Sprint Epic 4G

Today's the day, folks. The Sprint Epic 4G is now available online, and stores open at 8 a.m. local time for the launch of the second 4G-capable phone in the United States. And judging from our initial hands-on and all the excitement going on in our Epic 4G forums, this one's going to be a biggie.

So let's up the ante, shall we? Head into the aforementioned Epic 4G forums and comment your little heart out. Contest ends at 5 p.m. EDT Thursday. We'll pick a post at random* to win an Epic 4G and announce the winner live Thursday night during the Android Central Podcast, which starts at 9 p.m. EDT / 6 p.m. PDT. So get to it, and good luck!

* When we say "at random," we mean any post other than "I'm just posting this for the contest." Slackers.


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Sprint Epic 4G available today, and we're giving one away!


The Epic 4G and the Evo 4g are putting Sprint back on the right track. The wireless revolution has begun! Vive toujours le Sprint! :-) Merci!

Analysts are starting to suggest that the Evo and Epic may just put Sprint back in the Green.

I hope of win this bad boy! I wanna be able to switch off between my Evo and play around with them media hub! Plus hacking this thing should be easy since its 2.1! That should expect to open some goodies!

Sent from my HTC EVO 4G

This is absolutely the most AWESOME phone I have ever seen come along!! iPhone eat your heart out!!! And pairing it up with Sprint service, unbeatable!! Reliable service, screaming technology, whats not to LOVE???? I want it!! <3

Android is steamrolling away the competition... Nice to see quality phones come out on all providers.

I know this will sound like all of the usual "I wanna win to win" posts. but I've got a hero that's peeling on me, is so slow compared to whats out and that epic would be...well an epic win! Please randomly choose me so i can have a phone that's not only nice to look and play with, but doesn't embarrass me when i pull it out in public. Giggity.

I would love the opportunity to win the new Epic 4G, this could be the reason I switch from VZW to Sprint and check out that new 4G service.

A BIG REMINDER: Comments on this post don't enter you to win. You have to post in the forums. In fact, I'm going to shut down the comments on this post. :)

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