EVO 3D pre-launch update

It's not the strangest thing in the world to see an unreleased phone get a pre-launch update -- think way back to the Motorola Droid X -- and the Sprint EVO 3D is the latest to do so. Software version 1.13.651.7 will bring a fix for "Calendar entries in certain formats force close while editing." Important, indeed.

Oh, and look at that. Our review unit's already got the update. It's a sizable 26.59MB and installed with nary a problem. More in the link below, if you're interested.

More: EVO 3D forums; Thanks, anon!



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Sprint EVO 3D getting pre-launch update to fix calendar bug


I downloaded the update and checked...it seems as though it updates the bootloader from 1.30.0000 to version 1.40.0000, but it still says "signedbyaa"...

Phil, can you check to make sure there is still less lag than the Sensation? The Desire HD's Gingerbread leak ran extremely smooth, but the surfaceflinger libraries were updated in the official Gingerbread release which caused everything to seem choppy like the Sensation. After that experience with the Desire HD, I have no doubt that the difference in smoothness between the Sensation and 3D is caused by software. Here's a thread on xda for a little more proof that the issue, like it did with the Desire HD, likely lies in software: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1058921

HTC's calendar always seems to have odd bugs like this... They've fixed like three of them on the EVO over the last year (some were introduced thru updates). Glad they're getting to it quickly tho.

Wait, the bootloader is still locked? I thought they were unlocking it? I'm picking mine up tomorrow. I hope I don't have to wait long to root it.

hey mr.phil...dr.phil..forget about the new 3-d update...let gets the evo 4g done right.....please....after the gingerbread update both of them 6/3 and 6 /20 for my evo..there is a major camera bugg that has not been noticed or rarly reported...when u take a few pictures... the pictures comes out dark and not cristal clear as in the past with froyo also when the picture is taken and tries to save in your gallery..the camera frezzes up.... (so annoying) and when you try to navigate thru the camera settings... the camera frezzes up and reboots the whole phone.....with your knowledge and power in the android world..please write to htc/google and sprint to get a updated patch for this... i love my evo...i use the camera heavy... now its just a ordianry phone....please help..... mike