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Let's make a pretty big dent in the pile on my desk, shall we? The ASUS MeMO Pad might be far from our favorite 7-inch Android tablet out there, but that doesn't mean we don't want it to go to a good home. Despite what the box shows, we're giving away the same one we reviewed, in its "cherry pink" color. (Which really is more cherry than it is pink.)

To win this guy, just leave a comment on this post. We'll shut things down at midnight EDT tonight and pick a winner. (And, yes, we'll be announcing all the winners later this week.) Good luck, everybody!


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Spring Cleaning: Win an ASUS MeMO Pad tablet!


Give it to me. I have terminal aschflitzeitis. I've got 2 weeks to live. The dr. said if I get a pink tablet it'll save my life. (I hope they buy this)


Give it to me. I have terminal aschflitzeitis. I've got 2 weeks to live. The dr. said if I get a pink tablet it'll save my life. (I hope they buy this)

I wish I could win this, I always wanted a tablet, probably would give my Galaxy Nexus a bit of a break to charge lol

my math teachers 90 year old mom wants one so why the hell not?

( •_•)>⌐■-■

This is the way I like my contests to go. I sure wouldn't mind winning. I don't have any tablets.

I would LOVE to receive this gift! I am working towards becoming a pastor and am currently in school. This would be PERFECT for preaching purposes!! #androidcentral

ps. I only own android products!

I would like to win at least one contest sometime.
I will put that tablet to excellent use.

I'd definitely put it to good use. I teach a middle school programming class and the students have to share Android tablets for our App Programming unit (using MIT App Inventor).

I am saving to buy a tablet, please save me from spending money. :)
Pls give me a lucky break and give it to me. :P

I would love to this to my Mom after getting her the S3 this weekend. Her first Smart Phone. This would be her first Tablet.

I know it's free, which is awesome, but wasn't there a review you just put out that said this thing was a complete turd? Haha

Cheapest tablet Asus made so far. I would love to see it in my hands. Good luck everyone. Hope someone who need deserves it.

Fledgling dev here. I am just learning how to implement fragments, so having a physical device to test on would be great.

My smartphone android experience has been nice. I'd love to see how the experience might vary when moving to a tablet.

Cherry-Pink, I think the only way to experience this color combo is to see it in person. You know where I'm going with this.

Hey, I just installed the Android Central Beta version 0.92 and it would be really great to read I'm a winner from its notifications!

Is the winner picked randomly? Because if so, the probability of me winning is 99.9% according to my Excel spreadsheet.

Trying to get my wife to see the genius of Android. Would make a great Mother's Day present :)

Phil and the guys please pick me, this would be a great gift for my mom, who recently got out the hospital and stuck in the house. Her computer broke(I'm building one for her at the end of the month), so this would be just great for her!

Have had a horrible year with finances, health, loss of family, and possibly loosing our house. Could use some good news for once

It would be great to win. I would give it to my step-mom for mother's day. Yeah, it would be a little late, but she would love it!

I was gonna bust out a whole funny bit of lyrical manipulation of Nas & Amy Winehouse's (miss ya, girl!) Cherry Wine--but I'm just to tired, lol. Dammit, hook a sista up w/ a Cherry Asus, instead, XD.

I'm a teacher, it's teacher appreciation week,I think you can see where I'm going with this...
I teach theatre. I am in the market for a small tablet to hand to my student stage managers for rehearsal notes, design research on the fly, and cast e-mail functions.

Any Asus tablet is a good tablet in my eyes. They have done quite well and put real effort into entering the tablet market.

This place has the greatest giveaways!! I hope to be able to win something some day. This would be a great day for that!!

This would be a great for my daughter. She is always asking for a tablet. Thanks

It's too bad the screen is a little under par, but a free tablet is a free tablet!

This is a comment :) and it's fingers are crossed that it will win me a new toy :)

This sounds like a good option for the "family" tablet. It can chill on the coffee table and get some casual games for the kids. So it play minecraft?

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