it is getting faster and faster. Never really dropped from lte from harrisburg to Baltimore to philly. When I did 3g was decent. Not spectacular, but good enough

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Not from US so not sure how it works but I keep seeing on AC "$199 on contract" for every new phone on different networks. Is this not price fixing in some way?

no because they didn't all come together in some secret back door meeting to agree to collude.

Nobody is getting this phone. At least not as many are because there are too many options to choose from and the launch date is way off in the future!

Somehow I think your estimate is very off. If the note 3 was more of what I was looking for this time around I would wait for this one.

Now if they do not get it out the door before the Nexus 5 announcement they might have problems

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Nothing here about this being the first tri-band LTE phone for Sprint. Even the press release is silent. Odd.

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Granted that's the case but you'd think they'd be less circumspect about it. Sprint is always touting things like HD voice long before it's a reality. Maybe just holding mum until the pre-order page is up.

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ouch. this phone goes for preorder when the Note 3 has already shipped to consumers. Beautiful phone, but a fail in timing.

To bad great news but sprint you are Why to late I've been wanting this phone for three months.. I'm with the sprint network but this sucks.. I won a photo printer with LG about the G 2 contest on August 6th that ships next week... You can't win Sprint with being late...

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One week until pre-order. I will be using the new "One Up" program to get mine one released. Latest rumor is "the last week of October." :)