Sprint Kyocera Echo

Woe is the smartphone carrier and manufacturer that tries something new, apparently. That much was apparent from the comments before, during and after Sprint's unveiling of the Kyocera Echo dual-screen smartphone at a special event in the Edison Ballroom in New York City. You folks out there certainly made your feelings known.

But we've actually had some time with the Echo. And it's certainly not as far to one end of the spectrum as you might believe. After the break, we get into our initial impressions of the Sprint Kyocera Echo and its crazy two-screen self. Read on!

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Let's talk about the form factor a little bit. On one hand, you have what for all intents and purposes is a fairly normal mid-level phone. One 3.5-inch screen, three capacitive buttons (we prefer four) volume rocker, power button, 3.5mm headphone jack. Qualcomm Snapdragon processor at 1GHz, 512MB of RAM. Typical smartphone.

But tucked under is that second 3.5-inch touchscreen. It's got a clever hinge mechanism that allows it to tilt toward you slightly, much like a laptop with two panels might. Or it can lock into place, giving you one massive 4.7-inch display. As you might suspect, it's not a seamless display when you're rocking all 4.7 inches -- there's a thin bezel that bisects the screens. It's not as pronounced as you might think, but neither is it as invisible as Sprint and Kyocera might have you believe. Chances are you'll get used to it over time, but it's certainly noticeable.

Sprint Kyocera EchoSprint Kyocera Echo

Sprint Kyocera EchoSprint Kyocera Echo

Let's just cut to the chase: The screen (erm, screens) is somewhat of a novelty. Is it cool to be able to have the Facebook app in one pane, and Twitter in another? Sure. Just how useful that is depends depends on your needs, we guess. Sprint calls it "Simultasking."

In Google Maps and Street View, it's pretty darn cool. But, again, that bezel. Not the end of the world, but it's just not the same as having a really large screen. E-mail and text messages were actually pretty cool, however, with your inbox on one side and the messages on the other. Add in some of the "fragment" features we saw in the recent Android 3.0 Honeycomb demonstration, and this could turn out pretty sexy.

There are a handful of gestures with which you can manipulate how apps display on the screens -- whether it's one app on both screens, two apps on two screens, swapping, etc. Do we remember them? Nope. Let's hope there's a tutorial on initial setup to walk users through them.

Sprint Kyocera EchoSprint Kyocera Echo

Sprint Kyocera EchoSprint Kyocera Echo

Where we can really see the dual screens being useful is with games. And let's face it -- the Echo pretty much looks like a Nintendo 3DS. Sprint says it'll be releasing an SDK for developers to really take advantage of those screens, and that it'll be available before the phone launches "this spring."

The phones we got to play with were all preproduction units, so there were a few hiccups here and there. But for the most part, interacting with the two screens was pretty smooth. Obviously, tossing a dual-core processor into the mix (again, we need those damned Honeycomb APIs) wil make things even better, but the Echo as it stands should be pretty useable. The hinge mechanism has a half-dozen patents involved. And for as complex as it is -- it does take a little geting used to forcably snapping the two screens apart to go back to a more normal phone mode -- it's also very sturdy. It kind of made us think of some of those high-end car stereo displays that fold out and fold under. Complex, but they work.

Where we do worry a little bit is with battery life. Pushing pixels is tough work, and doing so on two screens is doubly tough. Sprint's generously included a second 1370mAh battery with the Echo, and it also comes with a handy external charger that lets you juice up a spare battery to swap in at your leisure. (To that end, removing the battery cover is a breeze.) Or, you can use it as a battery bank and plug the charger (and charged spare battery) into the Echo, no mucking about with battery swaps.

Exactly how will the battery perform in real-life use? We'll just have to see. But at least Sprint's being proactive with a potential problem. Give them credit for that.

Sprint Kyocera EchoSprint Kyocera Echo

Sprint Kyocera EchoSprint Kyocera Echo

In talking with Sprint and Kyocera executives, they both describe the Echo as a Version 1 product. It's a bit of an experiment, for sure. But in a world of black slab after black slab, it's at least entertaining to see something a little different. It will be interesting to see how Sprint markets the Echo -- if they get some major gaming developers on board by launch time, it could possibly get more traction. Maybe the phone will take off. Maybe it won't. But we'll tell you this -- you need to at least try it before badmouthing it. There's possibly a market out there for it. How big? We'll have to see.


Reader comments

Sprint Kyocera Echo first impressions


Alright everybody! Calm down! This phone isn't THAT bad! Is it for me? No but this phone will be for the REALLY nerdy crowd that think they are cool when they pop out their "Dual-touch-screen" phone.
I guess its more about how hyped Sprint made this event and didn't totally deliver, that people are mad.

The REALLY nerdy crowd is going to realize that, due to the heavy amount of custom code/API's need to pull this off, this thing will never be upgraded in a timely matter. If at all. The really nerdy crowd is also going to be disappointed by the lack of horsepower, no dual core, crappy battery life, etc. So this phone isn't for you, it isn't for the really nerdy people and the average consumer is probably going to scratch their heads. I do not see this being a hot seller for Sprint and I think it's going to be closer to the Kin launch. I wouldn't be surprised if it's discontinued a few months after launch.

I am insulted Sir. It’s upsetting that you have the audacity to assume I or any nerd type individual could accept this monstrosity. I curse you with a thousand lonely nights, may your goats’ milk be spoiled and your children’s mobile be forever restricted to a Kyocera Echo.

No, no I can’t do it. That is way too harsh even for you.

Anyways this phone is a gimmick and really is a bad move for Sprint UNLESS they have a hidden agenda or a rabbit up their sleeve. What the “NERDY CROWD” is looking for maybe something that is imposable for you to comprehend but it certainly is not the Echo. We are looking for a “Defiant”, a “light saber”, a “flux capacitor” and or “Serenity” and that Sir is what the NERDY CROWD is waiting for.

i still say this phone is a POS. i wouldnt give up any phone i have owned to get it. not even if it was free. Sprint needs to step it up a few levels. catch up to all the other carriers and get some good phones!


Droid X, 2 ,Pro and incredible in Verizon. I don't count iPhone or the Binged out 2.1 running Fascinate. But the first 4 are pretty awesome.


You are correct in that we should not badmouth the phone itself without seeing it. I for one, could care less about the phone ... my dissent is how Sprint hyped up this event as THE next industry first ... making the impossible, possible. This phone is a HUGE letdown from Sprint ... that is where my badmouthing comes from.

If someone finds the phone intriguing and/or useful to them, great. This phone should have been released without all the hype and fanfair.

From the demo posted yesterday, the phone seemed extremely sluggish and downright non-responsive at times. Gallery had to be restarted to get it to work ... or was that a crash ... either way, it is an underperforming, underwhelming phone for those who are used to the EVO, EPIC, Droid X, etc.

I couldn't agree more and couldn't have said it better myself.

I'm passing no judgement on the phone itself or the people it would appeal to but deserving all the hoopla and fanfare? Absolutely not.

A friend of mine said something to the effect of this being just like the time Sprint threw its weight behind the Palm Pre. I disagree with that because the Pre was a good product with a very good OS. The Pre and webOS has "crashed and burned" ever since (his words, not mine) for a number of reasons (hardware developer support, etc.) outside Sprint's control. The platform is still ripe with potential. It' just never been tapped into properly.

Anyway, lost my point... which was this phone is not the second coming. Hell, it's not even the first coming... in my humble opinion, and therefore, not worth the amount of spotlight put on it. I would have much preferred to see some news from Sprint on Android tablets. They announced none at CES and I was expecting so,e kind of announcement here, especially with T-Mobile and Verizon announcing at CES that they are scheduled to get some pretty amazing-looking tablet hardware.

Its not Sprnts fault everyone jizzed in their pants about what the announcement was going to be. THe fact that everyone cared so much about the annoucement and everyone is talking about now shows doing events like this is effective marketing. Let's not forget Apple has been doing this for years with success even though their products suck IMO.

I don't get you people.

HOW is it POSSIBLY NOT Sprint's fault that people got excited about the event and expected big things?

--Industry first
--Make the Impossible POSSIBLE!

I mean... All the hoopla and excitement for a phone (that's SINGULAR, One lame phone) with old specs, two screens that can be pivoted to look like one screen with a nice black line through the middle... I mean seriously. It was COMPLETELY Sprint's fault that we all got excited, THAT WAS THE POINT OF THE FECKING ANNOUNCEMENT! QUIT MAKING EXCUSES!

Forgot something... The fact that we got excited means it's effective HYPE, not effective MARKETING. Effective marketing would have been that immediately following the show if they opened up pre-orders then they would quickly sell out. The point of marketing is to sell stuff, not piss people off cuz they were expecting something that's actually revolutionary, not gimmicky.

I'd compare it more to the instinct. The similarities are everywhere.

From the extra battery, to the this is the next thing, to trying something totally new and advertising it as revolutionary.

I will admit, I am biased. I hated my instinct with the hate of a 1000 birds who had their eggs stolen by pigs. My Evo almost balances it out...almost.

Maybe if they came out with a better version where there is no gap between the screens and it is a faster cpu then maybe it might be a little better. It would be nice if it had a verson of Honeycomb where when you use both screens it can be used like a tablet.

If this had a dual core processor and Honeycomb, it would be pretty effing sweet. It looks a little too slow for me.

Look... I appreciate the positive attitude of this write up.
I appreciate that it's "different" but just because it's different doesn't mean it's something anyone wants.
I could sell you a phone shaped like a banana...hey it's different you gonna buy?

The point is that this is a mistake.
There's no interest in this.

It was a gamble for the sake of a gamble and that is just the stupidest thing a company can do.

Sprint was coming back.
For the first time in years they were adding customers.
Then the bring all this hype and drop this bomb.
It may not look like a kin.
It may not have all the money spent on it that the kin had.
But it will have the same fate of the kin.
Hopefully it won't result in the demise of Sprint itself.

All the other carriers are laughing right now, that much I know.

Bulky crap built phone... sprint is going to make us all keep our evo's through the upgrade date... there will be no new phone for us and they will squeeze more sales out of all the Pre users up for trade

No, that's not true at all.
We KNOW that Sprint has some Android devices coming and also has a WM7 device coming.
And if HP expects to revive WebOS to ANY degree then it's going to have at least one device on Sprint as well.

Please let me KNOW what Sprint has coming up for Android in June. It is February. (That's <4months). P.S.WM7/Webos blows.

Where is anything that can go against the EVO? Sprint just showed us what it is releasing....Kyocrapa.

Clearly you are entirely underinformed.

It's WP7, not WM7. Get it right.

And WebOS does not blow, it's far superior to Android in many ways. I have an Evo and love it (Android is superior to WebOS in many ways too), but I'd switch to a WebOS phone with comparable hardware in a second--the perks of WebOS are the ones that matter most to me. I used a Pre for a year and loved the OS, hated the phone.

HP announcement today...

PERFECT PHONE = webOS UI + android app market + HTC hardware

I have an incredible, used to have a DX (gave it back), before that, the PrePlus, and before that I had the OG droid... I love Android, BUT if webOS could have the app selection of android and some better hardware, I would get that phone in a heartbeat... Anyone who has ever used webOS will agree with me on this!

Sprint = EPIC FAIL

that would require the game devs to rewrite their games to take advantage of the 2nd screen. I seriously doubt this will happen, as it will most likely not be a very popular device, and as a result, not make it worth the dev's time to rewrite their apps. only way I can see this happening is if sprint and/or Kyocera pays developers to do just that.

I don't plan on getting one and since I haven't played with it, I can't say much but I do wish that Sprint would have spent the time and resources involved in a differant way. Expanding 4g, maybe courting motorola to get some Bionic goodness, paying off Samsung to release the froyo update for my epic...the list is quite endless

A dual-screen phone is only going to work when flexible OLED screens become the norm. But 2 small screens does not equal one big screen.

I am a little disappointed but at the same time, I also owned a blackberry storm. And we all know how that went. This device could open up the door for more products like this, a phone that turns into a tab. Not a bad idea. This one in particular, I don't know. If they would have designed it to where there was no black line between the screens and both screens become one, that would be pretty cool. This device certainly didn't need a "major event" though. Everyone is complaining about the battery on this thing, well the battery life on my evo flat out sucks too!!

I don't have to play with poop to know I don't want to.

This thing has the first generation snapdragon core.
A pathetic 1375 mAh battery.
Those two details right there, coupled with two 3+" screens tell you that the battery will last a whole 2 hours.

I'll continue to take the minority position and say that I find this phone really interesting. I watch a lot of video,and like the idea of being able to watch videos while checking emails, or checking twitter while surfing the net.

I do appreciate the attempts at innovation, but if they're going to swing for the fences, they should have gone for a grand slam. The dual screen is definitely intriguing, but a 1370mAh battery is pathetic for the needs of this device and a lack of front facing camera and wimax support is really just disappointing. Hopefully they can seamlessly integrate their APIs with the upcoming fragments API, because if they pull that off, they might actually get developers working for them.

Yeah, especially coupled with the first generation snapdragon which wasn't even good on battery life to begin with.

I dare you to tell that to your manager and see what he/she does. You're an employee (in retail it appears) that's bad-mouthing a Sprint product. Maybe you need a different job, such as a garbage collector.

How ca you ask us not to badmouthing it , i just see the thing and it makes me puke seriously i cant help it

Exactly how long until that hinge breaks? Ask everyone with slider phones, there will always be some lossening, some that lock up, etc.

Coming from a Sprint Pre- I can tell you moving parts and cell phones just don't mix well.

Let's also remember that Sprint brought this on themselves.
If they would have just announced this along side a dual-core phone or something then we wouldn't have had such a harsh response.
They didn't,
They made this big production, received national attention, and then flat out embarrass themselves.

No Gingerbread, no 4G, on the heels of the $10 increase in data across the board. In my opinion, this needs to come in at $99 just to move some inventory. Nothing really to see here IMO.

Here's the deal. The hate towards this phone is misguided. It's not that people hate this phone. It's that they hate that ALL SPRINT ANNOUNCED was this phone. If Sprint would have announced a dual-core Moto Atrix clone or new HTC dual core phone, and his Kyocera, it would be understandable.

But people are worried that this Kyocera handset is going to be the ONLY thing Sprint announces between now and summer and that is what people are upset about.

Agreed mostly.
It's also about the poor implementation.
I mean...first gen snapdragon + small battery + 2 3+" screens = the worst battery life possible.

At least they are calling it a mid-level device. So then lets all hope that there is something better coming from sprint and SOON.

Yup with a standard battery and two screens.
This thing is seriously going to get 2 hours of battery life.
Not even joking.

I think it is an interesting concept.

Was it worth a big press event and David Blain? I don't know.

Since the #1 battery usage on all android phones is "Display" Will having two displays completely destroy the battery? I think so. Mostly based on the fact that they are shipping the device with two batteries, and from what I read on the specs page, it looks like you can have them both plugged into the phone at the same time. (At least that is how I read it.)

My next concern would be apps using both screens. Why would a dev spend their time optimizing their app for two screens when only one phone can take advantage of it? I think it would have been smarter to wait for Honeycomb and use the fragment metaphore to work with the second screen instead of creating brand new API's. But of course if you wait forever, you will never get anything done.

I don't think I'll be returning my shift in anticipation of this device, but kudos to Kyocera with a very impressive first offering to the android party.

Yeah that's just another concern.
There's no way devs are gonna stop and make apps that work with just one device with two screens.
This is just all around a completely silly idea.

I don't know what sprint is thinking releasing this phone. It is the worst thing I have ever seen, I don't see sprint selling much of them

I think this event was a huge waste of time, and I just read that iPad2 will not support Sprint :-(
So this means no iPhone5 in the near future, lets hope HP has better products and gives them to Sprint. Lets see what next month brings to Sprint. No one wants to deal with Sprint dont know why, maybe there horrible commercials to push the items or what not. Also hope HTC produces something for Sprint like EVO 2 or something to that affect. All 3 carriers got nice new toys except Sprint, what is going on here?
Sprint needs a new CEO or something, someone younger and who can see the future. Otherwise Sprint will keep declining. I am ready to jump to another carrier, depends what HP releases tomorrow. Since Sprint raised prices and is coming out with new package deals on April 1st.

The idea is somewhat cool, but the product is fugly. They should have worked more on making the phone look cooler and more modern. It might have had a chance then.

First gen snapdragon, poor battery life. All they needed to do was add a 3D screen and call it the Nintendy 3DS. They may have had a chance at selling a lot. I'm still looking forward to the Xperia psp phone.

I really dislike the design of it. It's bulky, and when you open it up it looks flimsy and fragile. I feel like I could easily break off that second screen easily.

everyone is bashing the sprint but I dont think that this phone is the summer killer that they usually have, it was just a normal event that we all hyped up since sprint didnt have nothing at CES…just wait until next week in barcelona…if they dont have anything there to show, then bach sprint

They won't have anything at MWC, which is usually a showcase for GSM phones. They're going to need a Hail Mary device at CTIA next month, though.

I think CTIA needs to be rescheduled to happen between CES and MWC. Spiny can't copmpete with the marketing momentum behind device announced at CES when they allow two months to go by without announcing a competing product.

If Sprint wanted a less hostile reaction, they should have announced the Echo with a press release, not a press event. The device itself is pretty inoffensive, but the presentation was way over the top.

This thing is the bees knees! Cant wait to get one. Im gunn be a screen flippin, simultaskin pimp! Ya'll better recognize!

really, really REALLY hope they dont mess up and NOT put a dual-core chip in there... or one chip in each "section" of the phone.... AT LEAST the new gen chips tho'

You say this as though the specs haven't already been released... Single core, old-gen Snapdragon. Read 'em and weep.

This is the ugliest phone I have ever seen. The only phone I wanna see on Sprint is the next generation Galaxy s. I wonder if it will have a keyboard like the Epic. See how interested I am in this new phone. I'm not.

There is a huge population of smartphone consumers that do not spend their spare time on android forums. Those people aren't sure what a gb is and they call us nerds. Those people will buy this phone. And there will be more phones like it. They took the first step in combining the tablet and the phone, and if it had a more impressive spec sheet you would buy it too. Just wait, when the Kyocera Echo 2 comes out later this year with 4g, dual core, and 4 inch seamless screens; you'll love it.

You people bashing this phone, (nerds), who eat, sleep, and breathe new tech need to calm down. This phone was not made for you. Understand that even though you comprise probably 98.5% of sites like this, in the big pot of total cellphone users you are a minority. Pull 10 random cellphone users off the street and ask them about tegra2 chips and dual core processors, flashing a rom, super amoled screens, wimax, lte, eclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, quadrant scores, sense 2.0, vanilla android, touchwiz, motoblur, etc and probably 8 of them will look at you like you're speaking a foreign language.

This includes some fellow smartphone users like yourselves. They don't care. As long as their phones do what they want them to life is grand. My girlfriend, for example has an epic and has no idea what version its running or what skin it has. There are alot of folks out there who don't care about specs, they buy stuff because its new and cool and looks kinda different. That is who this phone is aimed at. Also, someone tell me where did Sprint say that this was their only phone coming out in 2011? So all you who are talking about jumping ship need to relax. The evo wasn't announced till about March last year and the epic was even later. So take it easy. The last thing I have to say is this is a free market economy, if u don't like it, don't buy it! I have an evo, and while I wouldn't give up my beloved evo for this device I see no reason to badmouth it either.

Definitely well spoken, and very true. It's the second week of february, and everyone's acting like this is the only phone coming out and "DEATH TO SPRINT!". I'm glad someone could put together exactly what i was thinking.

the amount of hysteria and harsh words for this thing is insane. Seems like some of these people are personally angry and offended as though Sprint and Keyocera insulted their mothers or ran over their pets. Lmao. Its absolutely ridiculous.

You make a good point. Frankly, as smartphone geeks we should ahve known better. If they were really releasing something that would blow us out of the water, would they be inviting a magician? It's all a show, and the Echo does put on a show for those not in the know.

What you wrote is definitely close to true about people feeling like their mommas have been insulted... it's that their intelligence has been insulted. I mean, I was expecting something really good to compete with what other carriers announced at CES. Many people say we'll still get those amazing phones later on, maybe at MWC or CTIA. But even so, it just really seems like they are CLOSE but not quite there with this new phone, even for people who don't know about phones.

I have seen many non-geek phone users put down smartphones and walk away because of:
--poor battery life
--Laggy performance
--confusing use

As far as I can tell, the Echo has all three of those in spades. I can see normal everyday customers BUYING the phone, but I don't see many of them being very happy with it.

I don't necessarily think our intelligence was insulted, I think a lot of us let our imaginations run wild. Yes, we can blame Sprint for the secrecy and hyping the hell outta this, but what company doesn't tout their new things as being the latest and greatest and one of a kind? Look at the Verizon lte commercials, they make it seem like you'll become a Greek God or something if you use their 4G lol. Such is the nature of advertising and like it or not Sprint did a pretty good job creating a buzz around the launch this device.

As far as the issues u mentioned, I agree. but also take into account that no one has had any real world time with the device and what we saw in the video clip was a preproduction model. I'm sure the lag and force closes will be addressed before it hits the general public. Sprint can't release it like that especially after all the hoopla they've created for it.

I do think that they're onto something with this device though. Phones are becoming a bigger part of our daily routines and we are expecting them to do more and more. We want to do more and more on the go. Not everyone is going to want to carry a tablet and a phone and I believe devices like this will fill that gap. Sprint is trying to be innovative and we must remember that most initial innovations are ugly and far from smooth. The Wright brothers prototype airplanes were horrible and have no resemblance to the aircraft of today, but without them we wouldn't have private jets, fighter jets, airlines, space travel etc. Someone has to be first and Sprint was first was this. I'm sure they'll be first with other things too. Remember its been just under a year since they were first with a 4G phone which a lot of us (me included) love. Sprint is aware of how wildly successful the Evo & Epic have been and still are and I'm confident that they have some new goodies in the pipeline. They'd be fools not to.

Two problems I see with this device; Kyocera and Sprint. Both are tier 2 companies trying to make a headline. When was the last time Kyocera had a hit phone? Sprint's 4G roll out seems to be DOA with their partner, Clearwire.

Why the hell would they use that glossy plastic by the screen. Fingerprint magnet. It looks like the original fat ps3. Horribly choice for something you are gonna hold in your hand. Use a matte plastic. Glossy phones look cheap.

I think this is kinda cool. Sure, I wouldn't replace my Droid X with this... but it's a novel idea and a first step in a new direction. Like others have said, this will not be the first and only phone to play with this concept of dual fold out screens. And I'm excited to see what other manufacturers do with this in the future. Has a lot of potential (the concept).

If you buy this phone I have dual swamp land to sell you in Florida. And as far as Webos is concerned, its great for little kids who do simplistic tasks with their phones.

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well im a curious kind of guy. I will get this for one of my kids and buy the evo 3d for myself and while im at it im gonna add the Arrive to my arsenal as well. i like to play with all phones and see what the hype is if there is one. im not in the habit of knocking shit b4 i try it. It may be a gimmick but hell i may like it :) . opinions r like assholes, everyone has one and if you're lucky two lol