Droid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTE

Two of the spring's hottest phones -- side by side, head to head. The Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE and the Sprint EVO 4G LTE. Both are the latest entries in their respective iconic lines, and both should serve their carriers well.

But while they're both HTC phones, it's obvious they're from different cuts of the cloth. As we've already written, the EVO 4G LTE is a close cousin to the HTC One X, in specs if not in name. The DInc 4G, meanwhile, is a continuation of the Incredible line. (As I wrote in our forums, it is not Verizon's version of the HTC One S, or the One X, or the One V. It's a completely different phone.)

The EVO is the more svelte of the pair, longer and leaner. The DInc 4G is more stout, with a smaller display and a rubberized, textured removable battery cover. But it still feels pretty good to the touch, thanks to the smaller form factor. 

One common thread is HTC Sense 4, which is similar in look and performance across both devices. Both carry Beats audio, and both will be using the latest Qualcomm Krait S4 chip. Where things start to diverge is in the camera department. The EVO, being a derivative of the HTC One line, has the all-important ImageSense (or ImageChip) system. That means an incredibly quick shutter time (0.7 seconds), as opposed to the DInc 4G, which is still fairly fast, but it's obviously not anything you could call "zero-lag" speed. We'll need to test the DInc 4G camera in the wild, too, before passing final judgment, but we're also not expecting images to turn out quite as nice. 

We've got a bevy of pics after the break. Check 'em out.

Droid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTEDroid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTE

Droid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTEDroid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTE

Droid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTEDroid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTE

Droid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTEDroid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTE

Droid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTEDroid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTE

Droid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTEDroid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTE

Droid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTEDroid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTE

Droid Incredible 4G LTE and the EVO 4G LTE

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Cat Hat Man says:

its like a ford probe sitting next to a ford gt.

KoukiFC3S says:

The S4 in the Incredible is slower at 1.2GHz vs 1.5GHz in the EVO.

crxssi says:

Yep, the Droid Incredible 4g is significantly slower due to underclocking. And has a smaller screen, and worse screen technology, and worse resolution, and worse camera (speed anyway) and is thicker, and has no kickstand, and a smaller battery, and non-machined back, and no dedicated camera button. NO CONTEST AT ALL- the Evo LTE wins in every category except non-removable battery.

Now if only Sprint's 3G would give me more than 120 kbps while waiting for LTE... and waiting.... and waiting... :(

Actually, it's not underclocked, HTC told me this afternoon.

Phil find out why Verizon removed Image Sense or DON'T COME HOME!

LOL! Hilarious.

codiusprime says:

They've already said why, it's reserved for the One series of phones.

Nev says:

The EVO isn't a One series device and it has it...or did I miss something?

nbell978 says:

It's a One X with a different name and a kickstand

Continuation of nbell13's post

...and a micro sd card slot and a dedicated camera button and a bigger battery and better build quality. So, similar is some specs with more features and a completely different looks. EVO is a different phone.

Dutchmasta says:

victim of branding much?

glazedfaith says:

So if it's not underclocked, that's actually way worse, right? Can't overclock it so reliably?

Very soon Sprint's 3G and 4G speeds will be blazing fast...Network Vision is moving along fast.

bluesamg says:

how are you so sure.. i mean with all the people hogging up sprint data.. and people are getting sprint lte phones before lte actually comes out so it might be slower and you guys are stuck on slow 3g until you get 4g, if it actually comes out

glazedfaith says:

I can't quite figure out what your point is.

inyrules says:

Seems to me he's saying that there's no telling when Sprint's LTE will be available in certain (big) markets, and during this time, everyone who bought an LTE phone will be forced to use Sprint's 3G, thus slowing down the network for all users.

dtreo says:

But I'd bet that the vast majority of Sprint LTE buyers (like me) are current Sprint users with Wimax-capable phones that rarely, if ever, use Wimax (like me). So the impact on the 3G network is a wash, right? I don't think people are leaving ATT and Verizon in droves to port over to Sprint for an EVO LTE (or GNex LTE).

Actually, it would be interesting to see an analysis of EVO LTE buyers. What percentage of them are prior EVO 4G or other EVO variant owners? Tons, I'm betting. Or SN4G or SGSII.

pckocher says:

I bought the EVO 4G at launch, and WiMax never came to my suburb. I am getting VERY tired of 3G, and of having only 512 MB internal memory. I would love to upgrade to the EVO 4G LTE, but it will probably be a year or more until Sprint LTE gets to my area.

Verizon, in the meantime, DOES provide LTE where I live. Time to switch? AT&T is terrible where I live, by the way, so the One X is not a realistic option.

Head over to www.s4gru.com and you will see maps of Sprint's Network Vision upgrades. Network Vision is not just adding LTE, it will also be upgrading to 1xRTT / 3G Advanced (with average speeds of 1.6-2.5mbps), HD Voice and eventually VoLTE. So no, all of their networks will be faster and were over-engineered to support unlimited data.

unklsckness says:

Verizon.......FAIL for releasing this phone unless it is for $99

Orion78 says:

This is not even a contest. EVO LTE all the way.

kevallen83 says:

Is the EVO supposed to be a black background? If so, the screen on the Incredible looks a lot nicer. Not washed out like the EVO.

Then again, I probably have no idea what I'm talking about...

KoukiFC3S says:

It's supposed to be a carbon fiber looking background.

The EVO actually has one of the best displays out right now. It's a super lcd 2 and it looks amazing on the One X!

sprinter#AC says:

Correction: it IS the best display out right now :-P

Hope that's just humor, because I personally prefer the Galaxy Nexus screen over it. I think the HD SAMOLED is better, but its all up to people's opinions.

It's a personal preference but most reviewers agree the Super IPS LCD 2 is sharper as it doesn't use Pentile technology and colors are true to life and not as over-saturated like AMOLED.

It's a personal preference but most reviewers agree the Super IPS LCD 2 is sharper as it doesn't use Pentile technology and colors are true to life and not as over-saturated like AMOLED.

WisdomWolf says:

I, for one, certainly prefer SLCD2. I can't stand pentile. I had to deal with it on my epic and not only did text have a screen door effect, but color gradients (especially gray) broke the interpolation and looked like someone ate your colors and then vomited on the display. I went back to the terrible viewing angles and washed out display on my Evo 4G rather than having to look at that. The SLCD2 display in my LTEvo is crisp, has excellent color reproduction, and viewing angles that rival my iPad and wife's iPhone. It's too bad Samsung couldn't produce a SAMOLED+ 720p display in time or I would have seriously considered going to Verizon and picking up a GSIII. As it stands right now Verizon doesn't have a single decent phone compared to LTEvo, which is too bad since I love their network.

crxssi says:

The background on the pictured Evo is a blue herringbone-like pattern (and the photo is not lighted well nor in focus). The Droid Incredible is not even LCD2, and also won't have a sealed-to-glass display. It won't be able to touch the screen of the Evo LTE.

pappy53 says:

The Incredible screen looks much sharper. The EVO should be a better phone, as it is basically the One X, while the Incredible is a great mid-level phone that will sell very well due to a smaller screen. The speeds will not be very different between the 2 phones, as the Inc is pushing a smaller screen and less pixels. I just don't understand comparing the Inc. to top-tier phones, when it is mid-level. But it will probably hold it's own, anyway.

"The Incredible screen looks much sharper."

Sorry, but you really can't compare fairly without looking at the devices themselves. A compressed jpeg photo, that's not even that great of a photo to begin with (I mean come on; the LTE isn't even in focus, while the Incredible is) is not a good indicator.

glazedfaith says:

^ This

pappy53 says:

The text on the weather is MUCH sharper on the INC., and they are both in focus.

Robbzilla says:

Look at the head to head showing weather... The Dinc is fuzzier. If you look at the side by side with the weather, it's the EVO that's out of focus. Put the two pics side by side and the EVO looks like paper. The Dinc looks like a normal screen. These pics were likely taken with a cellphone. The DoF is lousy, and if you really think that they're an honest representation of either of these phones, you're sadly mistaken.

Dutchmasta says:

i just used a One X and there is nothing that isn't sharp about the screen. it's smooth as butter.

wonkman says:

I don't think the Incredible looks better at all. The EVO screen is MUCH sharper.

pappy53 says:

The icons and the text are MUCH sharper on the Incredible.

wonkman says:


pappy53 says:

Put on your glasses, and then get back to me.

I think you're the one who needs glasses. The EVO has a 720p SLCD2 display, compared to a qHD, or 540p, display with only SLCD. Not to mention a much higher pixel density as well.

pappy53 says:

I know that the EVO will have a better display, but in THESE pictures the Inc. is sharper. It should be, as it is a top-tier phone, whereas the Inc. is mid-tier.

salvasaur says:

I'm pretty sure it's a grey background. If you look at the status bar, it's much darker than the wallpaper.

BigDinCA says:

Apparently Verizon thinks it's cloudy in NOLA and Sprint thinks there are thunderstorms - who's right, Phil?

chubb says:

There is also a 6° difference in temps too.

glazedfaith says:

Well, to be fair, if there are thunderstorms, it's usually cloudy, which means they are both right. Additionally, two weather stations a mile apart can have slightly different conditions, fluctuating as much as 10 degrees, or even more in the presence of a cold front. Nobody should ever depend on weather reports for exact data...just look up outside.

Good Job Verizon. The specs of the original evo and incredible were neck and neck, except the screen size. Now two years later you obviously made a lesser phone. Could've made an amazing one series device. Or a truely incredible device. This is neither. ...good job

DougB541#CB says:

Just noticed...the antenna in the Evo is in the polycarbonate part....looks like 3rd party covers may not be plentiful as i thought.

tommydaniel says:

i think that's the NFC

bokajay says:

wow, didn't know it does not have ImageSense

LG Lucid > Droid Incredible 4G LTE. If Verizon charges anything over $100 for this it should be a crime.

blueletter says:

with a lower resolution screen, older processor and older version of android? yeah ok.

bigcatman says:

I'm sorry, did you just say LG makes a better device than HTC? I don't care what the specs are, LG phones are complete crap. The G1 is better than any LG phone.

Verizon shouldn't even be calling this HTC model an Incredible.

kinster02 says:

The Evo all the way

wonkman says:

Verizon is always trying to sell crummy gimped phones as good phones. Or selling good phones for $300.

They have to do something to make up for the gigantic iFone subsidy so they lay it on their loyal Android users. Oh and thanks for the $30 fee to buy this Verizon.

svinyard says:

PHIL! Speaker phones?? How is the quality? Really hoping the EVO line FINALLY has a decent speaker phone.


If the EVO has a speaker phone like that of the Bold 9900 I'd be sooooooo happy. Bold 9900 is the best speaker phone I've used.

BrianBaker says:

Oh My God thank you...I've been waiting to hear about the external speaker quality for the longest time..If it can be like the Original Evo Ill be happy...the external speaker on the Evo 3D was a damn joke.

ro1224 says:

I'm really starting to think these phones are getting too big. My current EVO 4G at 4.3" is enough to handle. Now I'm considering the Samsung GNexus at 4.65". I've looked at the HTC One X at 4.7 and even considered waiting for the Galaxy S III at 4.8, but I think 4.65 is about as far as I should go if I still expect to be able to handle the phone with one hand. HTC, Samsung and company, PLEASE make phones AND tablets not PHABLETS!

Grahaman27 says:

I am with you, the move to bigger phones is narrowing the market for smaller phones. all the good phones are huge! the incredible is a good size, but for $300?? c'mon.

glazedfaith says:

I greatly doubt they'll actually ask $300 when this phone makes it to market. If they do, of course, then you and all the others will teach them by not buying.

VDub2174 says:

I'm not a fan of phablets either. I don't like the direction phones are going in and hope companies like HTC keep their phones to a reasonable size. I thought my EVO 4G and MoPho were big when I first got them but the E4GT is noticibly bigger.

IceDree says:

I gotta say, The EVO grew on me alot ....

Just wait til' it comes in all-white.

movielover76 says:

Hardly a comparison, and I really don't think these phones are on the same level, evo is high-end, incredible is mid-level android. I think the high end htc phone on verizon is still to come.
I like the EVO 4G LTE, too bad it's on sprint's horrid network lol.

cyko68 says:

It seems while the screen size is getting bigger, 4.3" now up to 4.8"... They've used more of the front (less edging)... So the screen is getting bigger, but the devices really aren't. I've been waiting for the EVO LTE... Can't wait for mine!

Was thinking about getting the Dinc 4G. Now I think I'm gonna wait for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

We had a good rub HTC.

Was thinking about getting the Dinc 4G. Now I think I'm gonna wait for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

We had a good run HTC.

bluesamg says:

Both in verizon red..
What happened to verizons naming schemes too?
I mean serio? The thunderbolt would have been better Incredible HD
Rezound would be better if it was incredible 3
so that this phone looks like its for people who want an a medium sized incredible, and for people who wanted larger could have gotten the other phones so that the reputation doesnt get ruined for being a 3rd incredible

glazedfaith says:

It seems like the Evo is more of an orangey red, but that could just be the lighting.

tartan1515 says:

This is like pitting Dirk Nowitzki against Joakim Noah; Dirk is ten times better, but geez they're both ugly.

ba_hamilton says:

I like the 4 inch screen. By the time I'm due for an upgrade on Verizon this phone will be deeply discounted or free.

gcims says:

What happened to the red guts of the Dinc?

VDub2174 says:

I loved my EVO 4G when I had for a year. I missed it when I upgraded to the MoPho and still kind of miss it even though I have an E4GT right now. I had some good times with my EVO 4G and hope the 4G LTE does the same :)

PhoneJunkie says:

I don't understand this comparison at all. It's like comparing my Rezound to the EVO Shift. Are we trying to funnel customers to Sprint? If so I'm ok with that, they need all the help they can get.

meyerweb says:

You guys call that a comparison? You told us nothing of importance. I mean, really. Why bother?