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With CES 2012 now under seven days away, Sony Ericsson has started dropping a few hints about what it'll be showing off next week in Las Vegas. On its official Google+ page, SE promises  "something big is coming," saying fans should "stay tuned for some exciting news next week" -- and there's a similar message being spread on the manufacturer's Twitter and Facebook pages.

The fact that a big device announcement is due at CES isn't surprising in itself. After all, CES is where we first saw the Xperia Arc last year, and we're sure there'll be plenty more product unveilings in the coming days. So place your bets now -- this year's possibilities include the LT28at, "Xperia Arc HD" and "Xperia Ion," all of which have been subject to varying amounts of leakage over the past couple of months.

We'll be live at CES next week, of course, with full coverage of whatever's under SE's shimmering mystery blanket.

Source: Sony Ericsson on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

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Is it an 18" tablet...the Sony SS?

Holy s#@! someone actually uses Google+ !?!?!?!

icebike says:

Heh, they are all starting with the little G+ icons like its some badge of geekness or something.

Apparently they've all missed this article: If Google’s Management Doesn’t Use Google+, Then Why Should You?

steve229h says:

Something big is coming?!?!?!? Must be the new nexus.

Probably the LT28(including the "at" version). I wish SE had a better relationship with Verizon.

icebike says:

Looks vaguely like a draped Elephant.
Sony Ericcson

My guess, it's Sony's 5.5" GIANT phone. :D