Xperia S

UK retailer Clove Technology has today started listing the recently-announced Sony Xperia S for pre-order, along with the news that the first stock is expected during the week commencing Mar. 5. The Xperia S, which was unveiled on Monday at CES, comes in at a surprisingly reasonable £467.99 including VAT. Clove's offering the black version only, Phones4U has already snapped up UK-wide exclusive rights to the white model.

To find out more about Sony's new flagship smartphone, check out our initial announcement post and hands-on feature.

Source: Clove Technology

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Nice! BTW, did AT&T ever give a release date on the ION?

xx_blam_xx says:

You mean besides the usual Q2? :p

DWR_31 says:

Sprint needs to throw something like this into their line up.