Spotify Kindle Fire

It's Spotify. You know, for streaming music. And it's on the Amazon Kindle Fire. And you can download it for free here. (And I got a $1 credit after buying it. So, really, it paid me to download. Sweet.)


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Spotify on the Amazon Kindle Fire


I've recently dumped Facebook. It simply was a time suck for me and I didn't feel I got any real value out of it. And I'm very new to Spotify/Mog and the others. (Been a Pandora and Twitter user for a while though).

I finally decided to sign up and pay for Spotify today only to see that you *must* have a FB account to even get started. No other way around it. I'm sure this is old news to lots of you, but it really, really surprised me, especially since Spotify is not owned by FB.

I signed up with Mog instead, even though it was my second choice.

Hmmm, didn't know that. Thanks for the link.

Just tried it and it worked except now changing the country from Germany to the US is grayed out and won't change. Claims it's getting my country from my IP address, which is no longer the German proxy the instructions say to use. Hmmmm.

Oh well, it does seem to be working so far.


EDIT: You have to add a payment method first. When on the page that asks VISA/MC, Paypal etc, it shows you at the top that you're in Germany. Click change profile from there and it'll show the postal code and country drop down box. Change it to US then enter your credit card/paypal stuff. It worked PERFECTLY.

Thanks Chrisd!

I too tried to sign up for Spotify & found out you must have a Facebook account - absolutely rediculous! I'm not interested in facebook at all & don't understand why you have to be a Facebook member to even try Spotify. Wound up unintalling Spotify.

I've used Slacker & Pandora for years & they both have been getting progressivly more & more horrible to use. Jango will not advance to the next song unless my device is kept awake. Tune In eats my battery like a rabid dog. Songza is ok, but can be a pain trying to dial in a genre. So i'm allways looking for a good music app & Spotify ain't it. Thanks for the Mog tip - I'll try that next...


I tried it too and reluctantly re-activated my Facebook to do so. All of that for a 48 hr trial? Uh, it worked great for the trial but I thought there was a free version. I don't know. I just uninstalled it.

There IS a free version, but I believe that's the PC-only version, and I believe it's ad-supported.

I don't know why people get all worked up because an app requires a Facebook login.. Just make a fake one, and be done with it, and enjoy the beauty of Spotify. A music-lovers dream (for me, at least).

They make you think you will have the full Spotify experience on Android now but it's not true. Unless you pay 10 dollars a month, you basically get Pandora. I was fooled and so got irritated. lol

I'm a staunch social networking hater (it's not quite as bad as reality TV shows, but it's damn close ;)) but I'm glad I caved in and set up an otherwise unused Facebook account so I could use Spotify.
Streaming media services aren't exactly in great supply here in Denmark (and still completely non-existent when it comes to movies and TV, I seriously hate how media licensing litigation still seems to be stuck in the last century) but even with the lack of alternatives (I tried Sony's Music Unlimited, no offline playback in the app made it regularly useless), I've still been very pleased with Spotify in the ten months or so I've used their reasonably priced premium service.
The Android app has also gotten better in recent months (and they just added the radio feature that's also in the desktop version), although it still annoys me a bit that on my tablet the interface is just a more spacious version of the phone app. Would be nice to use that extra space to show more menu elements etc. on screen at the same time.

I'll tell you this, I got rid of spotify and moved to Rdio not because of Facebook, but because the Android app has ALWAYS been a failure. it never remembers where i was , when they changed the app it now will not save on my SD card. etc. etc.

Rdio has never been perfect, but they are diligiant at squashing bugs as often as they can..