Sprint this morning announced that it's lit up a handful of new cities with its 4G LTE data. They include:

  • Indianapolis/Carmel, Ind.
  • Santa Rosa/Petaluma, Calif.
  • Vallejo/Fairfield, Calif.
  • Southern Puerto Rico (including Ponce, Coamo and Guayama)
  • York/Hanover, Pa.
  • Franklin County, Pa.

Also, Shenandoah County and Page County (Va.), as well as Chicago, should see enhanced LTE coverage, Sprint says. 

So if you've got an LTE-capable Sprint device and live in one of those areas, congrats. And let's hope the Myans are wrong. We've got a full list of Sprint's LTE locations after the break.

Sprint's full 4G LTE roster

  • Anderson, Ind.
  • Atlanta
  • Athens, Ga.
  • Baltimore
  • Barnstable/Hyannis/Mid-Cape, Mass.
  • Calhoun, Ga.
  • Carrollton, Ga.
  • Chicago/Naperville/Joliet, Ill.
  • Clark County, Va./Jefferson County, W.Va.
  • Columbus, Ind.
  • Dallas
  • Franklin County, Pa.
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Gainesville, Ga.
  • Gary, Ind.
  • Granbury/Hood County, Texas
  • Hagerstown, Md./Martinsburg, W.Va.
  • Harrisburg/Carlisle/Hershey, Pa.
  • Harrisonburg, Va.
  • Houston
  • Huntsville, Texas
  • Hutchinson, Kan.
  • Indianapolis/Carmel, Ind.
  • Kansas City, Kan./Mo.
  • Kankakee/Bradley/Bourbonnais, Ill.
  • Lawrence, Kan.
  • Manhattan/Junction City, Kan.
  • McPherson, Kan.
  • Muncie, Ind.
  • Newnan, Ga.
  • New Bedford/Fall River, Mass.
  • Page County, Pa.
  • Peabody, Mass.
  • Rockford, Ill.
  • Rome, Ga.
  • Salina, Kan.
  • San Antonio
  • Santa Rosa/Petaluma, Calif.
  • Sedalia, Mo.
  • Shenandoah County, Va.
  • South Bend/Mishawaka, Ind.
  • St. Joseph, Mo.
  • Topeka, Kan.
  • Waco, Texas
  • Waukegan/Lake County, Ill.
  • Wichita, Kan.
  • Wichita Falls, Texas
  • Winchester, Va.
  • Yauco/Ponce/Coamo/Santa Isabel/Guayama, Puerto Rico.

Reader comments

Sprint adds new LTE cities in Indiana, California, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico


Sprint y u no have LTE in Orlando??

Nah, but for real this is getting a little ridiculous. Orlando is a HUGE tourist destination and from a PR standpoint, this would make sprint better if people could come to Disney on vacation and get a taste of those sweet LTE speeds.

Hope you are very patient. Pittsburgh (or any area in SW PA) has not been mentioned in any Sprint or s4gru.com listings or announcements - which would indicate that Pitt at best would be a round 4 market. Seeing as some round 3 markets will not have full LTE until end of 2013, it could be a long wait.

(FYI: Currently Verizon's LTE coverage is Allegheny + 2 countys out; AT&T is Allegheny + 1 county out (WiMax was only Allegheny))

Yep, i'm waiting here in Orlando. Sprint is so freaking slow with this. If I was not so tight on money, i'd drop them in a second for Verizon. I get unlimited data but it is so slow I hate using it. I know though if I was on Verizon with LTE, i'd be using over 10GB potentially so I'm sticking with sprint until my wallet can afford otherwise or Sprint gets its act together and rolls out some major cities quickly.

So does anyone understand how LTE coverage works exactly? Sprint has enable LTE here in Georgia in 7 locations, none of which are here in the Macon-Middle Georgia area. But i'm assuming that once they establish LTE in certain areas of the state, Sprint will come in and "fill in the blanks", so to speak. Am I correct in my thinking? I thought with a large Air Force base and population in my city that we would be on the "priority list" but nothing so far.
Phil, I think it would be a good idea to do an article on the conditions that make one area more prime for LTE over others. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind why some areas are rolled out above others. However, i'm sure there are factors that make it feasible for the corporate folk to do things in the manner in which they do. Keeping hope alive!

Supposedly every tower that has 3G should have LTE by the end. They announce LTE as live when only like 40% of it is finished though and who knows how long they take after that to finish. They overstate their coverage on maps as well so it is deceiving.

I think this is how things are anyway from browsing around s4gru.com

Seriously, Puerto Rico? Where the hell is Seattle LTE? Its like they're trying to get me to switch carriers.

And still the SIXTH largest city in the U.S (PHOENIX) has NO LTE service...heck I would even say lack luster 3G service for that matter! Seriously...this is a BIG FAIL from Sprint!

That's what I'm saying. If I wasn't locked into two years with Sprint, I would most likely be with big red. I know they are little on the expensive side but at least they have good speeds and coverage almost anywhere. They have a damn good phone selection as well.

Sprint's phone selection is actually very good. It's mostly their coverage that sucks. That and their 3G data speeds. I'm in the same boat as you though, I wouldn't be with Sprint if I wasn't tied to that 2 year contract.

All depends on your area. T-Mobile is terrible in Central NC. Very spotty! Verizon is hands down the best here and I'm getting closer and closer to switching to them. This is getting ridiculous.

From my experience Verizon is a lot better than Sprint. My work phone is on verizon and my personal phone is on Sprint. There isn't any comparison. I travel for work and found it works better in both California, Arizona and various other states I have visited. If there isn't a change in speeds when my contract is up in 7 months, I am leaving Sprint.

I will not take it personal; I will not take it personal... I will not....!

Let's see, not only is Puerto Rico a bridge in communications, banking and industry for South, Central and North America but also an entry doorway to Europe... My question would be... Why Seattle...? I mean, I have snow in my fridge...

Sorry, I did take it personal... I apologize...!

It's not an either/or thing. Sprint has local contractors working in each area. The schedule is mostly determined by permitting and back haul availability.

We didn't got Wimax but Seattle did!Not the best(Wimax) but still better that the wireless-dialup we have here in Puerto Rico with Sprint.

San Diego is shafted once again. We waited years for WiMax and we were on the 2nd Market for LTE. I don't understand why we're not a priority.

Yep, Puerto Rico. Good job, Sprint, you're totally winning the LTE race in Puerto Rico. Every time I see one of these announcements I get more and more pissed that I've chosen to stay with Sprint for as long as I have. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Are they purposefully trying to annoy their customers when they put no-name towns ahead of large metro areas for LTE? This might be my last round with Sprint.

You all need to become doctors and get some patience! I live in the country and the closest lte city is like an hour away, but I am not complaining. I did some speed tests in Wichita, and the fastest I got was 17mbps. All in due time people.

seriously where the hell is St. Louis, it has a larger population then these damn cities they keep lighting up that has 400 people living there

nothing wrong with Puerto Rico getting lte before anyone else.if you need lte that bad just switch .. once sprint completes the rollout none of this will matter. btw the Bronx in newyork has lte up and running in my area.

Wow, still nothing what-so-ever in Alabama anywhere? Verizon has had LTE in every major city in the state for over a year already! I can't imagine being a Sprint customer in this state! You have to have the patience of a saint!

wow so many children on here.. waaaaa waaaaa "mommy jimmy has the new lego set im older so I should have gotten it first"

The thing is, children don't pay their parents to make them happy; you're analogy is irrelevant. We pay Sprint for a service (even paying them and extra $10 a month for "Premium Data" while not getting anything premium by any means) and deserve to be satisfied with it.

wow Puerto Rico?? really? how about some of the major us cities without late...like Boston for instance...get your priorities straight Sprint...

I get a great LTE signal in the Boston Suburbs, as well as in the Government Center/Fannuel Hall section of downtown.

Good stuff S, I can't wait to go to PR so I can enjoy LTE. I see they have very few deployments west of KC, WTF like over half of the nations population lives there. Bring better service to Denver, and while you're at it increase your 3G speeds. Yesterday I was getting less than 1kb DL rates. I believe that I will be switching when my contract is up.

Kinda depresses that I just had my wife sign a new two year contract....they need to hurry the frick up.

Still no big city's in CA come on already SO CAL still nothing Im sticking with them though I need unlimited data I use over 20gb a month even on 3g when I travel. The wife has 4g if you can call it that Evo 3d wimax speeds arent bad

I'm not even sure I could download 20gb of data on sprint's 3G in a month with how slow it is.

Hate to pop your rant bubble, but you need to go here and look, DC market LTE is up and expanding in DC/VA/MD. www.sensorly.com and select Sprint 4g. I'm here at Dulles LTE surfing right now.

Could not even send a text in Soldier Field on Sunday. AT&T and Verizon users were happily streaming video from their seats. This is the big lie, and it continues.

Its already in parts of DMV. I live in Fort Washington, Md an I have it outside my house. Its spotty sometimes. I get it in some downtown DC areas. Usually riding on 295 or 395 in VA. In Prince Georges county MD I get it alot of places. So I think in sone places its up but maybe not up enough to announce.

In the past several days, I've noticed an improvement to the LTE service in my Chicago neighborhood. I'm actually getting 4G LTE in the office downstairs, which is previously the vault where even 3G signals came to die. Thee was some work being done on my closest tower last weekend. My phone's signal was slipping in and out of 4G for a couple of days. Now, the LTE signal is extremely strong.

How dare Sprint deploy service in [unimportant city] before [very important city that I happen to live in]. No one cares about [unimportant city], while [very important city that I happen to live in] is host to [major event] every year and is the home of the [very popular sports team] and the famous [local tourist attraction]. Those people at Sprint must be morons!

People always have a reason to complain. I wish Sprint wouldn't make announcements since it just creates a bitch fest.

Americans have forgotten what patience is like. Gimme gimme now generation is here.

Gimme now? They've promised 4G speeds for going on 4 years. I think people have more than enough reason to bitch.

I'm assuming from your name and posts you're in Chicago? I've gotten WiMAX here almost since they launched the OG EVO, and I'm getting Sprint LTE all over the place where I tend to go (Lakeview, Ravenswood, etc).

In fact, Sensorly shows people all over the area getting solid LTE coverage.

Um, I think patience would be if they didn't charge me the LTE fee (dont tell me its not) until I could actually use the service. Charging me extra for nothing in return isn't exactly patience.

Actually it makes perfect sense. In major urban areas the build out will be the subsidized by the effort of Clear's build therefore the areas the Clear have no presence is where Sprint themselves are focusing. At least this was the plan prior to buying Clear outright who knows now

I do not understand Sprint! Why neglect large cities where most of its customers and competition is located.
Sprint is driving people to its competition that offers 4G LTE in the larger cities. Why am I paying $ 10 more per month for a service that is not avaliable where I live?

Craigslist unlocked GSM phone, Straight Talk SIM, $45 a month for unlimited everything... average 6meg down, 1meg up vs. 100-200K down. No more waiting on Sprint to deliver for me.

I did that for the past year. LTE finally hit my area so back to Sprint I go (hopefully). Straight Talk isn't as unlimited as they claim.

A quick recap of most of the posts here (or any of the other threads about the LTE rollouts):

"OMG! How dare they put LTE in such a useless place as [insert new LTE location here]?? They should have put it in [insert poster's location here] first!! This place is far more important than [insert first location here]!! This is an outrage!! I am going to switch carriers!!"

You're the one who said you're whining, not I.

I'm merely pointing out that the same thing happens in every one of these threads.

It's funny i was on vacation in nyc amd and 4G showed up on my GS3 with full bars but in the bronx lol. Sprint Please flip the dam switch already in NYC and in Fla as well for the love of GOD. Puerto Rico your kidding me?? What's next alaska??

This happened with Wimax and now its happening again with LTE. York/Hanover PA? Are you kidding me? It just pisses me off !! Philly is on the list but customer service doesn't know when. My friend's GS3 on ATT gets full LTE signal wherever he goes. and I can't even watch a yourube video on 3g. Sprint is going to have a lot of angry customers in 2013. They make these promises, sell phones advertised as 4g and then rollout 4g is small cities while charging the heck out of customers !! I guess I'm just running out of patience. !!

Give me ten dollars.
- why?
Just give me ten dollars. Make it every month.
- do I get anything in return?
- why are we doing this?
Just give me ten dollars. Every month.

FYI...s4gru.com is also reporting Southern Connecticut...although i am in Coastal CT., it's still cool!!

Hmm. My area is supposed to be blanketed. I ordered a phone, received it yesterday. Got it all set up and...no LTE. Only 3G. Fortunately 3G is faster than ever at approx 1900kbps so I'll keep it but it's still a little disappointing.

It's a sidestep speed-wise from Straight Talk but at least I'm away from their "unlimited but not really" plan.