Sony Xperia SL

Camera, apps, battery and navigation fixes included

After pushing out updates to Jelly Bean earlier in the year, Sony has released maintenance updates for the Xperia S, SL and acro S to fix issues based on user feedback. On the camera front, Sony has fixed issues with white balance in pictures, improved the "quick launch" button and improved 1080p video recording to reduce lag. In terms of apps and data, EAS (Exchange Active Sync) has been streamlined, 2G network stability is improved and an issue that removed third-party default app preferences after a reboot has been fixed.

Battery life should improve with the latest update due to improvements in power consumption and heat dispersion, and battery level notifications have also been corrected. Working to build a more consistent navigation experience, the home key will now access Google Now when long pressed, and launch recent apps when double pressed.

Sony says that these handful of fixes will be coming to all three handsets, with variations in availability based on market and carrier, naturally. This is a good grouping of fixes and improvements, so keep an eye out on your own handset.

Source: Sony Mobile Blog


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Sony releases maintenance updates for Xperia S, SL and acro S


"fix issues based on user feedback" Ha, what a joke, would be nice not to have users beta test shoddy releases.
Wonder if they've fixed it so I can listen to music and use a browser at the same time which has been impossible since JB....

My Xperia S retired long ago and put me off of ever wanting a Sony phone again. I don't know about everyone else's experience with this xperia s but my phone was horrible and blurred photos hmm about 99.9% of the time.

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Sony supply their lenses to other OEM's who manage to do a MUCH better job. Sony are shoddy at software.