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Yesterday we saw the confirmation that, thanks to assistance from Sony Ericsson, almost all of its Xperia range will be receiving full support from custom ROM CyangenMod in the future. Now SE itself has publicly come out in support of independent developers in a post on its Developer World blog.

The post by Karl-Johan Dahlström (he's the guy holding the CM7'd Xperia Arc in the image above) acknowledges that custom ROMs are "a part of the Android ecosystem", and says SE "fully believes in the openness of Android". It also confirms that SE provided "around 20" devices to FreeXperia team members, along with technical assistance, in order to help bring custom ROMs to the Xperia line.

It wasn't long ago that manufacturers seemed to be irreversibly marching towards locked bootloaders and further restrictions on the way customers use their devices, so it's great to see this kind of support for ROM-makers. And although other manufacturers provide similar assistance to devs behind the scenes, it's fantastic that Sony Ericsson's publicly stating its support for some of the brightest and most dedicated people in the Android community.

Source: SE Developer World


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Sony Ericsson committed to supporting independent Android developers


You have a group of developers begging to work for free, and an army of enthusiasts who highly value any device they work on. What's not to like?

Well obviously what's not to like is the lack of control (and another revenue stream) when hardware manufacturers and data providers can't guarantee that their unwanted bloatware will stay installed.

i would LOOOOVE CM7 or whatever other iteration of CM on my SE Play. i loved the UI so much on my Incredible.

You can already try out CM7 on the SE Play. It works really well on mine. Only issues are that the LED doesn't seem to be able to light up in mixed colors and that the Battery-Drain is a little higher than on stock with 3G enabled.

I see this as SE's way of selling more phones, good on SEs part. I'm not sure how their products are selling, I would think that the Play is not selling as expected. We saw how the X10 got a second life at XDA, I've read that some on XDA thought that SE could have even used some code from the Devs from XDA to get the X10 Gingerbread update out. As long as this helps to keep some timely updates, I say good. Maybe even extend the life of the Xperia line-up, or gain some loyality.

If this is the case, I might be interested in the next Sony phone that comes to Sprint. Keywords "might" and "Sprint."

Will be good to get a upgrade from 2.1 seeing how SE said they wont bring one out for the Mini 10 pro..

They need to make the unlocking process easier, because at the moment I'm trying to unlock/"root" my wife's Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro and not only has the process being lenghty, but with virtually every step thus far I've had headaches...

It's good to see a manufacturer supporting the creativity of custom-ROM makers. Android is all about having an open ecosystem, and some manufacturers are way off.