Sprint upload cap raised

Sprint customers will soon be getting their maximum 4G uplink speeds boosted to 1.5 Mbps, according to an internal screen captured by Android Police. The change will kick in this Friday, June 10, and will only affect 4G phones -- 4G modems and the like will still be limited to the previous cap of 1.0 Mbps.

This is a relatively minor boost for Sprint's network -- upstream limits are generally less noticeable than download limits, especially on smartphones, where other bottlenecks can come into play. As such, the Sprint internal memo says that the carrier isn't planning on "proactively communicating" this information to customers. Still, any network speed increase has to be good news, right?

Source: Android Police


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Sprint reportedly boosting 4G upload speed cap to 1.5Mbps


Hahahahaha!!! What a joke!! Considering the MINIMUM TALK TIME is about 6.3 hours, his battery lasted a lot longer than "2hrs". Stop spamming the forums with your stupid BS. It's completely unfounded and downright stupid.

The only issue with your rebuttal is that the phone may have 6.3 hours talk time, but when you are talking you are using 1x RTT not LTE... it very well could last 2 hours.

"In our battery drain tests, the ThunderBolt delivered 5 hours of continuous talk time over 4G" Quote from CNET review.

"Apparently the HTC Thunderbolt Battery drained and powered off the device in just 3 hours and 49 minutes." Quote from http://technology.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474979149231

"That test yielded five hours, 47 minutes of run time from full to automatic shutdown" Quote from Engaget review.

Alright so the 6.3 hours that Verizon quotes isn't quite right. I'll give you that. But keep in mind, all these reviews were done shortly before or after the device was launched. At that point, if I remember correctly, they were still having major issues with the radios and such. *I believe* 2 software fixes have been pushed to address this issue? It was a new device on a somewhat new and mostly unburdened network. It's understandable for a device like this to have some problems at release. Much the same that the Evo 4G had when it was first released. Not to mention that the battery in the Thunderbolt is smaller than the Evo 4G. It's understandable that one would die quicker when it has a smaller battery.

What are you talking about? How are you going to try to tell people that you get 3-7Mbps UP on WiMax when the article clearly says that Sprint caps upload speeds @ 1Mbps?

That's the average on WiMax. I'll take the the new better building penetrating radios in the Evo 3D, you keep your terrible LTE battery life :)

Umm, I hate to break it to you, but he was talking about 3-7Mbps UP, not down. The article says that Sprint caps it's upload speeds to 1Mbps up currently but is increasing it's cap to just 1.5Mbps. Verizon doesn't cap upload speeds at all.

As far as the "better building penetrating radios in the EVO 3D", the reason WiMax doesn't work indoors well is because of the frequency of their signal from the towers & that won't be changing until they switch to LTE...so you are still going to have signal issues indoor with the EVO 3D & it isn't going to be LTE compatible if you were wondering.

Also, the EVO's battery life was horrible when Sprint first turned on WiMax. They have gotten it settled in over the last 9mo or so. LTE is going to be the same way. Give it a little more time & battery life on it won't be a negative.

He is talking about upload, He is getting 3-7Mbps upload, Probably much higher download.

Radios aren't going to make a difference.

The reason Sprint 4G sucks indoors is because of the 2.5/2.6GHz spectrum that they're using for WiMAX, That's not changing.

The EVO 3D does have new 800MHz capabilities.....for CDMA. But unfortunately for Sprint, They have 0 towers using 800MHz right now.

About the battery life, That would be a Thunderbolt problem. Small battery and typical HTC software. (Charge get's 11 hours) Not LTE, LTE is actually pretty solid on the 700MHz band for battery life, Less time searching for signal with amazing building penetration. all on one band so less time scanning different bands and just better over all efficiency.

Oh, and like El Jefe said, When Sprint finally switches to LTE sometime this winter/next year, You'll be SOL.

Exactly why I'm going to hold on my Evo 4G until the contract runs out next April so I can get an LTE phone. However, I get pretty good 4G service on my Evo indoors now. I quit using our company wifi because 4G is just as fast and doesn't seem to have any connectivity problems in my building (large 4 story building and I have an internal office).

Nah... you'll be SOL a year or two later when they finally turn off the Wimax towers. They aren't going to just make the switch and leave a million EVOs in the dark. (So to speak)

You do all understand the difference between UP & DOWN speeds, right? You get 8-10Mbps DOWN on your EVO, not UP.

You do not get more than 1Mbps UP right now because Sprint caps the speed & starting Friday, you still won't get higher than 1.5Mbps UP.

Well, other than a 40kb email, I don't upload jack from my phone...I download a lot of music and ebooks throughout the day for later file transfer though.

I am paying a lot less per month than you. So what? If people want those speeds and caps they will pay for them. For me I like the lower monthly cost and upload speed hardly matters anyway on a phone.

Yea, you get what you pay for? Or you dont... When they tier their data plans with caps.

I think I get what I pay for. No complaints with Sprint; never go over my minutes, and surf, download as MUCH AS I WANT.

Verizon doesn't cap or throttle their data plan. It's unlimited.

I can download as MUCH AS I WANT too + my upload speeds aren't capped.


well, enjoy it while it lasts. You do remember all the tiered data plans that they leaked out a while back.

This uncapped data biz with Verizon is limited...

Have your inexpensive plans. My 4G isn't allergic to buildings, and if I get anything below 9-10 mbps down, its disappointing. So yeah, I'll gladly shell out more money for a much better network with faster speeds. Quality comes at a price.

I can't help but laugh at you people on VERIZON but I want to ask first ..ARE YOU PEOPLE RETARDED OR ON DRUGS OR MAYBE SNIFFING RED PAINT???? Verizon decides to come out with an EVO 4G COPY CAT that has 768mb of ram compared to the Evo 4g's 512 of ram then Verizon decides to place a LTE battery draining radio inside of it and that MAKES IT WORTH 250.00 when it launched....Man you PEOPLE ARE STUPID...It took Verizon 7mos to copy sprints Evo but the funny part is the Thunderdud comes out in January 2011 but it HAS ALL 2010 SPECS...I HAVE A BRIDGE I'D LIKE TO SELL YOU DUMMIES ON VERIZON...How can you JUSTIFY 250.00 for a thunderdud and 300.00 for a Droid charge when THEY ARE SINGLECORE DEVICE BASED ON LAST YEARS EVO SPECS????? LTE has you STUPID PEOPLE DELUSIONAL..Sprint makes Verizon look USELESS and so does all the sprint top of the line 4g devices all 24 of them....The Evo 3d is and will be BETTER THAN ANYTHING VERIZON WILL EVER HAVE FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2011 YOU CAN MARK THAT DOWN.. And don't mention no STUPID Droid Bionic cause Verizon will have you FOOLISH PEOPLE PAYING 400.00 FOR ON CONTRACT PHONES....BIONIC SUCKS ROTTEN EGGS....AND SO DOES VERIZON.....

Wow what a toolish/fanboyish statement, over a service provider for that matter. Who cares that much really?... just so your know; the evo and thunderbolt may have the same specs on paper but the thunderbolt actually has a new/better processor and gpu. So really it doesn't have 2010 specs. The Sony Xperia Play JUST came out and it is running the same processor and gpu as the thunderbolt... I am not fanboy, (I'm on sprint), I just know the facts. You need to relax your nerdrage and do some reading b4 u spew your nonsense on the tech sites. Thx.

1. Considering the Thunderbolt and Evo are BOTH made by HTC, how is one a "copycat" while the other is presumably the "original"? If it were between 2 different manufacturers, your statement would have merit, as it stands though, it has absolutely none. 2. I don't know about you, but I'd take 768 Mb of RAM over 512 Mb ANY DAY. Try making an argument FOR your precious Evo, not AGAINST it. 3. "LTE battery draining radio inside of it" ...at least they're getting much higher up/down speeds... It's sad that Sprint capped the upload at 1 Mbps. Even though that's getting raised *very* slightly now, I'm pretty sure none of the other 4G networks have an upload cap, and even if they do, it certainly isn't THAT low. Again, try making an argument in FAVOR of your Evo. 4. "Sprint makes Verizon look USELESS" How so? Can you use Sprint's 4G while in a moving car? Can you use Sprint's 4G inside a building NOT close to any windows? If Verizon is "useless", then why are there so many people signed up to its service; so much so that Verizon is basically considered number 1 in terms of network coverage and subscriber base? 5. "4g devices all 24 of them" You're really gonna bring this absolute BS up AGAIN? Sprint doesn't have "24" let alone 22 or even 20, 4G devices currently available. Look on their website. Try revising your pitiful excuse for a "fact".

Argument for the Evo over the Thunderbolt? GINGERBREAD.

And a phone that doesn't reboot constantly. Reading through the Bolt threads, it appears only one or two of you are on the original phone you bought. That's a VZW network issue making those phones fail, not an HTC issue.

I'm not saying I'd take a Thunderbolt over an Evo, mostly because I'm not even a Verizon customer. I was just pointing out to Richard that showing a slight RAM upgrade in the Thunderbolt while spouting off insults about the device is just a wee bit counterintuitive. If you're going to insult something, why not go all out? And if it really is a Verizon network problem, then no one should really be saying anything (least of all Dick). Sprint had roughly the same problems when it released the Evo. Nearly all initial reviews complained of bad battery life, problems with Wimax, and other bugs. Is it really so bad that the Thunderbolt has these same problems too?

Dear God almighty that was painful! It was like looking at a art exhibit at the Modern Art Museum on LSD or something!!!

Dude. Caps keys aren't your friends... Never use them again.

While your faster speeds may sound great at first, Verizon reserves the right to throttle you down to 2g if you hit more that 2 gb ofndata.... No thanks

Verizon has openly said that they will NOT Throttle LTE. Unlimited means unlimited.

For 3G, They said they would be throttling the top 5% of data users, for the next two months. That was said in February. (4 months ago)

Oh and when they did throttle back then. It wasn't down to 2G.

I've been over 2GB every month & have never been throttled. I don't think you know what you are talking about.

Is that why Im at 15GB and still pulling 25mbps down? You will never here a VZW customer complain bout their speeds. There has been talk bout throttling, caps, you name it! Nothing has happened! So Im going to enjoy my UNLIMITED and UNTHROTTLED Data at speeds faster than most people's internet.

I would just like 4G in Phoenix Sprint!!! #$*&#$(%*&#$%(*&#$%(&&&^$*&&@# and then, of course, world peace. Unbelievable 5th largest city, had the phone for a year, and NO 4G LOVE!!!!

I second that. I call up monthly and demand the 4G surcharge I was told I was being added when I purchased the phone last June to be credited to my account. Rediculous!

Hell, I would just like for my city to at least be mentioned as a place getting 4G. Haha. It doesn't even need to be anytime soon...lol just some sort of hope!

Milwaukee. Kinda sad that we will get Verizon LTE on June 16th and Sprint hasn't even put us on the 4G map for this year.

Well, in Hampton Roads there is no mention of WiMax *or* LTE. Neither is or will be available, apparently, anytime soon. (Something like 1.7 million people)

A few things on the 4g thing. All these places that 4g is getting rolled out are generally metro areas, or densely populated areas. The same places that 75% of the time I find myself on WIFI. That and I rarely while on 3G find myself needing to download anything large rarely even a 5mb file. Even at my house where I get sick speeds I don't truly need or use them most of the time. So I guess I just don't get the point of having at this point and time a insane broadband connection speed in my pocket being make or break.

My thoughts exactly! I've been wondering this whole time, "what the heck are these people downloading to where they feel they need the FASTEST connection possible?" I feel like everyone here is just arguing a point to make themselves feel like they have the best. I can tell because we have grammar Nazis rummaging through the comments and acting like one misspelling is a sign of weakness. If you really do need to have the FASTEST speeds for your phone, could you please say what exactly your using it for? I'm genuinely curious.

Its the modern pissing contest. You whip out your phone, open the broadband speed test app on your phone and see who's numbers are higher! DUH! You ain't a man until you can download a song on your phone in 3 seconds. Pffft what are u new here? ;)

Uuuuf. I'm SO happy for all u thunderbolt users, im sure I'll never get those speeds on my evo. Jahhahahhahah.

Do all of youl guys upload videos or something, I bet 90% of u don't even upload anything over 5mb. So what's the point, be paying an overprice ***** for something you never even use. THATS NICE.

lol funny all the VZW users yucking it up.

Guess they better use the time they have to gloat as Clearwire is switching to LTE as referenced by.


Not to mention the rumored Lightsquared deal.


Anything to justify the insane prices I guess haha.

Then again EVEN if by the slimmest chance neither of those pan out I think I would rather take getting the best phones far earlier then VZW. Just like the got the OG SG dead last. = - )

WiMax is just as upgradable as LTE from their current form which is 3.5G... yeah its a stepping stone idiots and both are eventually going to be able to hit that magic 1Gb/s mark but a ton of fiber has to go in the ground first. I know Wikipedia isn't the most reliable source but its a start for all these retards who honestly don't know that technically they can be equal, here is a link.


So when real 4G comes out this little pissing match between LTE and WiMax wont matter. I am with Sprint because I cannot get LTE, except when downtown and by the airport. WiMax covers almost all of Portland and the surrounding areas with consistent speeds of 6-20Mb/s down and I average around .8-1Mb/s up. This news of bumping the upload speed is just icing on the cake as I am always covered and have a cheap bill for all I can eat data. I know Sprint is slower than Verizon but I can tell you with confidence my bill isn't going to change any time soon.

To each their own...

explain why my friend with a thunderbolt comes over and he has full lte in my house as do i have full 4g with my evo! and when we do full internet surfing test's they are as close as a tie can get! but when we use speed test app. the same one our download's are pretty much the same BUT his upload is much higher! so why is it that every time we test downloading stuff and full web surfing his is NOT faster then my evo just about the exact same...hmmmm we have done this time after time even he is like wtf!!!\

read what you just posted and you have your answer, when you load the same page it finishes at the same time, same reason your download speeds are the same, his upload speeds are higher, you never tested upload together at the same time. Take the same picture and both start a photo upload to facebook and see who finishes first... I have my evo and am getting the E3D, ill spend less and have slower up speeds, fine by me, plus if the lte conversion ever happens there will be new phones out anyway so i wont be out regardless, and ill save money this whole time!!

Now if I could just get anywhere close to 1.5mbps DOWNLOAD speed then I'd be happy. I thought it was supposed to be good in Houston. :(

LTE is great if you have it. We won't have it up here until 2014...We have WiMax though. A friend of mine has a Thunderbolt and tonight I downloaded Angry Birds again to show him as he's new to phones. He decided he'd just download it, so I stayed on 3G and he, of course, was on 3G. I downloaded, installed, and was on 1-2 before he finished downloading. LTE is great, but VZW 3G sucks balls.

PEOPLE-Some of you need to do some research. Like many have said, this is upload speed not download. Yes its true, sprint caps their upload but who cares? The average upload for verizon is 2.8 which is not far off from sprints. The biggest problem with Verizon is that they throttle your data once you hit 5gb anyway, so speed at that point wont matter. Sprint on the other hand doesn't cap or throttle data speeds when it comes to downloads. It is unlimited. So whatever high speeds your getting, with sprint you get those speeds the whole time without any throttling.

Also the reason wimax isn't spreading as fast as lte is because sprint is focusing on their next big thing which is upgrading their towers for lte. What might happen is they will release a couple more markets for wimax and then switch to lte. At this point it doesn't really matter. Most people don't have access to 4g and most phones will drain too fast when on 4g. I love wimax when I go to orlando but I can only use it in the hotel since it drains my battery so fast. My friends thunderbolt drains even faster. AT this point 4g is nice but you need to be plugged in to be able to use it at its fullest. I'll stick with my nice 3g speeds and great battery life with true unlimited data anytime (or until batteries and 4g play nice together)

Maybe instead of expanding the bandwidth and speeds, Sprint should focus on expanding their COVERAGE. They can have the fastest 4g speeds on the market if they want, but it's still useless for the 95% of their coverage map that has NO 4g service.

F'in Sprint... EXPAND the 4g coverage across the country, THEn worry about expanding the bandwidth.

Articles about Verizon Wireless's upcoming data caps (and yes, VZW Corp confirmed they were coming in late June-early July when I asked them over the phone):




And according to Verizon Wireless OWN WEBSITE - http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/05/19/us-summit-verizon-idUSTRE74I4N... - if you go down to the Smartphones & Feature Phones section, you already have a 2 gig cap, and will be charged an additional $20 for every gig over that amount. VZW Corp said that there is no grandfathering of older unlimited data plans, once they are done, you go into the cap automatically. This applies to all current and older smart phones and feature phones on Big Red's network, including the iPhone and the Thunderbolt starting in late June or early July, and is for LTE and 3G.

And yes, your contract does allow them to make changes in plans like this.

This really burns me up. I have a Nexus S 4G and live in central Jersey between Freehold and Lakewood. I can't even get a 3G signal from Sprint. If I can't connect to a wi-fi signal the phone is useless. Now Sprint is boosting their 4G signal. Hey Sprint stop selling high priced phones in areas with no signal. A couple of new towers would help. Smarten up!! And by the way, Yes I did contact Sprint and they can't help.

I have 4G(WiMax) here in CO where the population is around 125,000. As others have said before, I do not even use it. If I actually got a decent signal and tethering was included I might just use it. Otherwise 4G/3G, makes no difference.

I get 5 down on my nexus s 4g and around .9 to 1 up... yet my dads evo 4g gets 7-8 down in the same spot. Anyone know if Google and sprint will be able to fix this with an ota update?

I was hoping to notice a tiny difference, since i live in one of the first original cities to have 4g, so parked in a parking lot right next to a 4g tower and gave it a shot this morning, and nope, nothing spectacular happened, still less then 1gb upload.