Images added to playlists and long press to delete radio stations

Spotify has pushed out an update to its Android app that brings a couple of nice new features with it. You can now find people using your profile by tapping the friends icon and find what music they're listening to. Maybe you'll find some hot new bands to listen to. Or maybe you'll find out your friends are secret One Direction fans.

Also new is the ability to long press to delete a radio station you've created and Playlists view now has "pretty images." Nice.

Snag it for yourselves at the Play Store link up top.


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Spotify for Android gets new follow features and a little prettier


Spotify takes ages to implement new features it's ridiculous even some super basic things
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Yeah I really need Chromecast support. For a tech company they move with the speed of a glacier. Which won't serve them well in the long run.

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That LG G2 that keeps popping up in these photos is gorgeous!

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I wish they'd add the ability to edit Playlists from the phone ¬¬' Soooooooo overdue. And searching playlists, that'd be nice, too.

i prefer Pandora over Spotify because -

1. Spotify will not let me delete stations - even the stupid ones they suggest/create for me.
2. Spotify will not let me shuffle play stations.

Well, you still can't shuffle stations, but you CAN delete stations as of this latest update. MUCH, MUCH welcomed feature.

And they still don't use the proper audio ducking (fading) when notifications come in. They pause the music instead. It's annoying and the reason I give Google my $9.99 vs Spotify. That and the Chromecast support as mentioned above.

Google has it's own issues. The file sizes are too large even on their lowest quality, gapless does not work for me and their customer support has been non responsive. In fact they have the worst large company support I have ever seen. They might as well not have support staff at all because the net result is the same: no help at all.

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I don't understand Spotify's priorities. Pretty pictures? Really? How about editing folders on mobile? It gets tiresome having to run back to the computer to organize things properly.

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You can edit playlists on your mobile device, well I know I can, but if you're referring to the ability to move multiple songs on the fly then no they have not implemented that feature.

I'm certain they'll have all the gripes resolved in 1.0 version.

You can EDIT playlists? How? I know I can CREATE a playlist, delete a playlist, but once it's created, I can't EDIT the playlist on mobile (except on iOS, I can do that in my iPod).

You cannot move things around in folders on mobile. I don't even think you can create folders on mobile. So unless I have an existing folder that I want to use, I end up with a bunch of loose playlist that need filing away but have to wait until I get back to the desktop client. So annoying.

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Richard , thanks for the article. For those who live outside US and want to access Spotify, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.