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Sprint may go un-carrier and ditch phone subsidies and contracts in 2015

Sprint may go un-carrier and ditch phone subsidies and contracts in 2015

In 2015, customers on Sprint's Now Network shouldn't expect to sign a two-year contract and walk out the door with a $650 iPhone for just $200. According to Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, the carrier may transition from the contract and subsidy model in favor of phone leasing programs and equipment...
Sprint and T-Mobile

Sprint said to be halting talks of T-Mobile merger

Sprint feels a deal that meets regulatory approval would be impossible According to sources at the Wall Street Journal, Sprint is said to be abandoning any plans for a proposed T-Mobile merger or buyout. According to these sources at Sprint, the regulatory challenges are too steep to further the...
Sprint's offering loyal customers a huge Galaxy S5 discount

Sprint's offering a serious discount on a Galaxy S5 for loyal customers

Sprint is offering their loyal customers some fairly substantial discounts for the holidays, including discounted device leasing, free service, and accessory discounts. Of course, it's Sprint defining "loyal" here, though customers that have been deemed worthy of the title have started receiving...


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Major carriers partner to bring LTE to Chicago's subways

Major carriers partner to bring LTE to Chicago's subways

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced that the city has reached a deal with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile to bring 4G LTE from all four carriers to the Chicago Transit Authority's subway system. The network, which will replace the decade-old system currently in Chicago's subways,...
Sprint going the barnyard animal route for its Super Bowl ad teaser
Sprint, come join us. Please.

Sprint's guaranteeing a $200 minimum smartphone trade-in credit for T-Mobile switchers

Sprint's taking the fight straight to T-Mobile and is offering customers of the Un-carrier a guaranteed minimum trade-in credit of $200 for their current working T-Mobile smartphone. That's in addition to the current contract buy-out offer (though T-Mobile ditched traditional contracts nearly two...
Sprint will now lease you an LG G3 for $15 a month, Galaxy Note 4 for $25

Sprint will now lease you an LG G3 for $15 a month, Galaxy Note 4 for $25

Sprint is adding the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3 to its Sprint Lease program. Sprint Lease allows customers to get a phone with no money down. The LG G3 will be available for a monthly price of $15, while the Galaxy Note 4 will cost $25 per month. The Sprint Lease program began in October...

Sprint boasts almost 1 million new subscribers in preliminary Q3 2014 report

Sprint today released preliminary results from the third fiscal quarter of 2014, showing the company acquiring almost 1 million new subscribers. Reported growth was driven by the strongest postpaid gross additions in three years, painting a positive picture for the US network. The 967,000 new...
LG G Flex 2

AT&T and Sprint will sell the LG G Flex 2

Both AT&T and Sprint have confirmed as part of CES 2015 they will sell the newly revealed LG G Flex 2 smartphone, with Sprint confirming that they will offer the phone in an exclusive "Volcano Red" color. LG G Flex 2 Hands-on News Specifications Discussion Accessories...
Best phones

Check out our brand new best phones guides!

You guys may have noticed a flurry of carrier-themed guides for best phones crossing the front page of Android Central lately. We wanted to round them all up for you here and give a bit of insight to our thinking when putting them together. Each one of our guides runs through the best phones on...
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

The Sprint Cup is no more — after 2016

Sprint today announced that it no longer will be the title sponsor of NASCAR's premier racing circuit at the the conclusion of the 2016 season. Sprint cited "a need to focus more directly on its core business priorities" in a press release today. The Sprint Cup Series has been in existence since...
Nexus 5 Lollipop

Sprint says Android 5.0.1 Lollipop is coming to their Nexus 5 today

Sprint says they will begin rolling out an over-the-air update for its Nexus 5 smartphone today with the version number LRX22C, or more popularly known as Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. The change log simply states that the download will offer "Miscellaneous Android Updates" to the Nexus 5. As always...
The Best Sprint Phones of 2015

The Best Sprint Phones of 2015

If you’re shopping for Sprint phones, we’ve got a great reference to help you out. Here you’ll find the best phones on Sprint across all platforms, including a quick take on what makes them great, and where their drawbacks lay. If you’re new to the Sprint network or you’re an existing customer...