Sprint has today announced that its new 4G LTE network is available in 41 more cities, now covering more than 225 million people in total. Sprint Spark, the carrier's enhanced LTE service delivering peak wireless speeds of up to 60Mbps, has launched in 6 new cities and is expected to reach 100 million customers by the end of 2014. The exciting part about Sprint's enhanced LTE is the company boasts that speeds of up to three times as fast can be achieved in the future.

As well as the new network rollouts, Sprint is also offering HD Voice in numerous cities, with the aim to cover nationwide by mid-year. Becoming the standard for voice calling, the HD upgrades will surely please those who find themselves on the phone an awful lot. 4G LTE data speeds are now available in locations, including Long Island, New York, Minneapolis and Phoenix. Those who reside in the likes of Newark, New Jersey; Oakland, California and Orlando, Florida can now enjoy Sprint Spark.

Are you using Sprint's new network? How do you find the service?

Sprint Spark Delivers Powerful Peak Wireless Speeds of 60Mbps in Six More Cities

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), April 29, 2014 - Sprint (NYSE:S) today announced that its all-new network offers 4G LTE service in 41 more cities. Sprint 4G LTE now covers more than 225 million people and remains on track to cover 250 million by mid-year. Sprint Spark™, an enhanced LTE service delivering peak wireless speeds of 60Mbps, is available in six new cities, and is expected to cover 100 million people by year-end.

4G LTE data speeds are now available to more customers in such locations as Long Island, N.Y., Minneapolis, and Phoenix. Customers in Newark, N.J.; Oakland, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; Tacoma, Wash.; Waukegan, Ill.; and West Palm Beach, Fla. will also now benefit from even faster data speeds with the availability of Sprint Spark.

"We're making great progress on Network Vision and customers are pleased with the faster data speeds and crystal clear voice calls," said John Saw, chief network officer at Sprint. "Today our network is delivering significantly better service. Furthermore, it's a strong foundation for tomorrow – a time will ultimately come when customer demands for bandwidth, and technology changes with 4G and beyond, will require the kind of platform we now have in place."

Sprint Spark is an enhanced LTE service that's built for data and designed to deliver peak wireless speeds of 60Mbps today on capable devices, with the potential for speeds three times as fast by late next year.1 Sprint offers 14 Sprint Spark-enabled devices, including the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S® 5 and HTC One (M8). With its unique combination of network technologies, spectrum capacity and tri-band devices, Sprint Spark is designed to greatly improve the performance of video and other bandwidth-intensive applications. It enables stutter-free video chat on-the-go and mobile gaming that leaves lag behind.

Sprint's all-new network also includes HD Voice in many cities today, with nationwide availability expected by mid-year. HD Voice is a new Sprint standard for crystal-clear voice calls. It provides a fuller, more natural-sounding voice, plus noise-cancelling technology that virtually eliminates background noise from places like a busy road or crowded restaurant. 2

Sprint 4G LTE is available in 443 cities. Sprint Spark is available in the following 24 cities: Austin, Texas; Baltimore; Chicago; Dallas; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Fort Worth, Texas; Houston; Jacksonville, Fla.; Kansas City, Kan./Mo.; Los Angeles; Miami; New York; Newark, N.J.; Oakland, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; Philadelphia; Provo, Utah; Salt Lake City; San Antonio; Tacoma, Wash.; Tampa, Fla.; Trenton, N.J.; Waukegan, Ill.; and West Palm Beach, Fla.

Sprint Framily Plan and Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go

Innovation at Sprint is not limited to advances with the network. Customers with Sprint Spark-enabled devices can select the new Sprint FramilySM Plan – a pricing program available to new and existing customers. The more people added to the group, up to 10 phone lines, the greater the savings for everyone on the plan. Build a group of at least seven people and everyone gets unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data for $25 per month per line (pricing excludes taxes and surcharges). For only $20 per month per line, Sprint Framily Plan members can buy up to unlimited data, and they are eligible for a new phone every year. Unlimited features are while on the Sprint network.

Customers of Sprint's prepaid brands – including Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA – also benefit from the enhancements to the 3G, 4G LTE and Sprint Spark services. Both brands offer a number of 4G LTE devices and Virgin Mobile now offers the NETGEAR® Mingle™ Mobile Hotspot, the first Sprint Spark device available for U.S. prepaid customers.

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Sprint continues with LTE rollout, launches enhanced 4G speeds in 6 new cities


Phoenix! But I've moved up to be with T-Mobile with has way better LTE than Sprint.

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I am moving to T-Mobile this week after being with Sprint for over a decade. Tired of .5 Mb 3G speeds and spotty LTE service here in Houston.

charlotte north carolina is not on that list but i did the speedtest app on my phone and 4 out of 5 bars i hit 70mbps. while driving 70mph on freeway going around charlotte. galaxy s5 using the "regular" 4g lte service

Hey, how do you even use regular lte? I've been on spark ever since I bought my s5 and I only get 1 let spark bar and it always ends up bouncing to 3g. But their 3g seems to have gotten better (streams Pandora and YouTube videos without stopping).

Went on to go read the Sprint Newsroom press release. Those numbers weren't great but it didn't really move the needle much in overall customers. Mostly that churn was rather brutal but understandable given the Spark Initiative. Still would be nice to see better growth in the next few quarters so long as they get the data back to more reasonable levels. So before the T-Mobile Fans come in and start complaining(like they always do lol). Service has generally be a lot better and the Framily plan is like pure genius unless you live a bad coverage area.

My problem with the framily plan is those prices aren't locked in. If I get 5 people in my framily and in 6 months 3 get fed up with the dropped calls and slow network and leave because there's no contract my rate goes up. No thanks.

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What I always tell customers is, sure you're paying full price for the phone over two years but, is your overall bill cheaper, higher, or the same? In most cases its about the same if they're on a smaller framily, but cheaper if I can get them on a full one. So if I'm paying a cheaper bill despite paying off a 700 dollar phone, what's the complaint? And now you have a yearly upgrade as well as a cheaper up front cost.

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The Framily Plan I'm on already is 7 to 8 people so it works for me. Honestly even with the previous discounts I had its is a bit cheaper and everything outright is effectively unlimited. But the person two up is right if your on a lower tier Framily option it doesn't save you alot unless your coming from a phone from 2013 and incur no fees. For someone on old school Family plans it is a HUGE deal if stay with the Framily option. Almost half in some case and if you use no data? Basically nothing. Still it does wildly vary on devices and what not. The paying full price for a phone is what we always did and honestly the difference verse a new normal plan is not that much. Maybe 10 bucks or after its all said and done. So if you don't mind eating some cost and paying your phone down or off its a solid plan.

If you pay for a new phone on installment, the lower Framily plan rate plus installment price is about equal to a subsidized plan. However, if you already have a phone or buy a used phone from sites like Swappa, you will come out ahead. You can come out way ahead. And, if are comfortable with a subsidized plan from other carriers, then you might as well get the Framily price and add unlimited data and annual phone upgrades for $20.

I agree with you. I have 4 lines. $40 each with an extra $25 (average) phone fee, ends up higher then what I pay now, and add $20 more per line if you want unlimited data.

So say I get a large "Framily" and get it down to $25 per line. That's $200 per month with 4 phones and limited data. $280 per month with unlimited data.

I get a discount because of where I work, and Sprint does that for just about any place, except rival cell companies. But you don't get the discount with the "Framily" unless you have unlimited data. Then it is only good on the $45 the primary line has, not including the phone cost. So if you get a 20% discount you only get 9 buck discount.

So I pay $180 (rounded before tax and fees) a month with the discount. I can get free phones.

In short "Framily" isn't worth it to me. Now if you get in with a $25 Framily and you don't mind older Craigslist used phones, then you are getting a good deal.

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Don't care anymore. Going to AT&T this afternoon. Tired of the dropped calls and horrible 3G speeds where there isn't LTE on Sprint and having LTE so slow in some areas that the 3G is faster. Unlimited data is only good if you can actually use it. And 5 minutes to download a map to get directions where you have LTE coverage is not acceptable.
Fix your stuff sprint. Or don't, I'm leaving anyway.
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Where do you live?

There aren't many cities left without Sprint LTE coverage. But if you happen to be in a small town without LTE, I can understand your frustration.

One more thing, it's strange that you are dropping calls. Sprint's network has always had rock solid voice coverage, even in oversaturated areas with slow data speeds until they got upgraded.

I promise you it's not dude. My service works fine. Not saying yours does not and not calling you a liar.

I have a Sprint work phone (non Spark iphone 5) and Verizon GS4 and they are both very close. Verizon has better penetration in buildings but Sprint's 800mhz (refarmed Nextel) LTE has not launched yet. Speeds are very comparable, average 5mbps-30mbps.

I can tell you that I split time between large cities NC and VA and even in the supposed LTE launched cities I get HORRIBLE service. 3G speeds of less than 1MB Down and .5 UP. Sprint says there is no problem because I'm actually getting service. It's all a big joke.

Grand Rapids MI. We have LTE. It's so spotty and the speeds vary greatly. If I go downtown it drops to 3G speeds that are literally unusable, I'm not exaggerating. You can't log into your bank account in under 5 minutes. At work the LTE is decent most of the time. But traveling from one side of town to the other it's patchy at best if trying to stream music or radio on the lowest quality setting.

At home my wife drops calls all the time, or people call her and it cuts them off or she can't hear them. I make calls and have to yell sometimes to get people to hear me or the call is full of static and I have to call back.

The other problem I have is my gps has always been wonky here and it must be a network issue because I'm on my 3rd replacement note 2 and all have had gps issues. Pull up maps and it always points West.

I've been living with this sub par network for to many years, I'm done.
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When was that market launched? Sprint launches markets at 40% completion (similar to other carriers) because LTE is live and usable. However, they are by no means complete with that market and coverage gets better every week. I have seen it happen in my market and things are much better now.

Either way, if your market has been launched for awhile and things are not improving then you will likely not see a difference until you get a dual band phone (iphone 5/5s) or a tri-bank (Spark) phone which are the newest models. These will take advantage of the 800mhz (refarmed Nextel spectrum) which is much better at building penetration and the 2.5ghz (Clearwire spectrum) which is where you see the 50-60mbps speeds.

We've had LTE for about a year, service has continued to go up and down during that time.

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Again, Theot get a better phone. And Samsung has the worst radios.
My Sprint GS3 showed me just how crappy Sammy's radios are when using it connected to WiFi along side my G2.
G2 picks up the same signal farther away and doesn't drop it.

Get a better phone to take advantage of the better network.

Posted via SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2 that still spins fast after using 60GB in a billing cycle. {No Overages}

Your experience sounds just like mine except I live in New York City. Absolutely no reason to have sub-par service in such a big city.

Good voice? Not in Chicago!

I would drop calls walking outside in the city center - right downtown in the Loop - at least 4 times over the course of a .5 mile trip from my client to the train station. It was crazy bad.

You must live in a Sprint heavy area because I can promise you that Sprint did not (and does not) have rock solid voice coverage everywhere. I am right in the middle between the Triad and Triangle in NC and live less than a mile from the interstate 40/85 corridor. Even with the updated towers (now have LTE) I still have pretty bad voice service (and NO data service) at home. They upgraded towers but didn't add any new ones to an area that has one of the largest interstate traffic flows in the country and was lacking in towers and coverage to begin with. I'll admit voice is slightly better now and I can get LTE in some areas but if they don't add towers I'm gone. They are wasting their money updating towers in areas where the towers don't have enough coverage to begin with.

Exactly, big ass holes in coverage and the same overloaded towers trying to serve people.

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Yeah and 15 MVNO's pulling data and voice of the same towers.

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Theot and grydlok, an upgraded tower equals more capacity and more longer, deeper penetrating signals.
Just buy a phone that can pick those signals up.
Saying the network is so bad when you don't have a device that can take advantage of the better network make you look like you're only smart enough to use AT&T.

Posted via SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2 that still spins fast after using 60GB in a billing cycle. {No Overages}

Dude you don't live in my city, these towers are inefficient.
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Also telling someone to buy another phone because the network is crap is not a good suggestion

Haha haha, now that's funny. Rock solid what? Everytime I'm on the phone with my wife in the evening it drops the call in the same area. Used to have AT&T for a while and dropped calls were a thing of the past. No rock hard anything with sprint.

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I live, and work, in Austin, Texas and technically we have LTE yet I don't consistently see it. Also, the 3G speeds are so horrible where I work that my service is almost unusable. Thank goodness I have WiFi at home or else I'd never do anything. Fortunately my contract is up in October so there is an end in sight for me. After that point it's off to a better network.

I was working in Honolulu for two weeks and Sprint has NO LTE on the islands. They had 4g WiMax though...

True, I think they forgot about us. Funny thing is, in some places, Sprint has a faster connection than Verizon.

Same here. It gets really bad when you had 4g a few months ago, then these be updates roll out, and now my 4g is worthless and now drops to 3g.

ATT'sd network is swiss cheese in St.Louis, and that includes along the highways in populated areas in the suburbs

Glad to see some sort of progress being made by Sprint. As one of the many posters here on a Sprint MNVO, I have a somewhat vested interest in the company upgrading their hardware. Haven't really had any complaints with the coverage yet, but I'm lucky enough to live in two decent sized cities all of the time (Raleigh and Greensboro, NC). Hopefully I don't start to see any issues.

Posted via Android Central App on my Moto X

how about you complete your current rollout before upgrading your LTE network. it isn't fair that some people get sub-megabit speeds and others enjoy 60.

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Just left Sprint for T-Mobile after 15yrs. Im happy with the service and my B' grade Gflex. Hopefully 4.4 will bump that grade up. But i must say everything network related is better from HD voice to data!

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Did the same thing and couldn't agree more. I gave sprint 13 years of business and got tired of waiting for them. Maybe they really turn it around and I hope they do, but I couldn't be happier on T-Mobile now.

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I did the same in January after 12 years with Sprint. Couldn't be happier now actually having LTE in Denver.

It's funny how Sprint continually highlights features and improvements of the future... seems to be their game for 4 years now, just the names have changed. WiMax abandoned after charging anyone who bought a phone with this tech $10 more a month, whether they ever got WiMax or not. LTE way overdue in major areas and horrible speeds in established areas, Spark - total joke. Now this 'three times faster in the future'? Tmo rolled their LTE network out in one year to more places than Sprint is still able to boast. Sprint is perpetually the all-talk and no-walk of US carriers.

Tmo just added on tech to towers already in use.

Sprint is tearing down tower equipment and putting future proof equipment in it place.

Ex: Tmo gives you a shiny new dime to add to your old torn dollar.
Sprint replaces your old dollar with a new dollar and a shiny new quarter.

*dollars = cell towers
*change = upgrades

Of course Tmo can upgrade quicker. They are putting Band-Aids on their towers.

Posted via SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2 that still spins fast after using 60GB in a billing cycle. {No Overages}

Call it what you want to call it. To me, you're just making my point further with your "future-proofing". Soon, soon, soon, future, future future. Here's my experience with T-mobile's "band-aid": Ping 25ms, Download 34.20 Mbps, Upload 6.78 Mbps. flickr.com /photos/kfanciu/14066066345/

Not in upgraded markets. TMO nationwide speed average is ~9mbps, AT&T is ~7mbps VZW is ~6mbps and Sprint is around 5.5mbps. Not a huge difference and Sprint has much better coverage than TMO. I have Verizon and Sprint phones and the difference is negligible.

if you think at&t's & t-mobile's averages are that low and sprint's is that high you're lying to yourself

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Pretty hilarious they consider Minneapolis launched. Try using a triband device south of downtown and you aren't connecting. If you do it must be by chance to some remote tower and you'll get about 2-4Mbps...

A launched market is about 40% complete, similar to what other carriers did because it is usable, just not everywhere yet. Check out www.s4gru.com which explains a lot about Sprint's network rebuild.

All this website tells me is how far behind Sprint is on their LTE roll-out. I'd post a linkt to the master list, but this site doesn't allow links in comments. Search S4GRU network-visionlte-deployment-running-list

Compare Original Scheduled Completion dates to when LTE was actually launched - if it even has been, and Current Production Rate Completion. "Launched" means 40% completion (the # you continually provide while advising others here that this is why their LTE coverage is so spotty even though it's 'officially launched'). What a joke.

My bone to pick with Sprint is Denver. June last year Sprint announced LTE was being rolled out in Denver ( denverpost . com/techknowbytes/2013/06/19/sprint-confirms-4g-lte-is-finally-rolling-out-in-denver-area/10487/ ), which coincided that same month with the Sprint Zone app on my phone (which Sprint doesn't allow users to remove) notifying me continually in my task bar that LTE is on it's way! Of course, looking further into this all it announced was Los Angeles has LTE. Good for them. Here we are 10 months later with little-to-no LTE coverage in the heart of the 25th largest metro area in the country while the other 3 carriers have completely saturated LTE.

None of this would be so bad if it weren't for the constant promises Sprint makes about how upgrades will come "soon, soon, soon" while insisting they're the "now" network. This combined with the fact that without LTE, you're stuck on their 3G network which is next to worthless in most areas. The Google Maps reference given in several comments is the classic example -- when you can't even use Maps in the middle of a major metropolitan area, or check in on Foursquare, the network is absolute garbage in my opinion.

I too live in Denver and was with Sprint since 2005. In December I switched from <1.5 Mbps down and <400 Kbps on my GS3 on Sprint to >20 Mbps down and >5 Mbps up on a T-Mobile Nexus 5. Sprint's LTE coverage for Denver meant that you had to live next to the airport on in Castle Rock to see any LTE service, which wasn't even that impressive (<10Mbps down at the time). I like Sprint as a company and I hope that Softbank will do good things for them, but let's not pretend that their network is all that great, otherwise they wouldn't have to promise LTE for over 2 years with hardly a thing to show.

I guess it depends where you live. I'm in northern Atlanta 'burbs and coverage is really good overall. Extensive 4G. I have experienced poor coverage in other areas and I can understand the frustration. My teen kids use 4 to 6 Gb of data a month. So it's sprint for this family for the foreseeable future.

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I'll be happier when they extend the IP calling to devices besides Samsung. Just outside my house I have three bars of LTE on my LG G2. When I walk across the threshold there is nothing. It sucks having to go outside to make a phone call in your own home.

LTE signal has nothing to do with voice calls/coverage. Newer smartphones show data signal level (bars), not voice. Just because you have one does not mean you don't have the other. Just sayin.

I strongly disagree with your understanding of the signal bar on smart phones. I think it represents the signal strength of all radios. Thus the sparks LTE logo for 4G, 3G for other data and no symbol for phone. When I turn off my data, I still have bars.
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You're absolutely right. Sometimes I only have 1 bar and my data speeds are still coming through at 15 to 20Mbps.

Posted via SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2 that still spins fast after using 60GB in a billing cycle. {No Overages}

I'm in the Minneapolis area, this is well needed as the cities around me have solid LTE coverage

Posted via Android Central App on my LG Nexus 5 (Sprint)

At least you get 3G/4G. Here in Richmond the service is so crappy that I can't even pull Google Maps without waiting forever.

Wow, looks like Sprint finally got around to starting to cover central NJ
except my town which is one of the most populated in the area is still a small island of 3G, can't quite understand the thinking there. Oh well T-mobile still beats you in coverage in my area anyway.

Sprint spark in SLC sucks. I get 6mbs down on spark while my T-Mobile phone gets 18mbs on their LTE.

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Spark is the combination of all 3 bands, 800mhz, 1900mhz and 2.5ghz. Just because you see the spinning Spark logo does not mean you are connected to the 2.5ghz band which is where the high speeds live. The reason for this is due to a limitation in the Android OS that does not allow different network icons based on which LTE band you are connected to. If you were connected to band 41 (aka 2.5ghz spectrum) you would see much higher speeds unless you had a weak signal. Average band 41 speeds are 40-70mbps.

This point I can agree with you on. Just because I have the sparks logo, doesn't mean I have sparks.

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Sprint Framily bad news. They are trying to force everyone into it when you try to upgrade. ..I had to go to radio shack to upgrade because sprint store wouldnt without ending my grandfathered everything plan. Eventually they will force me over ...when that happens I'm out.

Still no LTE in most of Maryland. Have been waiting for two years now. Only problem is, there is no T-MO LTE either...only EDGE!! Sprint and TMO both suck unless you are in a major Metro area. I am only 30 miles from D.C. and 20 miles from Baltimore.

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Im in tampa with the new galaxy s5. Had the htc one before that . Have had no problems all over Florida. Spark speeds average 20to 30 normal. Have had.up to 42mbps. On the framily plan 45 bucks a month unlimited everything and loving it!!!

I am in the Denver area. I am getting 4G LTE, but the fastest I have seen is 4.5mb. I am hoping it is because the area hasn't been officially launched yet, but with Sprint saying the delay is because they had to build everything from scratch and then it to be SLOWER than what I was getting on WiMax concerns me. So does my extremely long run-on sentence.

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Sprint's service is TERRIBLE on Long Island for "Spark" phones (The new phones that support Sprint's LTE). I've blogged about an issue I'm having where 20 days after getting a phone, they confirmed that their network does not work properly with the radio in the phone (that they sold me) but they refuse to take back the phone. It's been deactivated and sitting on my desk for over a month now. Sprint is charging me $27/mo for the next two years even though they can't fix the phone or the network at this point. I've blogged about this at http://www.jaypoc.com/sprint-cellphone-safety/ and hope people will stay away from Sprint (or at least contact me if they would like more details on my poor dealings with Sprint over the past few years (and I've actually been with them for 16 years!)