Earlier today the Sprint Nexus S 4G became official, and not long after that Best Buy announced that it'll have retail exclusivity on the device, and that the presale will begin today. This means that other than a Sprint store, Best Buy will be the only place you'll be able to try and purchase a Nexus S 4G. As we all know, Best Buy has had many retail exclusive releases lately, one of which was the T-Mobile version of the Nexus S, which they were very excited about.

“The exclusive launch of Nexus S from Google was a landmark for us and it continues to be one of our best-selling devices,” said Scott Anderson,head of merchandising for Best Buy Mobile. “Bringing Nexus S 4G to our stores is one more way we’re making it as easy as possible for people to find the phone that’s right for them.”

The Best Buy presale is a $50 fee, that is applied to your purchase at the time it is made, and can be done at any Best Buy retail location, or any Best Buy Mobile stand-alone store. [Best Buy] More in the Nexus S 4G forums


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Sprint Nexus S 4G will be a Best Buy retail exclusive; presale starts today


Spread the Android love around! Ps, wanna know something cool? The president of Best Buy will be at the store I work at :D. We have the best computer sales team in the bizz.

Spread the Android love around! Ps, wanna know something cool? The president of Best Buy will be at the store I work at :D. We have the best computer sales team in the bizz.

...will this have Gorilla glass? had the Moto Droid (OG) for well over a year and never (let me repeat, NEVER) had a scratch on the screen. the rest of the phone was beat up pretty bad, but the screen looked brand new. if i'm going to have the Nexus S 4G for an extended period of time, Gorilla glass is necessary.

Google searches respond with NO GORILLA GLASS for the Nexus S. That's lame that they would put it on their other Top of the line phones and not the Nexus S. I bet that is music to screen protector manufacturer's ears. Which means I will have to pass on the Nexus

its not a Best Buy exclusive, because Sprint will still sell it. They do however have retail exclusivity, meaning you won't find it at Costco, Walmart, etc.

this is a great phone period. plain vanilla is the way to go. battery life/mobile hotspot/speed is what make this phone superb!

might pick up a GSM Nexus S when I am in the CDMA where I am

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since the beginning of time. You preorder a phone, get a $50 giftcard that you can use however you want, implying you use it on the phone. So it's a downpayment basically.

Why wouldn't they? It gives them an opportunity to gauge how much inventory to have and were to distribute it. Charging a $50 fee for the pre-order will filter out the people who are serious about getting the phone from those that just want to sign up for something they won't bother getting. You get to put the money towards the purchase at the end of the day so there's no reason to get up in arms about it.

Not uncommon. Gamestop makes you put $5 down in game pre-orders. It's about the same percentage of total item cost.

HHMMM..let me see, Evo 3D or Nexus? Sense with late updates or directly from Google?? I think I will sell my Evo and go with the Nexus!!!!

$199 on contract, $529 off contract. Also Best buy will have this for $99 for the second weekend of April only.

Cool. Would of sooo bought this phone. Too bad I got the samsung epic...(fail) but would the nexus s get software support... hmmm.... go with samgsung phone again? Hmmmm... samsung= good hardware.. software needs improvement.. 2.2.1 epic <2.2.1 evo All day. Samsung, plz put more effort in your software.

Alright people for all you obvious Android noobs, lets get one thing straight, Google is not going to put in different guts for different carriers on their phone ( Nexus) yes Wiimax is a little diff, but there's no way that this could be dual core. It would needed to be dual core from day one with T-Mobile, and yes there will be a LTE version for Verizon as well by the summer, but dont expect a dual core until the next Nexus. Besides with this thing running that smooth hummingbird, I cant complain.

I got the Evo the first day it came out and until tomorrow it is the BEST phone on Sprint, however it was too much ahead of its time with the rich features it has, like the front facing camera( which until today people are BARELY starting to care for it) Now the Evo 3D will have 3D features ( big whoop) again this will take another year for it to fully develop and get out there. So for now I LOVE the Nexus that Sprint and Google have put together!! Selling my Evo as soon as this baby is at any Best Buy/Sprint store!

I think it's hilarious that Best Buy claims the Nexus S is/was one of their best selling phones. They NEVER had any half the time. Why? Not because they got a bunch and were selling them out quick, but because they'd get like 5-6 units and sell them over a couple days, then take forever to restock. Best Buy is the worst excuse for a retail electronics store ever.

just called sprint since im sitting on a full upgrade. i will not loose it at all, so i can use it on either the nexus s or evo3d. she told me the nexus will be $199 but they have no release date yet other than spring. she did say the evo may not be coming until summer. so this is going to be a hard choice for me. i would need to sell my current evo to make some cash back while their still hot.

i won't preorder until i know a date. so hopefully tomorrow some light will be shed on this.

A reputable Sprint rep on AndroidForums indicated today that the Evo 3D will be out in June which would be a 1-year anniversary from the original Evo debut.

just called back sprint and sure as hell i will loose the damn upgrade. my god people are going to be pissed. i know for a fact the new phones will not be out by april 1st. if anything this will hurt sales.

well i guess ill go tomorrow and buy the wp7 arrive and sell it and my evo when the nexus s or evo3d drops then.

I've already got a "regular" Nexus S. does the new version offer any additional functionality (besides the 4g)?