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Following the Sony press conference at CES 2013, the announcement of the Xperia Z, the next question to ask is -- when and where can I get it? Sony is the number 2 Android smartphone OEM in the UK, after Samsung, so we had no doubts that we'd be seeing it receive a British launch. The good news is that the device itself isn't a carrier exclusive. 

O2, Vodafone and Three have all released statements of their intent to carry the new 5 inch, 1080p flagship smartphone from Sony. Dates are somewhat lacking, as is any indication of price. But, we do know that O2 will be carrying an exclusive purple version of the Xperia Z, along with the black version we saw yesterday. Vodafone intends to carry the Xperia Z "as soon as it is released in the UK," while Three simply says "in the not too distant future." 

High Street retailer Phones4U is a little more accurate with a release date though. In a press release issued by the chain, they announce their intentions to launch the handset on March 1 in store, with pre-registration beginning immediately on their website. That press release can be found after the break.

Update - We've just received word from Clove Technology that they too will be stocking the Xperia Z. They expect to offer it in the same time frame as Phones4U, and currently are taking pre-orders for SIM-free devices. The price is pretty steep at £528, but we'd expect a high price for a device of this stature. 

Sources: O2, Vodafone, Three, Clove


LONDON, TUESDAY 8TH JANUARY, 2013: Phones 4u is pleased to announce that Sony's new flagship handset – the Sony Xperia™ Z – will be available in Phones 4u stores from 1st March 2013.

Boasting the world's sharpest, boldest and brightest display, the new Sony Xperia™ Z has been created by the engineers behind Sony BRAVIA® TVs. The new, precision-engineered Full HD superphone displays content in stunning Full 1080p HD detail on the large 5'' display, which also claims the highest pixel density of any smartphone. The OptiContrast™ panel guarantees crystal clear images when in use, as well as a seamless black finish when switched off.
The handset features a 13 megapixel fast-capture camera which switches from sleep to snap in under a second, as well as a next-generation Sony EXMOR RS sensor that ensures the Sony Xperia™ Z delivers stunning photos and videos in any light.


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Sony Xperia Z heading to three UK carriers, Phones4U releasing in March


Ooooohhh mann... this thing looks sick. Come to Verizon please. I know I'm in the minority here, but I have an Xperia Tablet S (the most recent one) and it works perfectly. After they fixed the WiFi bug, it has been perfect. The build quality is good and I like the performance of it. Sony is starting to win me over and I hope a major US carrier picks this phone up.

Check out the Gizmodo review of this phone. It has a lot more detail and you'll see why I'm pumped.

This is one bad ass phone with killer specs. I'm hoping this phone comes with some internal storage. 32gb with an sd card is the minimum and if no sd card I would hope 64gb of internal memory. The manufacturers as of late have been skimping on internal memory except for Samsung. Samsung is the only company that has been giving it's customers what they ask for. That is why I support Samsung. The SGS3 is the only phone in the US with 32gb of int memory and sd card support. If I was to choose just one device right now it would still be the SGS3. These new phones I hope have bumped up the memory, to me that is a very important part of a great device.

Not trying to be a troll here, but has anyone ever bought a Sony handset in the States? I have never seen one in the wild and every single one looks cool except for one glaring fault or another. I would love to see a Sony Nexus.