Spotify Carrier Billing

Subscription music service Spotify has struck a deal with Sprint to offer carrier billing for customers who want to upgrade to Spotify Premium, their paid unlimited service. Starting tomorrow, November 11th, Sprint customers will be able to add the service as a recurring charge on their account for $10 per month according to Engadget.

It's nice to have choices when it comes to purchasing things on your device. Some would prefer to just bill their carrier account rather than have separate credit card entries around for each individual service.

Source: Engadget

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Gator352 says:

For us that live in outlying areas with descent service it might work ok. But those that have little to no service, paying 10 bucks a month might be a waste.

jimmiekain says:

how do you stream music on a 0.03mb down connection?

aledelcastle says:

If you like the service, you can also download your playlists while you are on wifi and they will be available offline.

natefish says:

So this is what Spotify spends their time on instead of bringing back external card storage to the app? That's the only news I want from them.


I agree 100%!! Ridiculous they have not addressed this yet...

jharazin says:

Oh yay, one more thing for people to call in about, claiming they don't know what it is or why they're being billed for it.