The latest version fixes getting stuck in offline mode and adds an option to clear local data

Now pushing to devices through the Play Store, the newest update to Spotify should fix problems users have been having with previous versions. Getting stuck in offline mode -- which rendered streaming useless -- has been fixed, along with crashes associated with running low on memory and loading artists in the radio.

The way Spotify stores data on your device has changed, with the app claiming to now "store your data in the most efficient location on your phone/device," which only applies to first-time installations. A little more control is also given over stored data via an option in settings, which allows the clearing of temporary data and downloaded songs.

Get the update now through Google's Play Store. A handy link is waiting for you at the top of the post.

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573W1E says:

Expandable notification with music controls please......

jayrod88 says:

I wish more music apps implemented this. Probably the main reason that I use Poweramp for music playback.

Master of Puppets, one of the best :) And yes lockscreen music controls would be nice

SpookDroid says:

Lockscreen controls ARE in the Spotify app since a long time ago... However, not all lockscreens seem to work with it.

jaymars says:

Yet we still can't sort a playlist.

Music controls in notification would be good... Also, the ability to FREAKING SORT BY ARTISTS/GENRE!!!

How about a landscape mode?

Download Ultimate Rotation Control from the Play Store and it'll take care of it for you:

Thanks for the tip, I'll try it out. I was using Rotation Locker and it sometimes reverted Spotify to portrait during songs.

Jezz_X says:

How about not needing a facebook account to use the service

SpookDroid says:

You don't need one... you can create a Spotify-only account...

wmurch3 says:

This doesn't mean it will store my offlined playlists on my SD card does it?

SpookDroid says:

If it's a first-time installation (or if you uninstall the app and re-install it with this new version) it will 'pick' the best location for your offline data. If you have an SD card, it's the usual place it will pick. But according to them, if you have a 1GB SD card and 64GB of internal storage with 50GB of free space, it will pick the internal memory instead.

Trajadoja says:

Terrific. Thanks, Spotify, for "better file management" that isn't in my control and wiped my whole local library. Good thing I didn't have sync over 3G/4G turned on or I'd have sucked down a ton of wasted data.

Oh, yeah, and that pesky little thing like being able to sort my darned music.

jimbl says:

Can't believe they are incapable of implementing landscape mode.