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Sprint this morning announced that Baltimore and Kansas City will be the beneficiaries of its new LTE network when it launches later this year. That's to go along with Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, which were named previously.

Baltimore and Kansas City have some historical significance, with the former being the carrier's first Wimax city (way back in the XOHM days), and the latter being its backyard. Oh, and the two cities also will be getting enhanced 3G speeds. So they've got that going for them, which is nice.

Still no firm date on when we'll see the LTE network launch ("mid-2012" is all anyone's saying), but we do know we've got the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the LG Viper waiting for us when it does.

Source: Sprint

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), February 08, 2012 - Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced that Baltimore and Kansas City are expected to receive 4G LTE and upgraded 3G service by mid-2012. Sprint recently announced that 4G LTE and enhanced 3G service are also expected by mid-2012 in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Sprint 4G LTE will enable faster speeds for data applications, and the enhanced 3G service promises better signal strength, faster data speeds, expanded coverage and better in-building performance.

The launch of these large metropolitan areas demonstrates the continued commitment by Sprint to invest in its network through Network Vision. Sprint customers in these areas will soon enjoy ultra-fast data speeds and improved 3G voice quality. Whether a Sprint customer is using a smartphone to share a video of a double overtime game between the Kansas Jayhawks and Missouri Tigers or a Baltimore chef is checking the Web via a mobile hotspot for a new way to serve crabcakes, Sprint 4G LTE will make it easier. And, when someone makes an important voice call, they can expect to find a clearer connection and a stronger signal in more areas.

“Sprint is investing in its CDMA network and delivering on our commitment to ensure customers experience superior wireless voice and data service at an unbeatable value,” said Bob Azzi, Sprint senior vice president-Network. “We continue to deploy multi-mode base stations across Sprint’s nationwide cell sites and are expecting improvements in voice quality, signal density and data speeds. Today’s good news demonstrates the phenomenal progress that our teams are making toward implementing this new technology.”

The initial devices already announced to run on 4G LTE will be Galaxy Nexus™, boasting a pure Google™ experience, LG Viper™ 4G LTE with eco-friendly features, and Sierra Wireless™ Tri-Network Hotspot, a 3G, 4G and 4G LTE mobile hotspot. More information is available at www.sprint.com/4glte.

Sprint has been a 4G innovator since first launching the technology in 2008. Sprint has launched more than 25 4G-enabled smartphones, USB connection cards, notebook/netbook products, mobile hotspots and routers. Sprint offers a proven, reliable 4G experience for millions of customers compared to other national wireless carriers. Additionally, Sprint is a leader in value, with Sprint Everything plans with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM, including unlimited data, texting and calling to and from any mobile phone in America while on the Sprint network. With Sprint’s unlimited data plans, customers don’t have to worry about throttling or data overage charges on their monthly bill as they might with tiered data plans from other carriers.


Reader comments

Sprint adds Baltimore, Kansas City to its upcoming LTE roster


Wow, very interesting. Baltimore will have three LTE networks and one WiMAX network when Sprint switches their LTE network on. Way to go, Charm City!

So no new phones on Sprint till mid 2012. Awesome. When was the last good phone even released on Sprint? Oh wait that was in the beginning of September, October if you want to count the iPhone, but that is not a 4g phone. So let's see that is a ten month gap of no new phones released on Sprint. No wonder they lost 1.3 billion this Q4.

What do you want to them to release? You want a new moto phone every 8 weeks? VZ is your carrier then. The Galaxy S II is arguably one of the best, if not the best, phone atm but Sprint should have new phones. I guess you're the type that's happy with a new phone every 2 weeks.

not sure where that graphic came from but i think it's dated and/or incorrect. it's also highly suspect given the phones that are shown in the graphic - none of which are LTE.

every recent communication i've seen from Sprint says LTE devices will be available "BY" mid-2012 - so that means between NOW and mid-2012. their VP David Owens confirmed this.

IMO Sprint is under-promising and will over-deliver on this LTE rollout and release of LTE phones.

i am still predicting -

1-9-12 Sprint G-Nex announced
2-24-12 Sprint G-Nex available "for sale" date announced?
3-9-12 Sprint G-Nex available for sale?

I think it is the same as Sprint's 3G. Whether that translates to the same building penetration I have no idea. Should be better than wimax though since that is like 2.5ghz.

Eh, when I had my Evo I never had any issues with 3G penetration. WiMAX penetration, on the other hand...

I love that Sprint is moving into the LTE but my concern as I've experienced so far is that they won't actually deploy this throughout all of its locations and only the major cities at first and then to the second and third level cities only. I can't see moving only to experience LTE on a daily basis even though I want it. Do the carriers actually plan for "ALL" to experience this or only the selected few?