Sony Xperia S

Pretty much the only thing missing from Sony's flagship Xperia S, is Ice Cream Sandwich. For many, a 2012 Android device without Android 4.0 on board out of the box, makes it a non-starter. But, for those that did take a punt and buy an Xperia S, the ICS flavored reward is almost here. 

The update is due to hit around "late May/early June," according to a post in the Sony Xperia S support forums. While nothing specific to go on, that does suggest within a calendar month we'll be seeing it. As ever, those devices bought unbranded and carrier unlocked will likely see it first, with the usual delays presented by carriers to follow for branded devices. 

Source: Sony Support Forum via Unwired View

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TDMaster says:

What about the rest of the Xperia devices we are still waiting ...

Cyba.Cowboy says:

Mu understanding is that the Android 4.x upgrade for the remaining Xperia 2011 devices is due around the same time... Of course I can't guarantee anything, but as I understanding it, Sony will be rolling the Android 4.x upgrade out to Xperia 2011 devices gradually throughout June and July.