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At a recent conference, Sprint announced that they have sold 1 million LTE devices and counting. As much as it might pain us Android fans, the iPhone 5 is listed there and probably helped Sprint at least a little bit in crossing that milestone. Sprint has a lengthy list of new LTE markets it plans on addressing before the end of 2013 in addition to its existing 19 metropolitan coverage zones. Sprint's LTE network is relatively young, having only launched in mid-July, so it's understandable that they're pumped about the milestone. 

For all of the LTE devices it has sold, Sprint still has a lot of financial ground to make up, but with the holiday season around the corner, at least they'll have a slightly easier time addressing that challenge. I just can't help but imagine Verizon and AT&T bigwigs (who have been selling LTE devices for a long time now) chortling at Sprint's LTE device sales figure.

Sprint customers, what's your favorite LTE device that they're offering? The rest of y'all, are there any Sprint-exclusive devices that tempt you to switch, or is service the key differentiator for you?

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Sprint hits 1 million LTE devices sold


I have a Sprint tower 1/2 a mile down the road from my house. I saw the service tech there and went over to ask about LTE. He could only say not yet, but he did tell me what to look for on the tower to know when LTE was being installed. But he did fix the wonky 3G signal problems in 20 minutes.

It's kinda nice to know that Sony Ericsson is supplying the LTE equipment for Sprint.

Sold me a 4G 2 years ago with a promise... Still waiting. Bought the S3 LTE for my wife and she's been waiting... ...

...that's EXACTLY along the lines I was thinking.

Hopefully the rumors of LTE availability in Chicago this weekend will come true. Not holding my breath tho.

However, I do have a GS3, so I'm one of those million. O.o

I can only dream of LTE, Sprint hasn't bothered to give my town 3G yet. Still on 1xRTT!!!! Meanwhile Verizon has LTE here and AT&T has very good 3G....

Wish that were an option, we have six lines all under contract still and two airaves. Sadly the airaves even show as under contract in my account :(

I hear ya. A few weeks ago I got the Evo LTE and one of the 1st things I did was go into the settings and switched it to CDMA only. 1/2 of our town has decent enough 3G, while the other is still stuck at 1X, and at my house I have to use an Airave for service. The only netwark that has ever worked from my home is iDEN lol..

The Galaxy Nexus! I was able to experience about 2 minutes of LTE service while on the tarmac in Houston. It was fast. It was a tease of what's coming to NYC, I hope.

So am I reading too much into the fact that it seems as if Sprint is saying: "here is the iPhone 5, the phone that needs no description" have they drank last drop of Apple Juice? Hmmm Maybe it's saying "here are some awesome Android phones, look at some of their cool features, oh yeah and this is the iPhone 5 but who cares, CHECK OUT THESE ANDROIDS!"

Well I guess if I had LTE it would be my SIII. Supposedly Chicago is going live within the next month or two so keeping my fingers crossed!

FYI, I'm in a 1st tier city, and I'm just now starting to really see 4G pop up here and there. (Dallas/Ft Worth)

I got 22 down in Ft worth in the hood last week on my way through (Rosedale & I35)... It was mind blowing to see that number on my poor little EVO 4G LTE...

That's why you don't let salesman dictate to you what you want. Do your research, walk into Sprint store, tell them what you want. If they give you any lip, you tell em to pound sand and to give you what you want.

But sorry man. That sucks.


I've never understood why all these people believed their local Sprint sales rep over the cell phone insiders on the internet. They obviously read cell phone blogs (and possibly cell phone forums), so they should have known "no, my city is not going to have WiMax in the next 6 months". I just don't get it.

Interesting to see the galaxy note 2 on there. Can't imagine that has added anything to the numbers yet. :p

My daughter has the LG Viper and I am waiting for the Galaxy Note 2; No LTE in out town any time soon. We are not even in the 100 cities list

So what? I live in Detroit where we are NEVER going to get 4G service and the 3G is crap. If it wasn't prohibitively expensive to jump ship, I would.

Ironically, Cleveland has Wimax while Detroit never officially turned theirs on, though you can occasionally snag a wave in the New Center and Wayne State University areas.

I priced up some AT&T and it would be about $15 month more, but I'd have decent speeds NOW and not some never-arriving date in the future. Sorry, but paying the $10 "EVO tax" for over two years and getting dial-up speeds has taken my patience to the limits.

I share the same pain as you my friend. When att announced that their 4g was live in detroit, tons of thoughts of switching crossed through my head. I'm considering it. But definitely not verizon... Not a fan

With my credit...I would have to mortgage my home, my 3 kids, and put my truck up for collateral to goto one of the other rip-off artists.

Never say never. Detroit is scheduled to get its first LTE sites next month. Target launch date is in the first half of next year.

next month , next year no matter what you say or hear DETROIT don't have it now, VERIZON and AT&T does and you should pay for what you get.

And 3G in Minnesota keeps getting slower and slower. The only reason I am holding out is the unlimited data with LTE. I will just have to wait til Spring in Minnesota because I really doubt they will install new towers in the colder Fall / Winter weather.

With my work discount after taxes I pay $137 for two smart phones. That's why I stay. T mobiles plans could lure me maybe but their coverage isn't good in my area. At least it seems my friends with t mobile are the only people I seem to have issues with as far as call quality. Att is too expensive and verizon locks their phones down too much for me to ever consider them even if they weren't the most expensive unless I knew the phone I wanted could be unlocked.

As for phone, I am sporting the EVO LTE and couldn't be happier. Until I actually have LTE of course. I'm in the same boat in MN as the previous poster. I'm relying on wifi basically until late fall to spring when supposedly there will be LTE sites turning on. I'm in the metro so my area should be among the first.

What LTE phones? you really mean LTE capibable devices,
Man I'm in Detroit. MI. ( which is a large market) and I have 3 LTE or 4G able phones, I feel as if I'm being screw cause i been waiting since the first HTC EVO came out for LTE or 4G phones.
Matter fact i'm the fool , i'm going to verizon why wait.

I feel sorry for those saps who believed the LTE hype where there is no Sprint LTE (90% ?). You'll notice there is not even a single city in Ohio on that "lengthy list". I am certain Sprint has written off the Dayton market (never even got Wi-Max). But now it looks like outside the three largest cities, Ohio doesn't exist for Sprint. I am just waiting till I know I'll have a job come January and then, after 10 years with Sprint, I'll be gone.

That's exactly why I left Sprint a few months back. I live in the Cleveland area & we have Wimax but those speeds are about the same as my 3G speeds on Verizon...just horrible!!

I'm a golfer. I have a set of clubs that were built and tested to hit the ball farther and straighter than the clubs I had before. These new clubs are the latest technology and they look great. But...they forgot to inform me that they didn't include the specific to take full advantage of all these goodies. I'm just sayin'.

I stick with sprint for the price. I I buy the phone because I want new technology. I wifi like crazy. When we get LTE it will be a plus. The service will come but I buy the phones I still want because I like new toys.

Seriously, thank you. I WiFi because the 260$ we pay to Greedy Big Red doesn't mean I have freaking 4G LTE on my early adopted $300 GNex. And, the 4G coverage in ATL is BS because, most times, the connection is dropped or switched to 3G. (ATL is in the foothills of two eastern mountain ranges). When the GNote2 hits, we're moving to the cheaper Sprint, and I'm selling my GNex.

What part? I am in NW Houston (Cypress) and can't get an LTE signal to save my life.

For those who mention LTE will be a "plus" (re: person who uses wi-fi like crazy), you are paying an added $10 a month for an Advanced Data Device, but not getting advanced data. This is what is keeping me from upgrading the 2 4G Wi-max lines and the 3G line on my family account.

Uhhh... you should be paying that $10 per 4G-capable phone anyway (yes, even with Wimax phones). Unless you've got Wimax where you are now, there's no real reason to hang on to them.

I KNOW this.

My point was, Wimax is spotty at best, thus paying the $10 fee for something that works maybe 40% of the time and slower than most wi-fi connections ain't cutting it.

Why would I upgrade an Optimus S to a 4G LTE phone at this point? Why change our EVO and EVO 3D to say an Iphone 5 or any LTE phone? I would essentially be paying that $10 add on per phone for 3G coverage. And from reading many posts, Network Vision isn't all that Sprint makes it out.

I get 29 down at my job all day around North Loop and 290, and in Katy where I live I get a little less at 17 down. So I am enjoying it tons. I use FoxFi to tether with when I'm at work on my laptop and it also works great.

Sorry Sprint! As much as I love you and was rooting for you as the underdog, Our love affair has ended. Verizon Wireless has my attention now. for 4 years I waited. I was patient with you. You made promises. Wimax was crappy! I can't even stream Spotify while i'm at work without it stuttering. Why was I paying $10 Extra on 3 lines again? for Unlimited Data right? What good is unlimited data and the network can't perform? I will think about the times we had. Thanks for NOTHING!!

That is a 120 million a year extra in fees for a service provided to probably 2000 users.... what a BARGAIN! Sprint My GNex wants LTE NOW!.

How long have At&t & vilerizon been working on their lte networks? Close to 2 years give or take? They're not done yet...
Yet Sprint has just started working on lte w/in the last 6 months, barely have any cities up and running & plan to be completed in a little over a year??? Something doesn't jibe...

okay so sprint has 19 cities with lte. compared to att 44.i think that this is good. I live in Milwaukee and never got wimax nor lte (yet). from listening to a few podcast the way sprint is implementing lte is the best way because the technology is a generation ahead of att and vz. so once sprint is upgraded they are SUPPOSED to be able to just flip a switch for the lte and lte advanced where vz and att will need to upgrade towers to take lte to the next level.

anyways I'm rocking the gnex. had the evo lte and gs3 too but this is the sweet spot for me. The evo is my second fav because of the screen and quality of materials. However I'm pre ordering the NOTE I just have to because there are times for work that if I had that functionality I could actbe productive without going to the office. so the plan is paying full price for the note and tether it to my Nexus for work. It's going to be sweet.

saying 19 cities is misleading. I live in Dallas which was one of the initial markets. While we have a few towers here and there I cant say we have LTE at all. maybe once they get done with the build but right now its non-existant. I can only imagine the other 19 cities are the exact same

I love paying for LTE service and knowing that I've seen it connect for a gand total of about four minutes during a business trip to KC. Well done, Sprint...keep up the great work with my money each month. smh

And most of those LTE device customers are unhappy because there is no LTE service. I bought a Samsung Epic 4G a couple of years ago and we still do not have 4G or LTE in Dayton, OH. This customer will soon be a former customer after switching to T-Mobile in the next week or two. They have SPEED!

I've also been paying the extra $10 dollar a month "Data Charge" how do I get my money back?

I'm a happy sprint customer the past 8 years in a market that did get wimax & listed listed in the first 100 cities... Wimax was okay but sucked overall I had the epic 4G touch and now I have the sgs3 still waiting for lte but I knew what IwIwas buying before they even announced that list.... I KNEW WHAT I WAS BUYING AND SO DID YOU SO DONT BLAME SPRINT FOR FEATURES YOU CANT USE YET

I somewhat agree with this. Everyone here knew, or should have known that the rollout of LTE was in its infancy and would not be complete for two years at the earliest. But those "average" consumers who walk in and buy the device the sales person pushes might just have absolutely no clue.

Still their responsibility I think. "Salesperson" is not a new job title with new objectives. I'm sure they wouldn't be happy to hear me say this, but I anticipate the attempted ripoff, up sell, emotional argument. I've fallen for it and kicked myself wishing I could blame them. Now, I research forever. Still get burned even then (my early GNex purchase), but the customer has to learn to be responsible.

those 1 million devices are only good as lte phones if there is service! lol, I am not falling for that one! I bought an evo 3d with wimax expected, it did not happen in my area and never will! looking to switch carriers, I do not care how many devices they have sold, it only works lte speeds if there is lte in the area lol. good luck with that

Sprint announces a city is LTE capable when it has around 40% coverage I think, maybe less. So, once your city is announced there is a good chance you may not like what you get for another 6+ months. Supposedly when all is done you should get LTE where you get 3G in those areas I believe.

Check out Lots of great info on LTE for Sprint at that site including dates and how far along they are.

BTW, Sprint will probably raise rates when more LTE cities have gone live:

I don't know about anyone else but the price is what has kept me around. If the price isn't there I will definitely go where I get the best LTE coverage so hopefully they realize that...

sprint was slightly ahead of the curve on 4g implementation with wimax. on paper wimax appeared the better technology, but in the real world not so much...

from what i understand, the cities that are active lte for sprint arent even 50% built out, so even when lte hits your area odds are you may or may not have it available.

2014 is my prediction for enough lte to cover most people. and in the mean time there wont be any contract renewal for my 2 lines.

one final caveat...

knowing sprint, they will under build the network and be in the same situation data wise as they are now...

1 million phones sold and LTE coverage that covers about 14 people... Come on sprint if I cant LTE I'd settle for 3g that gets at least 500kbps. PLEASE!

I stream music while driving down the highway... on Sprint's 3G. I've even streamed YouTube whilst being a passenger. I guess I'm just lucky.

Wonder how many of thon are actually getting LTE?

Not to rain on the party but I had the EVO 4G when Sprint first released that here in Phoenix. Got that phone knowing that we did not have 4G WIMAX yet. But was told that it should be here in the next few months and did not show up until about six months ago. It is very spotty with no solid connections at all. I got fed up and went to AT&T and bought Samsung Galaxy Note for me and GALAXY S3 for the family. Could not be happier with the network, I know that sprint Has "unlimited" plans, but when it take for ever to do anything its not worth it to wait 5 minutes to dounload a song when I can do it in 30 seconds on AT&T'
It just sounds like the same empty pro miles from Sprint.

I agree with you Intocad, except I think I am going with Verizon and the Note 2! Empty Pro Miles is what it is!