The big 4 of 2014

See how the parts and pieces of the Class of 2014 match up

We've had a look at the big four of 2014 all side-by-side and looking pretty, but we know that plenty of us also want to see some heads-up action of the specifications. Specs never tell the whole story, but when you're talking high-end Androids, they are always pretty darn impressive and well worth a good long look. We just had to compare the new LG G3 with the HTC One M8, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2.

We did just that, see the chart after the break.

Specs chart


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The specs: LG G3 versus Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2


Most likely will be my next phone..the note 3 is top notch, but the aesthetics of this makes me want to upgrade.

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Yeah, but what good is that shiny metallic looking back when you're gonna just purchase a case for it. You're definitely want to protect that shiny metallic looking back from scratches.

For onboard storage, it says amount of storage &SD memory card slot for all but the HTC One M8. What's with that?

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Ah yes, moar speckz!
I'm quite happy with my S5 but have respect for that G3. It's no wonder there's a prime to the m8 n s5 on the horizon. Rumored anyway :-)

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

Yeah. I'm a bit surprised LG decided to get this one out now considering HTC and Samsung will have an 805-based phone out any moment. But I guess they were in a hurry to be almost first with a QHD display (first amongst the bigger manufacturers).

It's just my list mate. I'm not upgrading from the S4 this year so I'm hoping for something exciting in the GS6 release :)

So yeah, Samsung will only sell 29,999,999 more Galaxy S5s than the G3, not 30 million more.

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Why does it matter what phone sells more to you? Is this a popularity contest and is it how you base what phone to get?

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Nahhh neither actually .....happen to like the s5 and am typing from one. But regardless of what people think of s5, m8, G3.....or what's actually the "best" of the 3.....everyone knows which is gonna crush the other in sales.

Yah he missed the fact that the HTC one M8 also supports a micro SD card like the others.... eh hum! Nice table there Jerry lol
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Battery size isn't the end all of battery life. From what I've heard, HTC does it better than Samsung in battery life.

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The GS5 battery is removable though, along with the G3. One can easily achieve twice the battery life than the M8 by leaving a fully charged spare in some random pocket.

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If you have to swap the battery out you are not achieving twice the battery life. You are swapping a dead battery for a charged one. By that logic I can achieve 4x the battery life by just having a car charger and a charger for my office handy for when I need one and not having to change batteries.

News flash, not everyone is around a car charger or office charger, there are people who are out and about all day long.

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Thanks for clearing that up mate, last time I checked it's pretty hard to lift a car around with me so I can get access to a car charger the whole time!

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Then carry a battery pack that carry 3-4 charges and are the size of a deck of cards if your able to carry a spare battery in your pocket you can carry a portable charger.

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They don't want to hear this kind of logic! You are right on,bro! These new packs charge pretty quick and are plenty small to carry around anywhere. So, for me, the removable battery is a moot point.

You have to wait for it to charge whereas the removable battery takes 10 seconds to a full battery.

That being said, it is almost to the point where it does not matter all that much. Unless you are a serious power user, a single charge should be getting you 16 hours

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Shit, charge it for 15-20 minutes and you get good amount of juice that might get you through the day. You are right, though, about getting 16 hours or so. I get almost 2 days on an M8 with no problems. That's all that I need. These batteries don't seem to fail within a 2 year contract time frame either. Again, the removable battery argument seems pretty silly to me.

News flash...most people don't change their batteries either! MOST people can get a single charge to last as long as they need it. It's called good planning.

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So you might as well argue every phone has infinite battery life because I have a plug and a charging cable so the battery will never run out?

Mate, I can carry twenty batteries in my rucksack or laptop bag, how many car chargers can you carry?

Removable batteries are useful for a reason. They give you power an order of multiples better than the competitors on the go. You simply have to pop it out, snap a new one in. There, battery life gone from 0 to 100.

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You are in the minority. Most people don't need extra batteries. Most phones do 4+ hours of on-screen time easily. If you are on your phone more than that, you are the exception to the rule.

If you are one of those that somehow sits on their phone for 8+ hours a day, that's great. I have a job that I'm at 8 to 10 hours a day. I go home to eat dinner and spend time with my family. Then I go to sleep and do it all over the next day. You most people do. I can't sit on my phone at work for 8+ hours a day unless I didn't want to have a job to come back to.

Then there are those of us that the phone is a vital part of our job...

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Maybe i should have rephrased battery life as 'longevity' as you are correct, the battery life for every full charge remains the same but I can keep swapping in new batteries.

My point still stands - A car charger is does not give you extra longevity like a spare battery does

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Forget car chargers and try a battery pack. Works better than some folks think. One pack to carry instead of multiple spares. Charges right quick and don't tell me that you don't have any downtime to charge, 'cause that is a BS argument. No one is on their phone 100% of the time. It works mate. Give it a go.

Mine seems to give me a solid 20 hours with moderate daily use. What else do people want?

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Bunch of overpriced flagships. I'll sick with moto out the nexus out silver line. I no longer support spending $600+ on a phone that will be obsolete in a year. Back when android was catching on I paid that for a Evo 4g. Then Evo 3d. Paid $400 for a galaxy s2 a year ago only to get a galaxy s3 for $100 last summer. And then the moto g, motto x and nexus 5 changed what I'm willing to pay for a premium smartphone. Lg, Samsung HTC and Sony can catch up or be left alone IMO

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High price for the S2, but that price you paid for the S3 sounds a bit iffy, as it's still sold in stores for something like $350. :)

The Moto X is a nice phone, but it was never a premium phone. Just a really overpriced midrange phone.

If you are buying the G or a Nexus, you are not buying a premium phone

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The $100 for the galaxy s3 was a insurance premium. Nothing iffy about it. The galaxy s2 was obsolete and they offered me the s3. I paid that price because Boost Mobiles other offerings at the time were terrible. Moto x over nexus 5 IMO.
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I will be waiting on the Note 4. Easy the best phone I have ever owned. 8 months later and its still is the best phone IMO

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Jerry, the M8 has some sort of water resistance: IPx3. I know is not much but is more than I would expect on a phone that has good sound.
also Phil may get upset if this is left out.. you know how he gets all defensive on HTC and Moto.

A 4 megapixel camera? c'mon. Call it an Ultra pixel and you still get 4 megapixel. That dual camera is useless. Yeah, you can view Quasi 3-d image but you can't take a pic of it.

A nice shiny metallic back that you'll want to cover with a case. So what use is it to have a shiny metallic back.

HTC M8 ....heh

Bet I have, and it does not compare to the others listed (substitute G2 for G3 since I have not gotten that one yet)

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I still think the S5 takes it. Once the S5 Prime comes out, it won't even be a contest. Samsung rules!

The display area vs the device's front: LG G3 = 76.4 percent; I'd love to see this spec comparison side by side, and reported for every new device going forward : On this spec, I'm guessing G3>S5>Z2>M8.

There is actually a video on YouTube where someone fully submerged the m8 in water for about 3 hours and it worked after.

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The size is better than the others its shape and size and also its Samara is even better than the s5 Samsung phone its kinda been proven

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