Music discovery service SoundHound is receiving an update on Android today with a completely revamped interface that puts more artist information and media at your fingertips. The new interface focuses on bringing a better experience the moment you search for and identify a new song, when you're taken to a new results page that features photo galleries, music videos and album listings. Artist biographies have also been expanded, giving quick access to all of their top songs and music videos, along with other similar artists. When viewing albums, you now have access to more reviews, full track listings and previews of specific tracks.

SoundHound also says that its core search recognition technology is even better, with improved recognition of songs that are playing through a speaker or are sung or hummed by a person. The LiveLyrics feature that displays lyrics as it listens to a song has been expanded as well. You can grab a download of the latest SoundHound app, which is free, at the Play Store link above.


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SoundHound update enhances music discovery with new artist pages, photo galleries


I love SoundHound. I got the infinite or pro verison for 10 cents back a few years ago when the then Android Market was celebrating something like 10 million apps or whatever. I also got Beautiful Widgets and HD widgets back then. Oh how I love the 10 cent apps!

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Meh, They keep packing more stuff into this app, and all anybody wants it to do is tell them what's playing.
It takes so long to load, even on a fast phone like the M8 that the song is over before you can get a sample.
Why can't developers just stop shoveling in the crap?

With Google Now supporting song identification, why do I even bother to keep this on my phone?

Say Ok Google, (or tap the microphone).
If music is playing in the room at the time, there will be a blue not showing. Tap that.

Well, the reason would be to have other options. In my experience, all of these services have issues identifying everything. Sometimes it takes another app. I use Soundhound, shazam and GNow and even then sometimes all three fail. But usually one will work.

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The song will be over before you can try one, let alone three.

I found some music that GNow couldn't Id. It was music I had in my Google Music collection.
So I tried Soundhound, and it couldn't ID it either. So much for redundancy.

(The artist released 17 albums and did music soundtracks for 12 movies, not exactly fringe.)