Xperia Tablet Z

A 10-inch 1080p display. Water resistance. Eight-megapixel Exmor RS camera. 4G LTE support. Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z certainly seems to check all the relevant boxes for a high-end, big-screen Android tablet, while packing its impressive internals into a thin and light chassis. But Sony isn't the first Android OEM to attempt to break into the large form factor tablet space, a section of the market dominated by Apple's full-size iPad. Meanwhile smaller, cheaper Android tablets have achieved greater success than their full-sized, full-priced brethren.

So how does Sony's super-thin 10-incher measure up? Check out our video walkthrough after the break. We'll have a full review headed your way in the days ahead.

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wmurch3 says:

Wow, a high-end android tablet with a great screen that doesn't lag constantly? My Tranformer Infinity weeps in shame.

njamson says:

Are you running cleanrom on your infinity? There's nearly no lag at all

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swimmaholic says:

Beautiful device I just can't justify the price...

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Justin Stepp says:

I would really like one of these. Just not sure about the processor. For that money it should be a snapdragon 600 or 800

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NoNexus says:

yeah it should

wolf0491 says:

While I agree the tablet has actually been out for quite a few months which is why it doesn't have newer processer

RaiderWill says:

Looks a lot like my iPad Mini with fatter bezels.. Very Nice.. Wonder how many pounds the Wi-Fi only version will command..

Right now is it $499/£399.00 for the 16GB and $599/£449.00 for the 32GB direct from Sony. It's slightly less expensive elsewhere.

I don't think it looks like an iPad Mini though...

darkmax says:

Not even close. the i(diot)Pad just look plain weird trying to copy everyone else, namely Samsung.

RaiderWill says:

What are you like 13 years old ? LOL!!!!!!!

There is NOTHING on the Planet like an iPad Mini... Nothing.

But this looks to have the same slim design and solid build...But Fatter Bezels

The iPad Mini is a copy of a Samsung Tablet.......Really? Your Sick Dude! Sick in the Head!!!!

Naruvam says:

Tablet that looks like another tablet? Incredible....

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zackmack7 says:

Definitely a gorgeous looking tablet

plunder says:

Hi Jerry. People who have handed the devices seem to be quite concerned about them. On day one, I installed a high quality screen protector on my phone and it seems to work OK; but on a 10 inch tablet screen even a good quality one could be a major pain. How do you feel these "permanent screen protectors" will work out for users?

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Kiamat says:

500 pounds!? I thought you said it was light!
Thanks, everybody, and be sure to tip your waiter!

JR A says:

Hey, I'm here til Tuesday. Try the veal!