Xperia Tablet Z

A 10-inch 1080p display. Water resistance. Eight-megapixel Exmor RS camera. 4G LTE support. Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z certainly seems to check all the relevant boxes for a high-end, big-screen Android tablet, while packing its impressive internals into a thin and light chassis. But Sony isn't the first Android OEM to attempt to break into the large form factor tablet space, a section of the market dominated by Apple's full-size iPad. Meanwhile smaller, cheaper Android tablets have achieved greater success than their full-sized, full-priced brethren.

So how does Sony's super-thin 10-incher measure up? Check out our video walkthrough after the break. We'll have a full review headed your way in the days ahead.


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Sony Xperia Tablet Z video walkthrough


Wow, a high-end android tablet with a great screen that doesn't lag constantly? My Tranformer Infinity weeps in shame.

Are you running cleanrom on your infinity? There's nearly no lag at all

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I would really like one of these. Just not sure about the processor. For that money it should be a snapdragon 600 or 800

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While I agree the tablet has actually been out for quite a few months which is why it doesn't have newer processer

Looks a lot like my iPad Mini with fatter bezels.. Very Nice.. Wonder how many pounds the Wi-Fi only version will command..

Right now is it $499/£399.00 for the 16GB and $599/£449.00 for the 32GB direct from Sony. It's slightly less expensive elsewhere.

I don't think it looks like an iPad Mini though...

Not even close. the i(diot)Pad just look plain weird trying to copy everyone else, namely Samsung.

What are you like 13 years old ? LOL!!!!!!!

There is NOTHING on the Planet like an iPad Mini... Nothing.

But this looks to have the same slim design and solid build...But Fatter Bezels

The iPad Mini is a copy of a Samsung Tablet.......Really? Your Sick Dude! Sick in the Head!!!!

Hi Jerry. People who have handed the devices seem to be quite concerned about them. On day one, I installed a high quality screen protector on my phone and it seems to work OK; but on a 10 inch tablet screen even a good quality one could be a major pain. How do you feel these "permanent screen protectors" will work out for users?

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500 pounds!? I thought you said it was light!
Thanks, everybody, and be sure to tip your waiter!