LG Optimus Elite

Today Sprint has announced that soon they will have their third Eco-Friendly device on the market, and it is again from LG. The LG Optimus Elite will be available on April 22, which is Earth Day, for a very favorable price of only $29.99 on contract. Featuring a 3.5-inch display, an 800 MHz processor, 512MB of RAM and more, this device looks to pack a decent punch for the price. If you are looking to pick up a new device, and want something Eco-Friendly that won't break the bank, this may be for you. Stay tuned for our full review in the coming weeks!

Source: Sprint


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Sprint announces the 'eco-friendly' Optimus Elite, available April 22 for $29.99


I have both and my e4gt is on cm9 a2. I have to say the official build for the ns4g is pretty damn good. No face unlock but no big deal. Sucks that people have problems. None here!

In other news. My father in law is thinking about getting this as an upgrade to his flip phone and asked my advice. I told him to go for it but now I'm rethinking. I think you can get the ns4g for free or something similar and better than this.

It is also coming to Virgin Mobile at a date to be determined later. Once pricing for that is revealed I may be tempted to upgrade from my OV to this. While it is not the 1Ghz processor I had hoped for, a 5 MP camera with a flash (LED flashes make much better flashlights than the screen) and a bigger screen might make me make the jump. The unknown seems to be the screen resolution as nothing official as seems to have come out about that.

Reading the specs on Sprint it seems to be a very nice phone for that price. A ROM can always be put on it so gingerbread is not that bad. It will have Google Wallet as well so for an average user that just wants a phone and some apps it seems to be a a good pick.

Really? Basically the same innards as my Bravo, with the exception I am at 2.2 ... oh yah My Bravo came out in 2010. Please don't shoot! I did have an EVO4g but sprint nickeled and dimed me to Consumer_cellular. Saving about $70 a month ($840 a year). Sweet!

It's not so powerful and you probably don't have to charge it as much.

I was thinking that it was "Elite" as the "Lotus Elite" was more "Elite" than the "Lotus". Marketing could be run by computers.