Are you one of the Samsung Intercept owners who was eagerly awaiting your time for the Android 2.2 update but was quickly disappointed when it made your device a nice paperweight? Well, it appears as though you are not alone, and Sprint has posted that they are aware that this update is making some devices unresponsive. They have not given a cause for the issue, not stated exactly what they plan to do to fix it but they do advise those who experience to call their customer service at 1-888-211-4PCS.

We assume an official fix is in the works. And if you're up for an unofficial fix (though reportedly it's the one Sprint's testing, there's another out there that reportedly does the deed. [via Sprint Community Forums, BriefMobile]


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Sprint acknowledges problems with Samsung Intercept Froyo update


It might be sprints fault, when I first got froyo for my EVO, it was also bricked...

On another note where the hell is froyo for my kids epics. Weren't the galaxy s class phones out first.

its samsung's fault lets see some galaxy s phones in another country (forgot which one)got froyo and they had to pull it because it was buggy and the samsung intercept is buggy with 2.2 and on the other hand HTC and motorola are doing fine with their updates so do u see anything wrong with this picture?

In Canada, seems like a significant number of people are voicing similar complaints/problems with froyo 2.2 updates on Galaxy S phones via a major carrier (example: BELL). I was going to buy a Galaxy S, but now, not so sure. Might have to go with that other company (named after something that grows on a tree).

I hope people learn an important lesson: Do not buy a Samsung phone. They have no idea how to update their software. They have that shitty touchwiz interface, which I'm sure is a huge part of the updating problem. Then, there's their design. It is awful. Their phones feel plasticy and cheap. I know a lot of people like the Samoled screens. I do not. They are too colorful. I prefer my screen not to look like a cartoon.

I'm not sure what the specific issues are but mine works about the same as it did before the update. This phone has hade a lag issue since it was new, much more so than my moment. I tried to get the optimus as a replacement but they wouldn't do it. I wanted to get away from samsung because they just don't seem to support their phones like I think they should.

In fact, I think that is one of the failings with the android experience. It would make me happier if manufacturers would support their phones for at least a year after they stop sellling them. It really sucks to buy a phone that, while brand new, is not supported anymore.

Another thing that sucks is that anything phone specific is useless the minute you buy a different phone. If you buy an iphone and a speaker dock, that speaker dock will work with the next ten iphones you get as well as every ipod you ever bought. You can invest $1000 in accessories without worry and have some excellent aftermarket accessories. Not so with android phones. If a manufacturer would come out with a common docking option and support their phones well I would spend some serious bucks.

P.S. Its kinda crappy that the few nice features this phone had are gone after the update. Namely the black notification bar and the toggles in the notification list. And I still can't download flash. Sorry about the lengthy rant. It took a really long time to type on this laggy phone.

Three Samsung phones in my home. My Epic, which really lives up to it's name (even without froyo) and my wife and daughters' intercepts. They both in
stalled the froyo update abd their phones are working great. I personally love how light and unobtrusive the Epic is. Yes, it's plastic, but guess what? It's a MOBILE phone meant for portability. Why the hell would I want a bunch of unecessary metal? Asthetics? No thanks, i would rather have a nice light portable powerhouse.

Agreed I was not particularly impressed with the nexus s should of went with HTC and a dual core snapdragon.

Should of? Really? The your instead of you're used to be the biggest grammatical error on the web. Now, I see this "should of" everywhere. It is SHOULD'VE. You know, the contraction for should have. It's hard to take someone seriously when they type should of. /end rant

That's too bad that the Sanding devices are having such trouble with updates. I like their phones and there keyboards are really good. But I wouldn't want to get one because of the software issues that they have.

In my opinion Samsung devices just suck all together. They rush the release of a product full of bugs just to meet a deadline. Then they try to release non functional updates. They're terribly sloppy. This is why I refuse to buy that brand anymore

I heard the news on here last Thursday about the update getting pushed so I exported my contacts (and as much other data as possible) to SD & synced all of my apps to appbrain before performing a factory data reset. When I woke up on Saturday & saw the update was downloaded & ready to go I performed the update & about 30 minutes later I had a brand new phone!

Seriously, I think the people having issues weren't prepared to update & didn't know the proper way to transition. This is the area in which Samsung & Sprint failed the most. They need to educate their customers on these sorts of things because, even in 2010, most people's knowledge lacks on these subjects.

Having said that, I now have the device I thought I was purchasing back in July! My buyer's remorse has completely vaporized! Thank you Samsung & Sprint!

odd... i got the message re: the update sat, but it drained my entire battery and wouldn't install. reboot the phone and there's no update available? and i'm stuck w/ 2.1update1... great :/

It seems the OTA update is back. I got the update notification today (January 8, 2011) and it installed OK.