If you are a Sprint user that has been eying the Motorola Xoom, and anxiously awaiting its Wi-Fi model release so you don't have to jump ship, a glimmer of hope has come for you. Sprint Users forums member rofl, who is apparently a rather trusty leaker of these types of things, has outed the Motorola Xoom showing a pretty Sprint logo. While we still have no release date, or real information on this device, it is a good sign to see that it is wearing the branding of other carriers. [SprintUsers via BGR]

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svargas05 says:

No F'ing way.....

The Kyocera Echo was the blindfold..... so they could reveal the REAL surprises the next three months.

"LOL" at the people who said "Sprint is sh*t"

benthe1 says:

This is some damn good news. When we start to see leaked images, it's pretty much confirmed. That mean the Atrix rumor is probably true too. Go Sprint!!

svargas05 says:


what Atrix rumor? Link?

If this is for real then perhaps Moto will bring more good hardware to Sprint.

ceriem says:

At least Moto knows that the best way to get hardware penetration is to offer their devices on a few different networks. Worked wonders for the Galaxy S line.

plainbrad says:

I really think the xoom is a poor tablet. But it is nice to see sprint getting devices. Rumor has it the atrix will go to sprint as well under a different name

Looking at the image, I have a strong suspicion it has been shopped. (lots of noise around the Sprint logo, and the angle looks wrong)

Either way, WANT.

crxssi says:

Yeah, it might be GIMP'ed (raster-image altered), but hard to say at such a low resolution. It is obvious someone did something to the image, because the background has been removed.... except for the right side, which doesn't really make any sense.

Highly suspect.


Jared DiPane says:

If you look, the noise around the Sprint logo is the same ROFL watermark as in the bottom corner. I thought the same at first, but this guy has apparently brought to surface the Sprint EVO prior to release as well.

svargas05 says:

Yea, man...

the "noise" is just the rofl logo. No shoppin' here.

I haven't said this in a while but this Sprint Xoom is DEAD ON ARRIVAL. The Wifi only model drops next week... Which is what everyone wants.... nO?

crxssi says:


For the life of me, I can't understand why somebody would want a tablet tied to a carrier. Give me a 4G phone with tethering and a Wifi tablet that is not tied to anything. Why somebody would want to pay extra to have a dedicated data line to a specific carrier is something I just don't understand. I must be missing something.

crxssi says:

I don't understand it either. But I guess it takes all kinds of people. The two people I know, locally, that already have Xooms just couldn't wait the month for the WiFi version. That kind of impulsiveness ends up costing a lot more $.

trenen says:

Probably because a lot of people don't believe in screwing the system, and understand that tethering devices is against the contract of most any carrier (especially Verizon), and would rather be honest and pay for the service they are using - not 'steal' it.

crxssi says:

Both Sprint and Verizon allow a paid, legit tethering service with their phones (others might too). And in such a case, there is usually no need to pay a tremendously larger amount for a tablet with built-in 3/4G and possibly get locked into another service agreement contract.

Will some people tether without such a service- probably. But that doesn't mean there isn't a "proper" way to do it.

thegov says:

You can tether on sprint and vzw for a monthly charge that is less than the on-contract price. Not stealing anything!

trenen says:

Right...but I'm not talking about those people - I'm more referring to those that like to root their devices and tether in that way - thus screwing the system.

crxssi says:

Well, it might be against the service agreement, but many of those people probably already felt screwed :) Ends don't justify the means, but I can certainly understand their drive when they pay so much money every month, locked into years of service for "unlimited" data which is not unlimited and just need to tether occasionally and are then faced with a decision of a 33%-50% higher phone bill.

darreno1 says:

Well what I did was to get rid of the data plan I had on my X, sold it and used my old lg chocolate for voice and my TAB for everything else. So it wasn't a bad deal. The tethering is a nice option and I'm sure it will work for many but I still don't believe it's as solid an option (in terms of reliability) as having the 3g built in.

I Got To Have It :D

leerage says:

got to have it. got to buy it. chinpokomon

Pretty much sprint has PIMP SLAPED EVERYONE IN THE INDUSTRY. Not only will they introduce the new Htc Evo2/3d on Tuesday March 22nd but they will announce the Htc Evo View 4g tablet and the Nexus S 4g to the stable. Next month they will announce the Xoom4g tablet as well as the Motorola Atrix 4g now where does that leave them??? SPRINT LINEUP FOR THE SUMMER OF 2011... The Htc Evo2, The Atrix 4g, The Nexus S 4g, The Htc Evo 4g, The Htc Evo Shift 4g, The Samsung Epic 4g,.. Now Tablets... Htc Evo View 4g, Xoom4g, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4g, Blackberry playbook 4g, honestly these devices on sprint MAKE THEM THE BEST CARRIER IN THE INDUSTRY. AND YOU KNOW THEY ALL WILL BE UPDATED PROPERLY... There FLAGSHIP DEVICE FOR ANDROID WILL BE THE HTC EVO2/3D and we just might be docking our new Evo2... Can't wait till Tuesday.

svargas05 says:

You optimism and positive outlook on Sprint has received you a "1 star" hater-rating.

I voted you up, just know, it may result me getting downgraded to the 1-star hater-rating too....

I just agree with you.

I think the unnecessary use of caps and punctuation may have had something to do with it as well :)

svargas05 says:

You do have a point, sir.

angermeans says:

Yes but at the end of the day they are still on an inferior network running a DOA wimax. What do you think will happen when 60% of their customer base is on phones and tablets and they ditch it for the much better LTE like is rumored? Its a smokescreen they want you to jump on and sign that contract. Believe me the decisions they will have to make soon will not be popular.

Current Htc Evo 4g owners unite.. This will be the successor to our current leader.. http://www.androidcentral.com/

@richardyarrell, don't forget the Echo!! Lol

jbuggydroid says:

Its not stealing data when tetherng on sprint. The offer unlimited data to all smartphones anyway no caps. They only thing they cap is the tab at 5gb. Honeslty if u live in a 4g area and tethering a lot makes sense then pay for the hotspot service and tether any device u want. Even if u don't do that u still pay tha extra 10 a month for no data caps. Most of the time I use my wifi to conserve battery when do heavy surfing or gaming online on my phone or rooted nook color. Rarely do I use my wifi tether app on my phone. If u are a heavy tether user then pay for the service so sprint can keep things unlimited.

crxssi says:

Sorry, but you are wrong.

It is against the Sprint service agreement you signed to tether other devices to your smart phone without paying additional monthly fees for the "mobile hotspot". Your pseudo-"unlimited" data applies only to consumption of the data on the smartphone, itself.

I didn't say it was fair, or made sense, but those is the terms of agreement for both Sprint and Verizon (and possibly others).

Gameboy70 says:

He didn't say unauthorized complied with the TOS. He said that it wasn't stealing, which is 100% accurate.

If you buy a bottle of Evian water and pour the water in your own glass, are you stealing from Evian?

Unauthorized tethering is clearly a breach of contract, and it's fair to argue that it's dishonorable, but it's not stealing.

crxssi says:

I never said it was "stealing", but he was implying that it is "OK" in the posting, especially this line: "They offer unlimited data to all smartphones anyway". That is a clear rationalization.

roll on floor laughting.....
im guessing it is a joke.
If not the Atrix better come out too then. I want that laptop so bad.

Djblue says:

No it isn't a joke ROFL is the persons username, and in the past leaked pics of the evo shift before it was offical...people also thought it was shopped/fake but turned out to actually come out. So more than likely this is 100% legit

EvoGiL says:

I might actually pull the trigger on a Xoom with my fav carrier...But more importantly, WHERE IS MY GINGERBREAD UPDATE FOR MY EVO!!! :-(

onixblack says:


tazz399 says:

im getting it maybe its this or the htc flyer but my mind is kinda going to the xoom it would go perfect with my Evo 4G

PaperMate3rd says:

2 things first if this is true I bet you want have to send it back to Motor for a wimax radio Lmao...and second am I the only person who kinda wishes Sprint will announce a 10 inch honeycomb tablet instead of the flyer? Don't get me wrong the Flyer is nice but HTC and honeycomb need to get it on already. Just saying...man I hope sprint kicks a$$ this quarter. Evo owners Salute.

ThatOneDude says:

Have I missed it, or has there been any mention of a 3g/wifi model ever being released?