Full-year losses of $1.9 billion on $28.6 billion in revenues

A handful of months after it was purchased by SoftBank, Sprint has reported another losing quarter and year on the books. The third-place carrier posted a Q4 2013 loss of $576 million, although that improved 22 percent year-over-year, on revenues of $7.2 billion, also up slightly. Sprint added a total of 682,000 net customers in the quarter, although only 58,000 were postpaid customers. ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) was its highest ever at $64.07.

For the entire year of 2013, Sprint posted operating loss of $1.9 billion on revenues of $28.6 billion, which is up 5 percent year-over-year. It sold a total of 20.5 million smartphones for the year, and a record 95 percent of quarterly postpaid handset sales were smartphones. Sprint ended the year with a total of 53.9 million customers, a record, with over 30 million customers being postpaid.

On the network side, Sprint claims over 200 million people are now covered by its LTE network, and Sprint Spark is now available in 14 "of the largest" U.S. cities. It says that 33,000 towers have been updated with Network Vision improvements, an increase of 24,000 in the last year, and that Spark will make its way to 100 cities in the next three years.

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Sprint reports Q4 2013 results: $7.2 billion revenues lead to $576 million loss


While the losses are disheartening, they are to be expected.

Upgrading costs money. This should be the last year for this.

At least the subscriber base has gone up, and the showing of a loss could aid in the T Mobile buyout.

Time will tell

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

You end with "Time will tell" but you act like you know something about a Tmobile buyout that you don't

I didn't see any anger in his post.

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"...and the showing of a loss could aid in the T Mobile buyout.

Understand, if this merger happens, Sprint will be no more. The combined company will be rebranded as T-Mobile. If it wasn't for Softbank, Sprint would be in chapter 11 right now.


Either T mobile will not exist or neither will and they will be re-branded. The reason I say that is simple. DT is going to keep the international Tmo and they are not going to re-brand. Softbank will want to eventually go international so it is either Sprint or total re-brand.

I think in some arenas your correct

But DT is disowning most of the international T-Mobile brands, especially In the USA

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

The USA is already spun off, it is its own but wholly owned by DT.

I have not paid attention to the European arenas because I have not had to so I do not know what they are doing over there.

This just in: [tmonews dot com]
Thankfully for Tmo faithfuls, Hoettges isn’t in a rush to sell the company. And that’s thanks to the success of last year’s Un-carrier movement. It virtually matched Verizon adding subscribers to its ranks every quarter. The final quarter of 2013 was arguably the most impressive after adding over 1.6 million new customers. Reuters’ report states that DT could wait for “a couple of years” now that its US property has turned in to one of its most successful.

still losing money. And with AT&T's new family plan with 10 GB data for $100 and each line for $15 why get T-MO when for $10 more (2lines) you can get sooooooooooo much better coverage?

Because att isn't making these moves

They're just copying

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Exactly. The offer is theoretical. It doesn't exist. We don't even know if its gonna happen

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

That link is a week old. What's happened since then T-Mobile is in no rush to sell. Both the FCC and DOJ state it is very unliking that they will allow 2 of the 4 major carriers to merge. Soft is presently in talks to put the offer on hold knowing they will have to pay a huge break-up fee once the regulators put the kibosh on it.

[The spam blocker on this site is matter fracking ridiculous! Wouldn't allow me to spell of the rest of Soft____ or provide the link because it has a reference to mo*ny in the link ]

Biggest thing holding them back. It's the backhaul providers running fiber to the towers.

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Yes, they're still affected.

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They should provide figures on how many phone numbers they ported to T-Mobile lol

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Right now Sprint's pricing, device financing, coverage, and plans, are about the same if not better than T-Mobile.

I and seven of my friends pay only $45 a month for unlimited everything. And everybody has their own sperate line. We really didn't like T-Mobile's version of Family Plan because one person was in control of everyone's accounts. With Sprint we each stay in control of our own account and still get the Framily discount.

And to top it off we still get yearly upgrades included.

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You mentioned Tmobile and the person cares enough about Sprint to include the carrier in their signature...

And you care enough about T-Mobile to post comments about them all over the Sprint quarterly report post. Pot, meet kettle.

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Lmao at all of you.

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Because you made a reference to the mass exodus from Sprint to T-Mobile. He's throwing out his opinion on why Sprint is better for him, hence not as many people moved as you may imply.

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...Until one or three of those "friends" realizes how terrible Sprint's network and customer service is and leaves. Everyone elses rates go up.

Where you live that may be the case, and you have presented it a few times, but where the OP lives it could be very different. It is for me. I have great LTE where it matters to me and horrible Tmo

A lot. Most of Sprints new customers were from tablets I guess. They lost over 400,000 phone subscribers.

Question. ...doesn't it effect your credit history if you buy out of a contract

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They should be required to report your good history. ..they report your late bills to the credit agencies.

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No it doesn't affect credit when you buy off contact.
How can something that doesn't touch your credit, affect your your credit?

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No it doesn't if you buy out.

A) Credit history is negatively affected by delinquent or unsatisfied accounts.
B) This is not a delinquent or unsatisfied account.

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It's nice to see over 600,000 go "Pre-Paid"
Why anyone would still be Post-Paid in 2014 is beyond me.. Why are people still GIVING their money away..

Most of that 600,000 is Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, with a little bit of Ting and FreedomPop.

But now that the Framily Plans are here most new Sprint plans will be prepaid.

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"Spark will make its way to 100 cities in the next three years.".... Just in time for them to be behind of whatever new network will be the rage in 2017

Already got Spark. My city was in the second round of upgrades.

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Still waiting for 4G LTE in Denver Metro area, pretty pathetic if you ask me. When I first started my contract 2 years ago they said "you'll want this phone that has 4G LTE support, Denver should be upgrading soon"... uh huh... Soon™ (think Blizzard)

If "Denver metro area" is anything like Greater Boston Metro Area then that covers a whole lot more than just Denver. Which would make his statement quite vague since that's quite a big area.

"The Denver metropolitan area is a conurbation in the U.S. state of Colorado centered on the city of Denver. There are several formal and informal definitions for the metropolitan area, ranging from the continuously urbanized area within the six central counties of Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson[which?] to the entire Front Range Urban Corridor that extends from Colorado Springs in the south to Fort Collins in the north."

Always thought Denver metro area excluded Ft Collins (way north) and Colorado Springs (way south), like a 40 mile radius around Denver would probably cover most of the "Denver metro area". I take a bus to work for 2 hours a day each way and I pass right through the heart of downtown Denver, the 16th street mall, and I have NEVER seen my data switch to 4G, and I know I do have it set to be able to switch.

I'm from Boston I'm just going by what wiki says.

Quick sensorly search says there are a few towers here and there in Denver.
16th street is not covered but 20th is.
It's stupid and I understand your frustration.
Colorado Springs is lit up like a mofo though

I connected to Spark unofficially here in San Bernardino, CA. Got around 30 mbps with peak speeds up to 60-70 mbps.

I don't trust the numbers I've just dredged up, but the top 4 carriers in the U.S. have now reported and every one of them added customers:

Verizon (w/ 35% of the market): 1.7 million added customers
T-Mobile (13%): 1.6 million
Sprint (16%): 682,000
AT&T (33%): 566,000

So, those 4 carriers have 97% of the market and added over 4.5 million users last quarter. None of these carriers lost customers. Where did these 4.5 million new customers come from?

People from top carrier #5 and below, plus people who haven't had mobile phones before (not everyone has a phone).

Maybe I'm interpreting the numbers wrong. I believe all those companies have land-line businesses and that that these numbers included those. So, any customers who changed over from land-line to mobile would result in a net gain of zero. Of course, I see plenty of people who don't actually *switch* from land-line to mobile: they just *add* a mobile plan. So, maybe that's where some of this is coming from.

Are these global numbers or U.S. numbers? Assuming U.S., there are something like 314 million people here. 4.5 million of that is almost 1-1/2 percent. That's 6% a year. From what I see on the web, the U.S. population growth rate is somewhere between 0.75% and 0.90% per year. Population growth doesn't cover the increase.

parents add lines for their teenagers and preteens sometimes. work phones for new employess, etc

People turning 18 everyday maybe. People dying and switching accounts over to someone else's name. People switching from carrier to carrier. Just a hunch though.

I'm pretty sure at least 20,000 people turn 18 everyday and having a cell phone at 18 should be the easiest way to build up credit for something you never want shut off. Your phone.

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It looks like something around 4 million people turn 18 every year in the U.S. Of course, on the other side of the equation, 2.5 million people die in the U.S. every year. That gives a net adult population increase of about 1.5 million every year. That accounts for some of the growth in phone customers. But, to account for most of it, every person who dies would have to die phoneless. I'm sure the phone ownership demographics would account for some of this (people who die tend to be old, old people tend to have one land-line per house instead of one cell phone per person), but there's still several million people unaccounted for.

Being in the greater KC area, once I get the new HTC One (2)?) I'll be able to report on the Spark experience!


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I just don't get why they try and announce sprint spark, when 4gLTE is still aways behind, thats my only complaint and i'm in california

In Hollywood and near Venice Beach I had great 4glte also at the airport... I no California is a lot more then those places but I thought everything was covered

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I agree. a lot of people have never seen 4G from the Wimax upgrades that ae soon to come like 3 or 4 years ago.

The ones that are spark are the already upgraded ones from what it seems like. Cannot have spark without LTE

I also love to hear of more spark cities when I'm stuck on crappy 3g and the other 3 carriers have had lte in my area for a while-I truly hope the tmo buyout happens-as long as Legere is in charge

I just paid my $300. monthly bill and had to turn off my f***ing Tab as to not incur any more data Charges. Sprint isn't losing any money from its customer base.


Sprint can die a slow (actually a quick death) as far as I'm concerned. They are a joke of a company. It's easy to give unlimited data when most places have data speeds slower than Stephen Hawking going up a spiral staircase. They also suffer from ADHD in the worst way. Seriously they're all like "Hey check out our blazing fast 4G WIMAX thhat we plan to have everywhere" then they were saying "Wow now are putting up LTE towers and we'll putting them everywhere" and now they're like "Spark! It's all about Spark and we'll be in over 100 cities within 3 years". I know why they call themselves the Now Network because now they're focusing on this network. Grrrrrrrrr....Can't wait to get my family off of Sprint and kudos to those that aren't stuck with slow 3G speeds.

They don't have ADHD they are just announcing things as they happen. Do you realize what it takes to rebuild a cellular network from basically the ground up? It's not like they are just slapping LTE antennas on towers. Whole towers are being replaced, fiber lines are being run to towers for backhaul. It's a slow process. It will get done, just in time.

Posted via NSA Spy Van 37...... Free candy??

Don't be silly. WiMax was, in hindsight, a bad road to hoe but the LTE network is pretty damn good in the areas where its already rolled out. And Spark is just LTE. It's not anything new.

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It was the only road that they could hoe. LTE wasn't ready and it was Move it or lose it (the bandwidth) as per the sale agreement.

I had Sprint for 11 plus years. I had coverage with them almost everywhere I went. In some cases even better coverage than Verizon. Only issue was their 3g data speeds has gone down dramatically in last 3 years. They lte is great in some areas but when my city is suppose to have full lte coverage and you only get lte less than half of the time it gets really tiring. I understand their getting better but I need good data speed now, not in the future. So I switched to T-Mobile and I'm loving it. I hit a couple of dead spots on my latest road trip and if tmobile doesn't fix this in the next month's I will switch to AT&T's new plans that would only cost me around $10 more. I may lose my unlimited data but I rarely go over 5gb so the 10gb plan would be perfect for my 2 lines. AT&T may have had bad prices before but with the new plans they are going to get many new customers.

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"and that Spark will make its way to 100 cities in the next three years."

Lol, so Sprint will still be far behind the other carriers. So glad I switched to T-Mobile.