Epic Touch 4G

If you are currently sporting a Sprint Epic Touch 4G on the Sprint network and love Ice Cream Sandwich, but are experiencing some bugs, you will be happy to know a fix is on the way. Today Sprint announced that it will be rolling out an update (in stages) to address battery life issues, and hopefully others as well. The update will bump the device up to version S:D710.10S.FH13 (MR 4), so if you have yet to receive the update be sure to check manually. Notice any changes that aren't listed, be sure to hop into the forums and let us know!

Source: Sprint; via: Android Central Forums; thanks, JayWill72!

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Murphy5111 says:

Go to hell sprint. Go to hell! For all the times you told me there was no problem and told me to do a factory reset. For all the times you told me it was the first time you were hearing of the problems. And I could go on and on.

radgatt says:

Lol I feel your pain

leerage says:

That's front line customer service for you. Happens with all other companies as well.

Dirge72 says:

I called them about it last night. The "tech" I talked to knew nothing of it. Told me to turn off the gps and dim the screen. LIES!!

Juan TuTree says:

Always make sure you are speaking with someone from Ft Worth or Oklahoma city. I always choose the Mobile Broadband option instead of Android when I call in, since those techs always seem the best trained in all Sprint products.

eKalb says:

How does one go about checking for the update manually? In Gingerbread, I could find "Update Android Software" or something similar under Settings. With ICS I find System Updates, but it only lists PRL, Profile, Samsung software, and Firmware. Only the profile had an update available.

Xbbfan73 says:

Deleted duplicate post for Robbzilla. Like that has never happened to him.

Xbbfan73 says:

No real issues other than lagging and stupid incapibilities of customizing fonts in all areas like before. Have not really noticed battery issue. Daughter has. Took a week longer to get update than my daughter. That was ridiculous.

Robbzilla says:

It took so long you had to post this twice?

Xbbfan73 says:

Really funny!!!

Nj763 says:

I held out on the initial update and keep receiving the notifocation. How do I know if its the bugfix or the original update.

mikegoldnj says:

Nothing showing up yet.

gunderson says:

I use a GNex, but a good coworker of mine has the Epic 4G Touch, and his phone has still not received the initial Ice Cream Sandwich Update, let alone this bug fix. No amount of powering off and system-update-check will do it.

dunya says:

Thank god. I really hope that this is an actual fix. If I fully charge my phone, unplug it and leave it there it will last about 14 hours. With gingerbread it was almost double that. I am a very light user in general and was always happy with the battery life on this phone with Gingerbread now it just sucks. I was honestly looking up ways to go back to gingerbread just 2 hours ago.

dunya says:

UPDATE: Got a rooted stock version off XDA and after 20 hours I am at 60% battery life left. This is over night and with very, very minimal usage. Previously with the same situation I was out of juice in 14/15 hours. SWEET

The update will be done in stages. It always works this way for all carriers and devices. Theses roll-outs usually take a few weeks, so be patient and I am sure you will get it. As far as my ICS experience with my S2 has gone, other than lockups with some apps once in a while my phone runs incredibly well. I really love ICS and really wonder why Google didn't work harder to make ICS easier to port to all Google devices. It is a huge upgrade over Gingerbread (which for the record, I really enjoyed but didn't realize what I was missing until I got ICS).

Citrik says:

I wouldn't get my hopes up with this update. I've been running the leak for a few days now, and unless this is a different revision than the FH13 that I'm running, this update hasn't really fixed anything. My battery is still crap, Wi-fi is still intermittent, contact pictures are still blurry, among other things.

Mychaiel says:

I was just looking here on the forums and saw that there was an update so I checked for it manually and it came up with nothing.. But a few minutes later I got a notification about the update so I just did it!.. Will wait and see if it helps with my battery issues!

GameBoi says:

And this is why we wait for an update when it's ready. Everyone always "Where's mine" "this phone got the update faster" and now they got it and it's buggy as shit.

garfnodie says:

The only good thing that came out of the initial ICS release for the E4GT was the kernel source that the dev's needed to really start working on CM9/10.

gastrosimsim says:

Got the FH13 update OTA yesterday. Don't notice much difference, maybe slightly extended battery life. Nothing negative at least.