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It looks like many users with the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) on Sprint are receiving a relatively large -- about 157MB -- OTA update on their devices. Grant, who sent us the above screenshot, notes that this is a Samsung software update and not a regular firmware update. Sprint's support pages indicate that the update to software version L710VPMA6 brings updates to the voicemail app, adds SMS features and fixes calendar sync issues. Users in the forums have also reported that it fixes a security exploit.

Sprint users have yet to see the update that would bring Samsung's premium suite to the device, and will have to wait a bit longer as this update doesn't have it included. Has your device pulled down the update yet? Let us know here and in the forums what changes you're seeing after the install.

Source: Sprint; More: Sprint Galaxy S3 Forums; Thanks, Grant!


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Sprint Galaxy S3 receiving large OTA update


I just got this phone the other day and rooted it. Where do I got to find the update after I have done that? Still on stock just rooted.

i am rooted but u need to reinstall the stock recovery and then get triangle away its an app to make your binary flash count go back to zero do a search for it on youtube it walks u through how to do it then get voodoo OTA Rootkeeper it will temp unroot ur device so you can watch streaming apps and get your ota updates i think you also have to pay for triangle away

When I grow up, I wanna be a "pure" sheep just like you. No convenient gesture options and such for us, we elitists know that being a real android fan means mentioning "vanilla" and "Nexus" whenever necessary. Heil Google, brother!


I see minor difference like for example when you pull down notification bar the the clock font is now much thinner. The voicemail app now has more share options. As for the SMS app not much of a difference. And no multi window or gallery update. Ehh it is what it is and minor update is better than nothing lol

Jeez, my carrier (insert name here) is so slow releasing updates...I'm four updates behind everyone carrier sucks...I deserve the latest and greatest because that's what I'm paying for...
Oh, this latest update, it does nothing worthwhile. Why did my carrier even bother me about it?
Damned if you do, damned if you don't...

I noticed they updated the camera. You now can long press the camera button to take photo bursts. I also noticed a slight lag in the Swype keyboard coming up. Anyone have a list of what this update made better, or worse??...

get the real swype beta app, it was updated yesterday, MUCH BETTER! and check the skins, I Have the cloud for my white note

So happy I bought the Note 2. I'd hate to be one of the ones on here whining after buying the lower end phone. People want to cram a Mustang motor into a Ford Focus....smh

@ donnie623 Really.... Last time I checked, the only difference in the S3 and your Note is that you look like you're holding a laptop to your head while on a call.... Just because the Note has a ridiculously over-sized screen and you paid just as ridiculous premium ($100 more) doesn't mean the S3 is "lower end". I'm afraid your little Mustang analogy has no bearing here other than physical size. Maybe a better analogy would be a sports car(S3) to a Lincoln Towne Car(Note). lol Get a life my friend. ;-)

This is Grant, I'm the one who got the update and tipped off AC, this was not a firmware update but a Samsung update, after checking things out I don't know the small details but it looks like I now have new widgets for samsungs apps and services

Got the update today. It appears they are being pushed out in batches not at the same time meaning that you can't manually download it until is pushed to you and than you can install. As for other carriers that often let other companies be test dummies to see if there are any glitches etc before releasing it to their customers. You guys will thank them later for doing so. Often updates do have problems with them. The only thing I notice is that the update to my phone made it inoperable for over 2hrs because it went through it twice, and no I don't have it rooted and yes I have 100% battery but than again it's Sprint and that saids everything in regards to speed. Like one person said the time and date where you pull down the status bar shows smaller. The camera now has the option where you can hold it down and you can do camera burst which is great. Also maybe it's just me but the camera also seem much clearer than before but than again like I said maybe it's just me lol. Also when I went into the messaging app it states that Samsung Keyboard can store all of the text you enter, except passwords and numbers in order to give better prediction results. From that screen it gives you and option to press okay or click settings if you do not want your personal data stored. When you go to settings it gives you a predicitve text option for personalized data to be turned on and off. You can also personalize styles to learn from gmail, facebook. twitter, messaging and contacts.There is also now a google settings option icon that appears in green which allows you options like google+, apps with google+ sign in maps and lattitude, searches etc all in one place. There is now a icon I never seen before called group play. Also just be warned most all the apps on your phone will go through updates once this is done from what it appears on my phone. Well other than that is all I have seen change. I will update later on how the new messaging works or if there is any glitches after updating to see if it's more of a pain or actually worth the update. Sorry for the long response but I know others have not received it and wanted to know some of the changes. Not a biggie but maybe preparing us for something bigger. We can only hope right :)

Hi all,
I finally received the MA6 update today. I installed it and when the phone rebooted, it notified me of another system update. I downloaded and installed the new update. My phone is now MB1. Just as an FYI to all.

Same thing happened to me. I thought that was a bit odd.

Oddly even though I'm rooted it updated. It took away my root permissions (using the stock kernal) and I had to redo the whole SuperSU/Odin v1.85 thing again, but phone is back to normal.

Hi Nate..

when you said back to normal you mean with root permissions?
Dou you like this uodate, run faster better signal?

Updated 2 days ago. Now I can't turn off the keyboard text sound and also won't close and lock the screen after the set delay.

i never had issues with my phone, now i freaking hate it! dont isntall the update, all i get daily are errors and have issues with apps like whats app and even my keyboard has glitchs now.

i barely have any apps installed, my phone ran flawless before update. now it sucks

Have you tried booting into recovery and wiping the phone's cache, and if you can, Dalvik cache, then rebooting? That may help.

Updated my phone last night now it will not power up! Tried the soft reset, replacing the battery and charger and still nothing and it won't even show a charge light when plugged in and the phone is only three days old! Not a happy camper :-(

why they decided to change the share feature on the photo album is beyond me. I think it was very useful to have the icon next to the share button instead of having to open all the options every time.