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The newly revamped Spotify app got itself a mystery update today, but one thing that isn't included, is the missing landscape view. When changelogs don't get updated, we can usually take it as being a bug and or security fix update, both of which are welcomed. 

One thing we know that a lot of you don't like about the vastly improved application though, is the strange lack of a landscape view. The old version had it, and while alarm bells rang when the preview version dropped, as that was only a preview we had to give Spotify the benefit of the doubt. 

Knowing that it's a big deal for a lot of folks -- tablet users especially -- we approached Spotify to see if we could get anything from them on the matter. And, we did. It probably isn't going to please those of you who are already frustrated with it though; 

"We have had a lot of interest in landscape mode for the new Android version however, I am not able to say if or when landscape mode might be available on Android again."

So, that doesn't absolutely rule it out, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be much of an issue to them. Why it is missing in the first place, remains a mystery. 

To grab the latest version of the app, head on over to the Google Play Store now. 

Download: Spotify for Android


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Spotify receives mystery update, landscape view still not on the horizon


The update fixed widget issues on my Droid Razr. Previously, the widget wasn't functional and wouldn't display any track information. So far so good with the latest version.

Did they:

1. Fix the place you want to store your music? Ext or Internal memory?

2. Change order of arrangement of music by letter, artist, album, etc? Actually... is there anyway of doing this? Songs just come in randomly.

So ridiculously lame. I love the Spotify service, but the lack of landscape view alone has me looking at other services. That, and the fact that I've sent three or four inquiries to their "support" department on this issue, and I've never received a single non-automated reply.

I purchased Ultimate Rotation Control and it works perfect. I use a Samsung Captivate as a media player in my vehicle and works out like a champ! F'Them and their no landscape mode!!! I got it now!!

I have to +1 excalis, good find! Yet, it frustrates me even more that I had to pay money ON TOP of the premium subscription, just to rotate my tablet's view when on the dock... This is simply unacceptable for spotify...

But this app is definitely worth the $3.00

I know this is an old post but it may help someone: try searching XDA Developers for Landscape Spotify.

In total, it appears to be 13 instances in the 'manifests.xml' file that need to be changed from 'portrait' to 'sensor'.

This does leave a couple of weird quirks like having to swipe a long way across the screen to see the menu but this is a minor issue I'll happily put up with to get landscape mode working. Why Spotify can't do this is beyond me!