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The clamshell Sony Tablet P has found its way out into the wild in the UK, bringing to market with it a hefty pricetag just a penny under £500. 

The Tegra 2, dual 5.5 inch screened device brings Honeycomb 3.2 along for the ride. It also comes with Sony's Playstation certification much like its sibling, the more conventional Tablet S. Sony claims that the styling will make it more comfortable to hold sideways for reading books, but many would be put off by its unusual design. 

Besides the price, Sony's timing to launch the Tablet P now with the Asus Transformer Prime and its Ice Cream Sandwich flavouring right around the corner is quite baffling. Nevertheless, if the Tablet P appeals to you, your local Sony Centre or Dixons online is the place to go. 

Source: Sony

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tompro53 says:

How much is that in US dollars?

btc0526 says:


blackbyrd says:

Tompro53 there's an app for that.

puma1988 says:

that kinda remind me of ds lol

SpookDroid says:

More FOR sale and not ON sale, don't you think? 775 dollars... plus taxes... Wowzies...

anlygi says:

This is going to be a major flop. I'd sooner waste my money on an iPad.

I used to love Sony products but they are losing the plot lately. PS3 and Walkman are the only things I have now when I used to practically buy nothing but Sony.

sic viresco says:

I normally don't comment on items like this, however, I have to ask... Why would you buy something like this?

Cubfan says:

This site now has so much ad-bloat, it's no longer worth it. Sickening.

SpookDroid says:

Ad-bloat? The post makes it clear there's a HEFTY price tag on this... how is this advertising? It's merely informing that a popular product is already being sold, period. It may not interest you, but it sure interests someone else who might have been waiting for a product that there's buzz about to come out...

If you're refering to the ads placed within the site and have nothing to do with this post, then yes... there are many ads... but the site's not free to run, you know?

rovex says:

Its just a shame its hideous.

i guess all of u guys r right,whats PS1 games??nothing interesting
and after lunching tegra3 in da asus,and ice cream sandwich ,its just killed all tablets and specially sony s,
i wish and i think sony will do something bigger as small and efficent as i see the future.....
maby right or wrong:::
1)tegra 3
2)ps2 or ps3 running on
3)change the screen to o led
5)ice cream sandwich

and it will be the ipad3 killer and best tablet inda world

i wish the will make any of my dream list