LG G Flex

Sprint's LG G Flex will be available in stores starting Feb. 7. Pre-orders are still aiming to be in customers' hands a week sooner — by Jan. 31, Sprint says.

As you'll recall from our preview of the G Flex, this is a curved — and slightly bendable — 6-inch smartphone. It's big, but the curve helps make it feel just a tad smaller. The display is unremarkable in resolution, just 720p, but, c'mon, it bends!

The G Flex will run $299 with a two-year contract. And anyone who preorders between now and Jan. 31 wil receive a free Quickwindow Folio Case. If you want to buy it outright, it'll cost you $650.

The G Flex also will be coming to AT&T and T-Mobile in the weeks ahead, though neither operator has announced when they'll be available.

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Sprint's LG G Flex available in stores Feb. 7


So why a 720p screen instead of 1080p? Could that be because of cost? I'm not saying I would ever buy the phone, but at that size, that would be no bueno.

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It's because it's a gimmick. They wanted to be the first with a slightly flexible screen and to do that they made some serious compromises. Look up Ars Technica's review on it - they go into some detail with just how bad the screen is.

It came down to a they lack the technology to both make a good screen AND have it be flexible, so you're just getting the flexible screen. If you really need that curved screen this will be the device for you, but if you want an actual good screen that actually fits in your pocket too, this phone is just a gimmick that should be ignored.

Very true just like apple and their first iPad mini. They had to make 'compromises'. This is just all a gimmick like 4k resolution, the human eye can't distinguish the difference between PPI higher than 300 I believe. Not worth it, call me when they have a real bendable flexible phone, not a curved one that is just a gimmick

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What's wrong with a 720p display moto x and moto g ppl don't care they love and are loving the better battery life than you

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I'll check this out when in-store, but I don't plan on buying. Also, I've read there are quite a few complaints from users about the flexible screen causing bumps or bubbles. LG says the bubbles eventually go away without repair, though.

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I have the G flex and your comment is spot on. Bubbles appear but they disappear after a few days.

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Overly expensive, a too-long contract and a perpetual "we'll be better next year" mentality? I would think that a Cubs fan would be all over that.

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Good point. Your ass is pretty useful. Keep bending over for Sprint.

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Yes. Useless. I have Sprint ONLY because of the truly unlimited data plans they offer. They are WAY behind all the other carriers in the LTE market and Wi-Max is dying in areas where LTE is not yet available. When a Wi-Max antenna goes down, it switches over to a nearby 3G antenna until the Wi-Max antenna is up again, but in order to switch antennas, they have to be shut off resulting in NO service. If Sprint hadn't held onto a dying dream like Wi-Max and had kicked off LTE when everyone else did, they wouldn't be in such bad shape. USELESS.

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I almost want to say who cares, and here is why. Nobody expressed any interest in a flexible screen phone. There is no operational need for this, nor will consumers who decide to show off the phone and break the screen be happy when their warranties don't cover it. Why not the LG G Bat or something, with some super large battery. Why not a phone with a solar charger built in? Something that will ooh and ahh consumers and be useful at the same time? We as consumers buy into gimmicks and the market shifts towards those gimmicks. This is why battery life in non smartphones used to be a big deal back in the day, and the lack of response of battery life from consumers drove the market away from focusing on it.

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I own the G flex and it's a great device. Is it worth the steep $1000 price off contract?? Absolutely not, but then again no phone is. It's a beast though, very fast and powerful and the curve is very stylish. The display is actually pretty decent despite it being a 720 p panel. You need to have the resolution at 50% and above to have good whites otherwise they become greyish. Does the curve add any functionality? Well it makes the size a little bit more manageable and it is very stylish. I definitely recommend it.

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Despite the curve... what does it offer to account for the larger size? I know they made it that big because that's the smallest they could get that kind of tech.. but at least the Note, which is too big for me by far, has a good resolution, a neat stylus, and actually has a phablet interface to differentiate it.

The curve is more resilient against breakage. The speaker is on the back so when laying on a flat surface it reverberates the sound back to you (same when holding in landscape for gaming and video), your mouth is closer to the microphone and also think back; All landline phones had a curve, flip phones had a curve. Isnt anyone besides me tired of the cookie cutter flat slate touchscreen phones. We need more variety like this in my opinion.

Plus viewing media is going to be more immersive. Think of the difference of going to the movies and watching on a flat screen verses seeing it on a curved screen. Both are in high quality just one is more immersive because of the curve.

1, I don't break phones to begin with. Though I suppose a 6" phone is more likely to break because you can't really fit it in your pocket
2, you can curve the back without curving the phone. The Moto X has its speaker bouncing sound perfectly because the back is curved. It doesn't need to curve the glass to curve the casing.
3, By your curved landline logic, screens should also be convex because that's how displays always were back in the cold war (since that's the time you're stuck on). Most cordless phones have been rectangular for the past decade, and earlier phones were curved because they were big banana-sized blocks and a curve fit better for a fist-grip. No one holds a phone that way.

You can have your variety if you want something that looks different, but don't pretend it's functionally better. And enjoy the "is that a curved phone in your pocket or are you happy to see me?" jokes

All I got from that was it's stylish and the curved screen adds no functionality or has no advantages over any other device. And it only offers 720p. I wouldn't recommend this P.O.S. to my enemies. But it sure is fancy! Get out of here with that. Really?

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I still think these curved devices are solutions to problems that didn't exist.

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Well its still to early to say how we as consumers will value and appreciate the curved screen. But the Lg G-Flex offers nothing beyond that curved screen is it perhaps more battery efficient? Now that battery advancement or here by lack of would be and should be of focus, sure gimmicks are good but if you had a decent battery you would enjoy them even more.

The G-Flex and the round are proof of concepts and I will be avoiding as at this point not enough to convince me that its of great use.

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Off topic but I really like the theme on the G Flex. I have it on my G2 and to me I hope LG goes more this direction, Looks a little less touchwizy.

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I have a feeling people are going to regret getting this phone. . .anyone else think so?

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The only reason a flexible screen should be considered for anything is if on a wearable device or if they figure out a way to make a truly immersive surround 3D cinematic experience but only on a large scale and not on a phone or phablet.

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This phone is the best, the curve is really great. You have to use the phone to fully appreciate it.

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