After being rumored once upon a time for AT&T, it looks like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will land on the magenta carrier, T-Mobile. The Xperia X10 FCC manual lists the device as having 3G Bands 1, 4, and 8--which are the bands for T-Mobile US AWS 3G. This does keep in line with what we heard recently but knowing the history of Sony Ericsson's Xperia line (and how US carriers never offered the X1), it's still semi-surprising to see actually happen. Though maybe since the Xperia X10 is a 'flagship'-type Android device, T-Mobile saw an opportunity to bolster their weakening Androind lineup (relative to Verizon & Sprint).

If true, the Xperia X10 has infinitely more chance of success in the US with a US carrier attached. Who's interested?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Really Heading To T-Mobile ?


^------I mean, I've had t-mobile since I was 16(I'm 23 now), and I've never been in an area where my service was weak. from where I live here in vegas to LA, SF, Albuquerque, even freakin oklahoma. if t-mobile's network is "weak" where u are, it must suck to live where u live haha. but seriously, id be open to getting this device if the $800 price point doesn't come along with it. for $800 I could buy a new guitar or invest in somethning that I won't have to upgrade a year from purchasing it. anywhere between $250-$400 would be the price point id expect to pay. if its less, then that's awesome. hopefully they've beefed up the build and its not that cheap plastic that was in the earlier photos.

what a waste for this and the nexus one to go to tmobile. I guess HTC and Sony want their flagship phones to fail on the smallest most unrelible network with the fewest customers. oh well, everyone makes poor choices i suppose...

If true, it's about time. Everyone else has high-end Android devices except T-Mobile.

Nexus-One isn't going to anybody. It would have to go thru the FCC first and it hasn't.

I've had all the big carriers except Sprint. Next toVerizon, this is the best coverage I've had. As far as 3G goes, my T-Mobile service has been flawless. So if you don't like T-Mobile, stop whining and get a DROID. Unless you have AT&T. In which case they have a crappy network anyway. Just ask anyone with an iPhone (or my personal experience ) . Or did you miss the SNL jab?

Oh wait... they don't have an Android device.....

This is good for tmobile usa, they deserve a decent lineup. They slacked on the 3g delay, but its still the cheapest available. As for coverage, ive never encountered any connection or coverage issues since they took over voicestream and even then, being a gsm provider the phone connected to another carrier with no roaming fees. I just feel all phone companies have issues, so pick who you like or don't bitch to me its about a level of service/integrity something att and Verizon lack.

That is a damn shame. This phone looks really nice with all it's eye candy. T-Mobile is a rip now. The new plans they have are almost as expensive as VZW and ATT for substandard service. I could be sitting in a room stationary and I would watch my phone go from 5 bars to 1 to EDGE to GPRS all sitting still. Dropped calls constantly on the road in areas where they supposedly had "best" signal. The lowest 2 year plan with data is $80.00/month and the lowest iPhone plan is $89.99/month, for the average consumer I don't see this being any competition. T-mobiles reasonable plans ($59.99/month with data) make you pay full retail for the device and if you calculate that over a 2 year period you pay pretty close to the same as the 2 year price especially if this has some crazy retail of $800. I am with Sprint and have pay $55/month with my work discount for arguably more minutes with the unlimited mobile and unlimited everything else and a better Android device than Tmo has currently.

I definitely find humor in those who posted that Tmo has the most unreliable network. Never had I had a problem with their network, and they are definitely the most economical of the 4. No dropped calls, and exceptional client service. The blue globe on the other hand...I have had more dropped calls with them in the last 5 months than I had in the last 5 years with Tmo. "When you want dropped calls and not the most stellar client service, there's a map for that." The red V also has a pretty decent network and client service. Unfortunately they are just a little too pricey, and it sounded like I was talking through a tin can when placing calls. No pin drop for me. I've had too many friends of mine encounter the wrath of shoddy client service. I'm absolutely looking forward to this phone's release so that I can happily switch back to magenta.

I'll be glad when it goes to T-Mobile they worked really hard for their customers and have one of the best customer satisfaction rating. They don't screw people out of their money when it comes time to pay your monthly bill adding extra charges like At&t and Verizon used to do before the Better Business Bureau stepped in . At&t is way too expensive, for the same service you pay way more then with any other carrier and some people just can't afford to pay that much. And most of you saying that T-mobile service is not reliable either never had T-Mobile or live in the middle of nowhere. I never had any service problems with T-Mobile. But let's hope for the best, and it does go to T-mobile.