soulcraft II

Germany-based developer MobileBits has released SoulCraft II: League of Angels, a sequel to their popular mobile fantasy action-RPG, and the Android version is the first one out of the gate.

The original SoulCraft has been played by over five million people so far, according to the developer. This sequel continues the original's theme of angels battling demons. Players can pick from one of seven different heroes to use in the game's single player campaign, which can be played offline as well. MobileBits states, "Fight the demons as an Angel in the apocalyptic world of SoulCraft in real locations like New York, Tokyo or Moscow."

SoulCraft II also has multiplayer modes which MobileBits describes as being similar to Clash of Clans. While the game is free to download and play, it does support in-app purchases to buy game items and other content. SoulCraft II will be released sometime in the near future for iOS, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets.


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SoulCraft II: League of Angels fantasy action-RPG released first on Android


Yeah. I can't believe a game that looks this nice is being released on android before iOS. Maybe developers are finally recognizing the immense revenue potential of the android user base.

Dude yea I just downloaded and started playing and it's so good. I hate IAPs and the Freemium setup but its not terrible in this game so far. Might get worse. But im very pleased so far. Graphics are great.

Nice marketing. Take the Angels vs Demons theme from Diablo, and then mix and match the names of two of the biggest mmo's ever Warcraft and League of Legends. Maybe they should make their own console to run the game on and call it the PlayBox.

Downloaded today and this game is really fun. A bit of playing the same things to save up souls to buy new items but the game play makes it worth it.

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How intense is the freemium model in this game? I hate investing an hour or two only to hit the throw-money-at-the-Dev-to-continue wall.

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I just played through the tutorial and the first mission. Works pretty well with a Nyko gamepad. I like the game. We'll see if the freemium model is manageable...

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Fun overall, but need to upgrade Gear quick to keep up, Do able without paying $, but lots of grinding needed.
PvP is fun also, lots of metrics to follow to keep up with others. Obviously, those who pay up will kick arse more.

Worth the free download.