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Sprint has kept itself in the news cycle pretty intensely in the last few weeks -- what with all of that getting bought by Softbank and such -- and now it has another big announcement. Today Sprint will finally take a controlling interest in partner Clearwire, purchasing 30.9 million Class A shares (and fractional interests in some Class B shares) for $100 million. Sprint will now own 50.8-percent of the company. Previously, the two companies simply had a business partnership, with Sprint as a large investor.

The initial partnership was formed to deploy WiMax for Sprint and Clearwire customers. Since then, Sprint has made the decision to move towards LTE, and needed a controlling stake in Clearwire in order to use their vast spectrum holdings without restriction.

Source: Reuters


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Sprint finally takes controlling stake in Clearwire


I wonder if this is the signal of the start of the spending spree with all that new investment money??

They can't move this LTE/3G Vision thing along fast enough.

Yep. It is weak sauce.

Reading the S company news like this, 'softbank wants S & softbank wants clearwire.'

you get what you pay for when it comes to carrier... i switched to verizon back in march and love it there isn't one place i have been yet (with the exception of the hunting spot) that i didn't have 4g and that includes pretty much every city from Louisville KY to Orlando FL. To top it off my bill is only about 15$ more a month.

And you have caps/limits... And for many, it is more than $15.

Sprint has great phones, great plans, great coverage, great customer service, and great pricing. They generally don't have much in the way of great data speeds, unless you are fortunate to live in some very select areas. That, alone, COULD be worth it for some people to switch to a significantly more expensive carrier and give up unlimited data.

Sprint can't finish this "Vision" upgrade fast enough. When they do, AND if they can hold onto all the other nice things they have now (listed above), they will suddenly become a HUGE force for Verizon and AT&T to have to compete with.

Kinda predictable, with Softbank being a done deal. Great move! These two moves will make Sprint a strong competitor to ATT & Verizon. Next year is going to be an exciting one for Sprint customers.

Certainly not a surprise. The question is whether Sprint/SB will start making strategic decisions where to deploy, or will CW's existing management still 'collaborate' re site locations?

ClearWire is still wholesaling its WiMax service and Sprint is in the Wholesale business. I believe NetZero's 4G service runs on WiMax. Boost And Virgin also run on it so in some part it is worth alot to keep for Sprint and SB. I do hope that this will one, Expand 4G for Boost and Virgin and 2 help Sprint to deploy and complete there LTE plans on time or sooner. With the NoteII my 3G and Wifi at home will do for me now since I rarely run my 4G(WiMax) only for big videos when i'm out but for those that need it Sprint needs to make them happy so they can gain more in the Contract side of customer growth.